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Amazon is the biggest, best known and most reliable electronic commerce company in the world. As the largest Internet-based retailer, it had humble beginnings but rose to prominence in a short period of time. You can buy anything ranging from gadgets to books, toys and everything in between. The company is the largest provider of cloud infrastructure and sells its own products, such as fire tablets, and e-readers.

Since its inception, Amazon grew a lot and it now has retail websites all over the world besides the United States. Europeans from Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, France and the United Kingdom can place an order with local-based stores. Similarly, those who reside in China, India, Japan, Mexico and Canada can do the same to speed up deliveries.

Key facts about Amazon

  • Amazon is the biggest e-commerce company and the largest provider of cloud infrastructure.
  • In 2015 the company surpassed Walmart as the biggest retailer in the US.
  • Amazon sells everything over the Internet and it has offices in various countries worldwide.
  • In addition to selling its own products, it allows third-party vendors to sell on its website.
  • Amazon sells its own devices and services, such as Kindle, Fire tablet and the Fire phone.

How does Amazon work?

Amazon works as an Internet marketplace and people can browse its wares by signing up for an account. Once they have such an account up and running, they can search for the items they want to buy. Adding them to the shopping cart is a simple and straightforward process that takes only a couple of seconds. The website has a virtual checkout counter, where users go to complete their orders.

Shopping can be done using several channels, such as FedEx, UPS or registered mail. The e-commerce company also sells plenty of products in electronic format. Those who prefer these types of products can download them directly to their desktop computers or mobile devices. In order to make an educated decision when shopping, customers are advised to go over the reviews written by peers. These can help them learn more about the buyers and the quality of the product they sell, hence mitigate risks.

Amazon sells most of the products itself, but also allows third parties to conduct business on the website. This explains how it is possible to browse millions of items every day. This also encourages competition as the third parties involved have to reduce the prices to make the items competitive. It makes no difference if the items for sale are already available online or are the first of their time. The company will notify sellers whenever someone places in order so the two parties can make the necessary arrangements.

Amazon Shopping acquisitions are encrypted using the latest technologies, so wrongdoers don’t have a chance at meddling with the funds or sensitive data. The service also allows users to discover the advantages of 1-Click ordering and Wish Lists.

Screenshot of Amazon Gift Cards
Screenshot of Amazon Gift Cards

The Amazon mobile experience

Amazon has its very own shopping app that can be used by both buyers and vendors. When shopping for items online, this application speeds up the process by pointing users into the right direction. They can find the items of choice, compare prices and even read reviews written by fellow shoppers. The application also allows them to share the news with their friends over social networks. Its purpose is to expand the customer base, while making the service more popular among existing shoppers.

The app also works wonders for those who seek the lowest prices, by highlighting the Deal of the Day. These are the special offers that are available for limited periods of time. Mobile users have the certain advantage of learning about them on the go, therefore have a better chance of claiming them before they expire. Vendors can use the same service to add new items to their collection and adjust the prices. Amazon will make direct deposits to the bank accounts of those who sell products on their website.

Its flagship products include the original e-reader called Kindle which allows people to read printed material. Most of the books can be downloaded on this device, at prices that are significantly lower than the hardcopy. The Fire tablet and the Fire phone are the devices produced by the e-commerce company as a response to the rising popularity of smartphones and tablets. The latest service is Fire TV, which acts as an entertainment hub for Netflix, YouTube and HBO Go fans.

Screenshot of Amazon Daily Deals
Screenshot of Amazon Daily Deals

What are others saying about Amazon?

Amazon was already a popular company before the mobile app hit the stores. Its addition made it even better liked among millions of shoppers who can now use their smartphones and tablets. Amazon reviews highlight the fact that the service is easy to use, reliable and dazzling fast. Some claim that the reviews are not all reliable and sometimes paid content gets through. The buyer’s protection system works pretty well and keeps users safe from those who might try to abuse the service. In many regards, it is better than the one offered by eBay, Flipkart, OLX or Snapdeal.

There is of course plenty of criticism regarding Amazon’s price discrimination and the tendency of censoring unfavorable reviews. More than once, the company was criticized for creating a nasty work environment for its employees. The owner Jeff Bezos came under fire when he encouraged his employees to put pressure on smaller suppliers. Most critics however are against the company not its service.

My rating of Amazon

Amazon is my go-to e-commerce vendor when I want to buy something online. I like everything about them including the fact that they have some of the best audiobooks offered via Audible. This new service is less known and not that well promoted by mainstream media, but I absolutely love it. I bought many products from these guys and never had any problems with either quality or delivery. I don’t like the idea of employees and suppliers being pressured and exploited, but that’s another thing. From a technical perspective, their service is outstanding and deserves a flawless rating of 10 out of 10.

Overall Score