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Credit cards can be a convenient way to get those financial obligations out of the way, but consumers are requesting more from their cards than merely just a facility. Banks are required to differentiate themselves from their competitors in order to remain relevant. This is good news for the client, as it gives them access to a multitude of offers that will make them a little easier to manage. The Banco do Brasil Credit Cards offer just this: a multitude of offers. This review takes a look at these offers to see how they compare to others around the world.

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About Banco do Brasil

The early 1800s saw the rise of this establishment as it was founded by a man later crowned the king of Portugal. The need of a financial institution was critical at that stage in order to improve financial stability within Brazil and eventually its ties with financial institutions across the world. Today, it has weathered a number of storms and still remains one of the biggest banks in the world. A strong focus on modern banking techniques allows it to retain market share and the bank is now rated as the second largest bank in Brazil based on asset value.

Banco do Brazil
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Banco do Brasil Credit Cards Product Offerings

National Credit Card Ourocard

This is the ideal card for those who want to pay a low annuity and still have the opportunity to earn points and miles on the card. Furthermore, a customer may request two additional credit cards with different credit limits should they need it.

  • There is an annual fee on the card.
  • Also, the additional cards carry an annual fee at 50% of the main card’s fee.
  • Furthermore, the card carries a promotional and grace period of 12 months for payment.

Credit Card Ourocard Visa International

Customers who like to use their card locally and abroad will find this card ideal. Furthermore, the card is a debit and credit card all rolled into one.

  • This card provides customers with access to a relationship program called Point for You.
  • Customers can order up to four additional cards as supplementary cards for others.
  • The card carries an annual fee which is payable in six installments.
  • Finally, the supplementary cards are also payable in six installments and are at half the annual fee of the main card.  

Credit Card Ourocard International Mobile Bonus

This is a credit card that is linked to a mobile phone operator. Furthermore, it provides a service to customers of Hi, Claro, Live, and TIM.

  • Customers receive 5% of their purchases back in bonuses for their mobile phone.
  • Also, the annuity turns into bonuses as well.
  • Furthermore, customers can apply for an additional card on the account.
  • The annual fees for the additional card are at 50% of the main card holder’s fee.

Visa Card Ourocard Visa Bonus

This is a Visa card that provides a bonus to a mobile account. The mobile operators supported with this card are Hi, Claro, Live, and TIM.

  • 100% of the annuity is converted into credits for the mobile phone.
  • Furthermore, 3% of the purchases made with the credit card are converted to bonuses on the mobile account.
  • Finally, the annuity for the additional card is at half the price of the main card.

Credit Card Ourocard International University

University students who need to apply for a card that doesn’t require a proof of income will find this suitable. Furthermore, the card has a pre-approved limit of up to $800.

  • This card provides a 12-month grace period for the annuity, which is paid in 12 installments from the following month.
  • Customers have up to 40 days to pay for your purchases.
  • Furthermore, customers can use the card in Brazil and abroad.
  • Also, customers earn points in the Point to You program.
  • Finally, customers receive notifications on all transactions over $30.

Rechargeable Prepaid Ourocard Card

Customers who wish to leave an allowance with someone else, or merely just build up some reserves will find this card ideal. Furthermore, the card is rechargeable with funds which is perfect for those who wish to use it on a regular basis.

  • This card is suitable for those who wish to keep control of the balances.
  • Also, the car carries rates and service fees.
Screenshot of Banco do Brasil Credit Card Options

Ourocard Elo Nanjim

This is the perfect card for those who wish to earn points and have international access. Furthermore, customers earn 2.2 points for every dollar spent.

  • Customers have the option to purchase on debit or credit with this card.
  • Also, the card provides owners with access to their checking account.
  • Finally, customers may apply for additional cards.

Ourocard Visa Infinite Credit Card

Customers who want a card that is a little more elite will find this card ideal. Furthermore, it’s prestige is felt all over the world.

  • With this card, customers earn 2 points for each dollar spent.
  • The card also carries a number of travel benefits.
  • Customers also have access to some unique emergency benefits.
  • Finally, the card allows customers to pay progressively less on their annual fees the more they spend on their cards.

Ourocard MasterCard Black

This is a specialized card that is only available to customers on offer from the bank. The represents sophistication and prestige and is recognized across the world.

  • Customers can earn points for air miles, prizes, and even discounts on Banco do Brasil products.
  • The card allows customers to earn 2 points for each dollar spent on the card.
  • Furthermore, customers earn special travel benefits and emergency coverage.
  • Finally, this card is per invitation only.

Ourocard Elo Graphite

Customers who wish to earn 20% more at Point for You than on the Platinum Card, will find this ideal. Furthermore, customers have the opportunity to earn 1.4 points for every dollar.

  • This card provides a simple solution to day-to-day purchases.
  • Also, the card is simple to use nationally and internationally.
  • The card provides customers with access to their checking accounts as well for withdrawals at ATMs.
  • Furthermore, customers don’t pay their annual fee in the first year.
  • Finally, additional cards are charged at half the annual fee of the primary card.

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Goldcard Platinum Credit Card

Customers who require a go-to card will find this card ideal. Furthermore, this is also a suitable card for those who wish to use their card overseas.

  • The card offers customers the choice between the Visa or MasterCard flag. There is also the option to go with the Ourocard Elo Graphite Credit Card.
  • Additional cards are charged at 50% of the annual fee of the primary card.

Ourocard Elo Mais

With this card, customers have the opportunity to earn 20% more points on than they would on their gold cards. Furthermore, the card is ideal for daily shopping trips.

  • Customers earn 1.2 points for every dollar spent on their card.
  • The supplementary card’s annual fee is half that of the primary card.
  • Finally, the annual fee is paid in 12 monthly installments.

Ourocard Gold Credit Card

Customers have the option to choose between Visa and MasterCard. Furthermore, customers have access to a number of different benefits.

  • The card also gives customers the option to choose the Ourocard Elo Mais.
  • Also, the annual fee is paid in 6 installments.
  • Finally, the supplementary card is charged at 50% of the primary card.

Ourocard Elo Personalized with Kobra Art

This card offers customers the option to brand their card with personalized art. Furthermore, this card supports initiatives such as United Nation’s Children’s Fund, UNICEF,  and more. There is a customization fee on the card.

Ourocard Agribusiness

Customers who find themselves in the agricultural trade will find this card ideal. It’s suitable for the purchase of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, machinery, and more.

Ourocard With Your Photo

With this card, customers can customize their card with a photo of their own choosing.

Ourocard Origins Credit Card

Customers have the opportunity to give back to the environment with this card, as it makes use of recycled materials such as plastic and mirror. Furthermore, customers have the opportunity to choose a photo from a gallery of ten options.

Smiles Mastercard

With this card, customers have the opportunity to earn miles to travel and also receive all the other benefits of the Smiles program. Furthermore, there are different levels to the Smiles cards to allow customers to benefit from more points.

Petrobras Card

This is the ideal card for those who prefer a card that’s internationally recognized. Furthermore, the card offers promotions which may include annuity-free periods, no membership fees, no maintenance fees, and more.

  • Customers have up to 40 days to pay.
  • Also, the points accumulated can be exchanged for invoice discounts.
  • The card also offers discounts and benefits from various partners.

Saraiva Credit Card

A simple card that offers many in-store benefits. Furthermore, the application process is simple.

Chevrolet Card

Customers who want to make the most of owning a Chevrolet will find this card suitable. Furthermore, it provides discounts on the next Chevrolet zero km with the points accumulated on purchases.

Oi (Hi) Card

This card allows customers to experience the benefits of the Oi relationship program. Furthermore, customers can use their points in exchange for cellular handsets, Oi services, air tickets, and more.

Ourocard Basic Credit Card

This is a simple credit card specially designed for those who wish to remain local in Brazil. Furthermore, customers may apply for up to two additional cards. The annual fee on the additional cards is charged at 50% of the primary card.

Ourocard e-Credit Card

With this card, customers are not required to have the physical card as it’s purely an online card. Also, there is no annual fee on this card.

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Critical Reviews Rating Banco do Brasil Credit Cards – 9 of 10

Screenshot of Bancod do Brasil Special Offers on Credit Cards

At first sight, this is the ideal mix of credit cards as it just provides so many options. Right from store cards through to prepaid options and more. There is just one thing that we’ve noticed with this range that brings it down slightly. This is that there are no interest-free periods offered as with other major card brands, which could lure customers away from the bank.

Other than that, there should be something for everyone. A perfect score is within grasp for this bank simply by adding a benefit to one of their existing ranges.

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