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888 Casino LogoWhen 888 sportsbook was launched in 1997, it was heralded as one of the best and safest places for online sports betting. Since then, they have lived up to their expectations and have grown into one of the best sports betting sites online.

Over 25 million bettors and gamblers have walked through the virtual doors of 888 casino, sportsbook and poker. I made 25 million and 1.

I took some time over the past weeks and went through the site. Testing every aspect, playing the games and trying to find flaws in the system. Now I’m here to give you my 888 casino & sportsbook review. I’ll talk about every part of the site. From what you can do there, how to play, bonuses, and maybe even a few betting tips.

So let’s get started with my one of my favorites.

Who is 888 Casino?

888 Casino is long standing member of the casino and betting world. They were launched in 1997 as a sportsbook, but now offer an online casino, online sportsbook, online poker and online bingo. All parts of the site are outstanding and operate as a standalone part of the company.

The company is owned by 888 Holdings and is a publicly traded entity on the London Stock Exchange. They have won numerous awards for best online sportsbook, best online casino and Operator of the Year, among other awards.

At 888 you can bet on just about anything. They have casino games, sports betting, poker, horse racing, bingo and so on. The casino is where you will find many of their games. Everything from Roulette and Blackjack, to slots and video poker.

They do have over 280 games to choose from. Many of these are in the slots section though. While they do offer a decent selection, I would like to see more table games. However, you can still find all the classics.

How does 888 Casino work?

888 works just like any other sportsbook, or online casino where you can bet online. You can sign up for their site and start using all they have to offer. You can place bets on sports, play casino games, slots, poker, bingo and even virtual games.

All you need to do is create a free account and you can use all of 888’s services.

Is 888 Casino safe and reliable?

Being regulated by one of the best gaming regulations in the world is a sure indicator that 888 is safe and reliable. Operating under the jurisdiction of Gibraltar means they follow the strictest of codes and security measures.

Being under the umbrella of one of the toughest regulators also means that they are approved to allow their services in the UK and other countries. The UK government acts as a subsidiary regulator. So it’s basically like they have two, very tough organizations making sure they are safe and reliable.

Screenshot of 888's casino games and betting options.

888 sports betting

888 Sport is where you will find some of the best sports betting online. They have all the major leagues from around the world including.

  • Football
  • American football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Rugby
  • And much more

What I liked was that they do have smaller sports and even celebrity betting. You can bet on TV show outcomes and even politics. I found myself stuck in this section having a little too much fun.

888 football betting

Football betting is a major part of the site. You’ll notice this as soon as you go to 888 Sport. They offer so many football betting options that I didn’t know where to start. I was like a kid in a candy store trying to every piece of action I could. The list of games and leagues was a bit overwhelming, but I like having all those options.

888 football has all the major leagues and even smaller ones; you could bet on prop bets like top goal scorer and assists. As well as many other side bets, or future bets.

What I really liked was that they offer Asian Handicapping. This is one of the better ways to place bets on football. This was designed just for football betting and should be something you use. I won’t go into full details, but you can find some very good lines and bets with Asian Handicapping.

Finally was the fact that they also had secondary leagues. A lot of betting sites don’t offer small leagues, especially in smaller countries. But at 888, I found many of these leagues available for betting.

888 also has up to the minute information including football betting tips that help you make better decisions when placing a wager.

888 horse racing

Horse racing betting is another big thing at 888. They have a decent selection of tracks that cover the UK, South Africa and Ireland. I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t have any American tracks. But, they still had all the major tracks in the UK and Ireland.

What 888 horse racing does have is a very unique and interactive horse betting section. It’s not just a place where you place the bet and move on. They have all kinds of stats, articles and even betting tips. It’s a multi-level platform that you can use to research races, even check out tracks. It’s honestly one of the best horse racing betting sites I’ve ever been a part of.

888 live betting and live streaming

Any sports betting site worth anything will have a live betting option. The live betting at 888 is quite extensive and covers a wide array of sports. While many sites just cover one or two major leagues, 888 has half a dozen or more.

Screenshot of 888's live betting page.
Screenshot of 888's live betting page.

As I’m looking at the available bets, I see almost 50 live betting games that I could place a bet on. This includes, football, tennis, ice hockey and even handball.

The live streaming isn’t as extensive and only has a few games that you can watch, but it’s still quite nice. The service is high quality and you can watch live games while you bet on them.

How are the limits and odds at 888 Casino?

Having won numerous awards for best bookmaker, you know they have some good odds and limits and you can place very high bets.. Each game and sport will vary on how much you can bet. But compared to other online betting sites, they are very competitive when it comes to limits.

The odds are all round some of the best. It’s obvious they pay attention to their competitors by offering some decent odds on the games. I found many of the best lines at 888 while shopping for good bets. In fact when I searched for sportsbook reviews, I found that many said the same thing.

888 bingo

The 888 bingo site confused me somewhat. At first glance it appeared to be a ladies only section. It is called “888 Ladies”. So I don’t think I’m wrong for thinking this. I suppose this is designed for marketing purposes as ladies are a large portion of this market.

Regardless of the reasoning, I didn’t like it much. Maybe it’s because I’m a male, but I felt a little excluded from the bingo site. Other bingo sites use a different approach that just feels a little more inviting.

Having said that, I entered with my wig on and dressed in drag. The bingo section is actually quite nice. Much like how a woman’s bathroom is much cleaner and smells better than the men’s. It looked fresh and despite the pastel color scheme, I liked it.

It’s very interactive and almost a mini social network. There’s jackpots, and even other games you can play all from the 888 Bingo site.

888 casino

The casino is quite nice. They do use some of the better software providers and have many of the top games. They cater more to the slots player, as many of their games are video slots. But, they are some very nice slots. They use NetEnt software which is, in my opinion, the best software designer out there.

While they don’t advertise many table games, they do have all the popular ones. Many of them are different forms of one game such as many different ways to play Blackjack and Roulette. But you can still find a decent selection. Nothing to write home about, but what they lack in quantity, is made up for in quality.

888 poker

I have actually played at 888 Poker long before using their online casino and online sportsbook. I didn’t really like it back then, but I was impressed with the changes they made.

888 Poker has a wide selection of tables, games and stakes. You can play for pennies, or up to $1,000 blinds. These are some of the highest stakes you will find online. And now that Full Tilt has removed their high stakes section, they may be the only place to play such high stakes.

Screenshot of 888's poker table. © 888 Poker
Screenshot of 888's poker table. © 888 Poker

They do only offer Hold Em, Omaha and Stud, but it’s still comparable to most sites. I would like to see some additional games, but this is becoming the norm for many online poker rooms.

I did like the Snap Poker which is a fast paced way to play the game. If you’ve heard of Zoom Poker or speed poker, you know what this is. If you haven’t, it’s a fun way to play poker. Once you fold a hand, you get moved to another table with a new hand. There’s no need to wait for the hand to finish anymore, unless you’re playing it.

888 games

The 888 Games section is for what I gather, a spin-off of the casino. Most of the same games and slots you find in the online casino are over at the games section. It does look more like a place where beginners can go as they do have free play games and it looks a lot friendlier.

They also have some jackpot games that you won’t find in the casino.

I’m not sure if I like it or not as it is a bit redundant. But, it is nice for those looking to play free games and get a feel for the casino itself.

My experience with 888 Casino

I did enjoy my experience at 888 overall. I did find some flaws and things I wouldn’t mind seeing changed. But overall, I like it.

It’s a quality site with some effort put into it. You could spend hours and days working you’re way around everything and still not play every game. This is one thing I really liked. You should never get bored with what they have.

I do wish they would change the 888 bingo section and make the games section a bit more clearer. It doesn’t take away anything from the site, but it would be something that I would want changed.

How do you register at 888 Casino?

This is quite easy as they make you register before ever doing anything on the site. You will see join now buttons everywhere. Just click on one of these and start the registration process.

You will need to fill out basic information such as address, name and stuff like that. It’s very simple, free and will only take a few minutes. Once you’re registered, there’s no need to do it over again for other parts of the site.

What payment options does 888 Casino offer?

There’s a very long list of deposit and withdrawal options. All of the standard ones like Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal are available. They also cater to country specific options that many sites don’t have.

The best part is, every deposit option can be used to make a withdrawal.

How fast can I cash out at 888 Casino?

Cash out times are a bit slow at 888 for some reason. Most requests are processed between 1 and 3 days with some options taking as long as 7-10 days. If you use a Visa, or form of eWallet like PayPal, you should see your money within 2-3 days. It’s recommended to use this if possible. A check can take a good while to get.

888 Casino promo & bonus codes

The welcome promotion is fairly decent at the casino. It gives a 100% match deposit bonus worth up to $200. If you want to try the casino out before making a deposit, 888 does offer £88 worth of free bets once you create a new account. There are some limitations, so be sure to read the terms and conditions.

The money is credited to your account immediately and there is no need to enter an 888 bonus or promo code.

888 mobile app

888 mobile
888's mobile app. © 888 Casino

The casino has a mobile app that lets you play a handful of the games from most mobile devices that use Android or iOS. Right now they only have 28 games available. Most are slots, but they do have Blackjack and Roulette.

The mobile casino is easy to use and the graphics are nice. It’s one of the better looking and user friendly designs I’ve seen.

They could have more games though.

How does 888 Casino compare to other bookmakers?

Most online casinos these days are the same for the most part. They all have to offer a great deal in order to compete. Some do it in different ways though. While 888 is comparable to the best, they do it by focusing on quality.

Some online casinos do it by quantity and throwing out a ton of games. But 888 does have fewer casino game than most, but the quality is top notch.

To see what other top casinos have to offer, check out the reviews of Coral Casino, LeoVegas, Bovada Casino, and Virgin Games.

What are others saying about 888 Casino?

Before I sat down to complete my 888 review, I checked to see what others were saying. I was surprised to see that almost all reviews were positive. Usually you have some disgruntled bettor who lost his bankroll swearing that the site was rigged. This was a rare occurrence here.

They all did have the same thing to say about the cash out times being somewhat slower than most casinos, but all seem to overlook this fact since the quality of the site was so much better.

888 homepage
Screenshot of 888 Casino's homepage.

My 888 Casino rating

888 Casino gets an 9 out of 10.

I wanted to give them a 9.5, but felt their cash out times and lack of casino games bring them down. I was going to give them an 8.5, but this is a tad too low.

If I’m going off pure quality, then 888 would get a 10. But since we need to view every little part of the site, I had to knock them for what I mentioned above.

If they could find a way to speed up cash out times, this would jump them up to a 9.5. But for now, I’ll just say that they are the best when it comes to quality, but need to add a few more features before actually becoming the best.