Screenshot of Backgammon For Money Homepage. © Backgammon 4 Money

Backgammon in one of the most popular games due to its simplicity. It can be played by anyone who picks up the easy rules. Backgammon 4 Money presents players with the opportunity of enjoying their favorite board game over the Internet. The rules haven’t changed one bit, with the same fun game being available at a touch of a button.

Backgammon was one of the first board games to be played online, quickly surpassing both chess and card games. One of the reasons for why it got so popular is that players were presented with the option of venturing real money or virtual currency. Backgammon 4 Money is catering for those who hope to make a small side bet when playing their favorite game.

Key facts about Backgammon 4 Money

  • Backgammon 4 Money is the first real money backgammon game on the App Store.
  • People from all over the world can come together and spend some quality time playing backgammon.
  • Backgammon 4 Money players have often complained about the fairness of the games.
  • One can use the chat feature to talk to their peers and make friends online, while playing.
  • Backgammon 4 Money offers bonuses and freebies but they are difficult to redeem.

Backgammon 4 Money features

Since the advent of Internet, backgammon fans went online to play their games from the comfort of their homes. Decades later, there are plenty of applications that facilitate this type of interaction between players. This makes it hard for one app to stand out from the crowd. Backgammon 4 Money’s preference for real money players is obvious, but this is not a two-way street. There are more complaints than compliments.

There also  features that  are available exclusively to those who bet real money. It's these limitations that drive players away. Participants are eligible to collect free coins, which are awarded randomly so everyone has the same chances. This virtual bonus is very similar to the free spins offered by online casinos. Backgammon is the only title promoted here and these bonuses are difficult to redeem.

Backgammon 4 Money offers other types of free gifts and some of the bonuses can be cashed out after meeting wagering requirements. This is where things get nasty and players should be aware of the potential dangers. On a weekly basis, new promotions are unveiled. Most are aimed exclusively at new members while a few will benefit all players. These free gifts are supposed to help with customer retention. They are to some extent similar to the loyalty points collected by casino players. Quite frankly they fail more often than they succeed.

The Backgammon 4 Money design

There is less than meets the eye about Backgammon 4 Money and the best feature is actually the polished user interface. The beautiful and unique board catches the eye of those who land on the website or download the application. The game has a classy and chic design. Players get to choose between different boards, before playing against people from all over the world.

Screenshot of Backgammon For Money App. © Backgammon 4 Money
Screenshot of Backgammon For Money App. © Backgammon 4 Money

The chat feature is easy to use and apparently those who play at Backgammon 4 Money are inclined to interact with their peers throughout the match. It is entirely up to the players to engage in meaningful conversations. They can keep things simple or be completely silent. A small fraction of players prefer to focus exclusively on the game and don’t care much for talking. It is refreshing to see that the features are available and easy to use.

How to play at Backgammon 4 Money

The technical requirements are reasonable, with players requiring an Internet connection to get online and play backgammon. An average connection will do, since the game is not that demanding. Players can use everything from optic fiber to Wi-Fi and 4G technology. On those rare occasions when players suffer an Internet disconnection, Backgammon 4 Money will attempt to reconnect them as soon as possible.

Any Apple device can be used for gaming purposes, because Backgammon 4 Money can be downloaded on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Despite its fine graphics and polished design, the game doesn’t require a great deal of resources. It will run smoothly on all these gadgets. Regardless of which device players choose to use, they will still be eligible for all the daily free coins. As all other special bonuses and promotions, they look good but are rather meaningless.

The developers are constantly releasing new versions, with the latest one being Backgammon For Money 4.3. There are a few bugs but they are generally fixed when new features are added. Lack of serious competition sapped their interest Each new version is supposed to add something on top of the existing package. Unfortunately, most changes are purely cosmetic. The user interface has been improved and navigation is now easier.

Screenshot of Backgammon For Money Payments. © Backgammon 4 Money
Screenshot of Backgammon For Money Payments. © Backgammon 4 Money

Payment methods and waiting time

Backgammon For Money is essentially a product catering for those who bet real money when playing the game. This explains the emphasis placed on providing sufficient betting and deposit options. The number of payment methods has increased greatly since they came around. Several financial instruments are available for deposits and withdrawals.

That matters less when you are not paid on time or when cash outs are denied outright. Online casinos such as William Hill, Bwin, Paddy Power or 32Red also offer their members the possibility of playing backgammon on real money. They are more reliable and have the utmost respect for their customers.

Backgammon For Money is driven by the motto of making money, but the company makes most of the cash. GamyTech has created an interesting gaming environment for gamblers, but one plagued by problems. All those above 18 years old are eligible to play the games and the number of real money cash games and tournaments is on the rise. The former have the advantage of determining the winner in a matter of minutes. Tournaments bring together tens of players and the prizes go to those who make a deep run in these events.

GamyTech has added new payment methods and the cash out procedure overall was greatly simplified. This is an ongoing process and deposits are now performed instantly, while withdrawals take significantly less. Visa, MasterCard and PayPal have emerged as the most popular cash out solutions.

GamyTech’s plans for Backgammon For Money

Backgammon For Money says that they are all about healthy competition. When you win games, you consolidate your bankroll but also get bragging rights. hey try to tap into the perks of social media and help players compare themselves with their friends. The app has the perfect features to serve this purpose, with users receiving bonuses whenever they spread the news. By inviting players, they get to compete against people they know and also unlock additional free coins.

Screenshot of Backgammon For Money Statistics. © Backgammon 4 Money
Screenshot of Backgammon For Money Statistics. © Backgammon 4 Money

Very little information is required from players when they set up a Backgammon For Money accounts. This highlight their desire to make the process as fast as possible at any costs. They claim to use sophisticated monitoring techniques, to prevent cyber criminals from interfering with the funds and personal information. The complaints issued by players are not about outsiders, but the unfair behavior of the gambling operator.

Free money play is still available, but the options are few and restrictive. Backgammon For Money offers bonuses to all its members, but only those who make a deposit. Victory is rewarded with more play money, so the virtual balance keeps growing. It is promptly replenished whenever players lose everything, so you don't risk anything.

Backgammon For Money can now be played by people from almost every country on the globe. GamyTech plans on further expanding the only real money mobile backgammon community online. Given the manner in which they handle customer complaints, it's unlikely that people will flock here. The already gaming interface will be redesigned for iPhone, iPad and also Android gadgets

My rating of Backgammon For Money

I played my first backgammon game nearly 30 years ago, when my grandfather taught me the rules. Right from the start, I fell in love with it. I took a long and undesired break mostly due to the fact that none of my friends were too interested in the game. I was hoping that Backgammon For Money will reignite my enthusiasm for the game.

Sadly I was disappointed by their attitude towards members and downright scare by some players complaints. The silver lining is that the application works well and is user-friendly. This explains why people from all walks of life have no problem in using it. If you are a casual player who would settle for virtual currency then you can give them a shot. For real money gambling, there are better options elsewhere for backgammon players.

Overall Score


  1. Playing Backgammon is fun. So should this app be.
    However, this app is buggy, very buggy.

    This is what happens:
    1) sometimes when it’s your turn, the dices don’t appear but the time is ticking. When your time is up, you will lose the game because you didn’t respond on time
    2) sometimes when it’s the turn of your opponent, you can offer to double the bet but due to the crappy design of the software, time is ticking for the opponent while time is ticking for your own turn! Result is that you lose.
    3) contacting the customer support doesn’t help. It has been 48 hours ago and I am still awaiting response.

    They take a small percentage of your money, which is fair, but the game let you lose on unpredictable moments because of the bugs.
    The game is not reliable and considering the lack of response from customer support, I bet the same goes for the company that is behind this game.

    Don’t trust this shitty app.