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When it comes to insurance, it’s important to know that all bases are covered. That is why a variety of different products are needed that cover both long and short-term needs. These products should provide peace of mind and allow customers to carry on with their day-to-day lives, knowing that their needs are covered. The right insurance products will allow customers to protect what is valuable. Banco do Brasil Insurance range promises to deliver this, and our review will compare it to some of the best in the world.

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About Banco do Brasil

This is one of the foundational institutions when it comes to banking practices in Brazil. It has a rich history of over two centuries and provides a variety of banking services to customers. The bank has worked its way through many trials and struggles in order to cement itself as one of the biggest banks in the world. Currently, the bank offers customers a range of services that provide more than just the traditional banking products. It is also constantly evolving to keep abreast of technological advancements.

Banco do Brazil
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Banco do Brasil Insurance Product Offerings

Life Cover and Personal Accidents

Complete Life Cover

This is the ideal insurance for someone who wants a full spectrum life insurance product without too much hassle. It is available to those between the ages of 18 and 70.

  • The cover is in place for natural or accidental death, disability, hospitalization due to accident, funeral assistance, and more.
  • Customers can divide the death benefit between up to twelve beneficiaries.
  • Furthermore, the pricing structure is very competitive.
  • Also, there is no exit age for cancer diagnosis and serious illness coverage.
  • Customers have access to the optional inclusion of the spouse.
  • Life insurance claims do not form part of the estate.
  • Finally, the life insurance payout does not attract income tax payments.
Life Cover

Customers who require a simple insurance product, will find this suitable. It’s best suited to those between the ages of 18 and 60.

  • This policy type provides a simple life insurance solution with competitive pricing.
  • The application process is also streamlined.
  • Furthermore, customers choose between the basic plan or the total plan.
  • Finally, there are no income tax payments on the death benefit.
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Women’s Life Cover

This is a product specially designed for women aged between 18 and 70. Furthermore, it provides additional cover types.

  • The policy includes natural or accidental death coverage, as well as payment in the event of the diagnosis of breast or gynecological cancer.
  • Customers also enjoy coverage of total or partial permanent disability, hospital stay due to accident, funeral assistance, and more.
  • Furthermore, the policy allows the addition of the spouse on the plan.
  • The plan includes a 24-hour assistance service.
  • Finally, the beneficiaries won’t have to worry about taxation on the lump sum. It also cannot form part of an attachment order.
Driver Cover

Customers who require a bit more than merely a personal accident insurance will find this policy ideal. Furthermore, they have two options to choose from.

  • The BB Driver Protection and BB Family Protection are the options available to customers.
  • This plan is also fully customizable as customers can decide how their policy is put together.
  • Furthermore, this policy type is available to those between the ages of 18 and 70.
  • Finally, beneficiaries will not have to worry about taxation or attachment orders when this lump sum pays out.
Personal Accident Cover

This policy is similar to the Driver Insurance product and also offers a BB Driver Protection and BB Family Protection options. Furthermore, customers can add the various products to these policies to increase their cover.

  • Customers enjoy a host of additional services such as electricians, plumbers, etc in the case of emergencies.
  • The cover includes accidental death and total and permanent disability by accident. It also includes cover for riots, explosions, etc.
Secured Credit Cover

Customers who have a lot of debt may want to consider cover to ensure these debts don’t affect the estate. It also provides those who are left behind with security and the opportunity to carry on with their lives as comfortable as possible.

  • This is a good product to have in place especially for those who have property finance.
  • Furthermore, the cover is suitable for those between the ages of 18 and 70.
  • Finally, customers can cover debt ranging between $70 and $600,000.

Customers who require an affordable option in order to provide protection for their families will find this product ideal.

  • The cover includes death cover by accident.
  • It also covers funeral expenses.
  • Finally, the cover also includes accidental hospital stay.
Real Estate Management

This cover is suitable for those who want to ensure that all aspects are covered in the event of their funeral. Furthermore, there are different cover amounts to choose from.

  • The cover amounts are $3,000, $5,000, or $8,000.
  • Also, the cover includes funds for the food, transfer of the body, transportation of family members, and the acquisition of a deposit or land.
  • Finally, the cover also includes other services such as psychological assistance, brokerage services, and more.

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Vehicle Cover

Car Cover

This is a simple a fast form of insurance that allows the vehicle owner to have peace of mind in the shortest amount of time possible. Furthermore, this covers almost any type of vehicle.

  • Customers are able to apply for a quote online.
  • Also, customers can renew their insurance up to six times without having to worry about interest.
  • Non-business owners can also maintain their policies via phone.
  • Furthermore, customers benefit from a guaranteed payment of the indemnity within five business days of receiving all the required documents.
  • Also, the policy includes free 24-hour assistance in the case of certain emergencies such as tire changes and more.
  • The policy includes free home assistance across the country.
  • Customers also have the option of paying through a debit order, on account, or through their credit card.
  • Finally, customers choose between just basic coverage or adding additional guarantees to their policies.

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Motor Cover

Customers who happen to own a motorcycle will have the peace of mind that their two-wheelers are insured. Also, the cover is in place for situations such as collisions, fire, or theft.

  • Account holders can contract or renew their Moto Insurance in six installments without interest.
  • Customers are able to make adjustments to their policies over the internet.
  • Non-account holders also have access to telephonic assistance when it comes to adjustments on their policies.
  • Furthermore, customers enjoy a guaranteed payment of their claim within five business days of submitting all their documents.
  • Customers also enjoy 24-hour free assistance in the event they require a locksmith, tire exchange, and more.
  • Finally, there are various payment options such as credit card and direct debit.
Taxi Cover

This is the ideal type of insurance for those who wish to protect their taxis and their passengers. Furthermore, customers can expect cover that best suits their profile.

  • Customers have a guarantee that they receive their payments within five working days of delivering all the required documents.
  • There is 24-hour assistance in the event customers should need a locksmith and more.
  • Furthermore, payment options include debit orders and credit card debits.
  • Finally, customers can choose between basic coverage or choose to add additional guarantees.
Truck Cover

Customers who have trucks will find this the ideal type of insurance. Furthermore, it covers winches, trucks, trailers, tgs, and semi-trailers.

  • The policies are customizable and customers can choose various additional warranties with their basic policy.
  • Customers have access to a 24-hour unlimited use assistance. There is also a home assistance option for free.
  • Furthermore, account holders of Banco do Brasil can make changes to their policies online.
  • Also, customers enjoy the benefit of five business day to payout after all documents have been received.
  • Customers enjoy free home assistance nationwide.
  • Finally, there are different payment options such as account debits and credit card payments.

Residential Cover

This type of insurance is the ideal solution for those who have properties.

  • Customers will have peace of mind that their belongings are covered.
  • The cover includes situations such as fires, robberies, and emergency expenses.
  • Furthermore, customers can choose protection according to their needs.
  • Also, there are certain discounts that apply such as discounts for those who live in condominiums.
  • There are various payment methods and options.
  • Finally, there are no-claim bonuses that can go up to 25% of the insurance value.

Rural Cover

Agricultural Cover BB

Farmers who fear natural phenomena and wish to protect their crops, will find this type of cover suitable. Furthermore, customers benefit from IOF exemption.

  • Customers benefit from inspections at no cost to themselves.
  • This cover is suitable for individual farmers or legal entities.
  • Also, the cover is simple and easy to understand and put in place.
  • The guarantee is in force from planting to harvesting.
  • Finally, by having this cover in place, farmers can raise their credit ceiling by a further 15%.
Life Cover Rural Gold Producer

This type of insurance is critical for farmers. It covers events that change the physical integrity of the farmer. It also covers the credit they may have with Banco do Brasil. Furthermore, customers know their families are protected in the event of natural or accidental death.

  • This policy offers competitive rates.
  • Customers enjoy convenience as the account is automatically debited.
  • The spouse or legal heirs are indemnified in terms of debt if the cover amount exceeds the amount owed.
  • Finally, customers enjoy payments that are exempt from IOF.
Rural Surety Cover

Customers who use the equity on their properties as collateral for rural loans or financing will find this cover ideal. Furthermore, this prevents the seizure of assets where lenders are concerned.

  • There are a variety of insurable assets that can be covered. These are agricultural products, vehicles, agricultural machines and implements, and more.
  • This cover is in place for the duration of the finance.
  • Furthermore, the payout is exempt from IOF.
  • Also, customers enjoy a simplified contracting experience.
  • Finally, this cover provides an indemnity for the value of the insured guarantee.

Critical Reviews Rating Banco do Brasil Insurance – 10 of 10

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The very first thing that draws our attention is the fact that all the options are neatly tucked away. This allows customers to navigate easily. The ease of use navigation is something that is not often encountered with insurance products.

We are especially impressed by all the options within the different categories which leave customers spoiled for choice. There are countless other insurance types out there that don’t form part of the bank’s range. The ones represented here, however, are more than enough. We are confident with our perfect rating of this range.

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