Investments are often tricky waters to navigate thanks to something called risk. It is safe to assume that the higher the promise of return on an investment, the higher the potential risk. Even with that in mind, investments form a critical part of wealth creation. It is one of the pillars of a good financial portfolio and has the potential to provide account holders with substantial growth if managed carefully. But before all that happens, potential investors still need to navigate the waters and choose the options best suited to them. Discover with this review whether Banco do Brasil Investments step up to the plate and deliver what is needed while competing with some substantial players in the field.

Discover whether the Banco do Brasil Investments range compares well with other banks, such as Santander UK.

About Banco do Brasil

Banco do Brasil has been part of the Brazilian financial landscape for over two centuries. It’s had an incredible history and even managed to pull through bankruptcy on two separate occasions. Ranked one of the biggest banks in the world thanks to its asset holdings, Banco do Brasil offers customers traditional banking in a branch setup. There are a few technological additions to their product lineup, which allows customers to perform certain transactions online.

Banco do Brazil
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The Risk Factor of Investments

Investments are classified in different risk categories as not all investments carry the same amount of risk, or have the same earning potential. The risk grading of investments is, however,  a guideline only and consumers are always cautioned to take care.

No Risk

These investments are usually offered at a bank level and provide customers with a small return. Customers have the benefit of a guarantee on the investment which usually includes their capital and rate of interest.

Low Risk

Customers who opt for these investments may have a guarantee on at least the capital. The growth may be the part that carries risk. In some instances, the entire sum carries risk, albeit a low one. This means customers could end up with less than they put into the investment initially.

Medium Risk

These investments are for the slightly more adventurous and carry a fair amount of risk. The return is usually quite reasonable but so is the risk. Investors can lose some or part of their funds.

High Risk

This type of investment is for those who can afford to lose their investment if the market turns sour, as the funds linked to these types of investments tend to be volatile. Very few guarantees are offered in this category and investors can lose all their capital.

Very High Risk

Not for the weak-hearted, these investments have far more losses than successes and require the investors to be able to part with their funds easily. When something goes wrong with these investments, investors tend to lose everything.

Banco do Brasil Investments Product Offerings

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Savings – No to Low Risk

Basic Savings

This is the ideal investment option for those who don’t want any risk with their funds. Furthermore, with this product, customers benefit from compound interest.

  • Customers enjoy a simple opening process and have access to self-service channels.
  • The account also provides customers with a card for easy access.
  • Furthermore, access to the account is immediate and no notice period is required.
  • Also, individuals don’t have to worry about income tax.
  • Customers enjoy a guarantee from the Credit Guarantee Fund.
  • The account can be funded through automatic debits.
  • Finally, those abroad still have access to their funds.

Customers who require a monthly payment from their investments will find this suitable. Furthermore, it carries a low risk rating.

  • This account allows customers to choose the amount and date of transfer to fund their investment.
  • It also allows customers to link it to their current account in order to set off any negative balances.
  • Furthermore, this particular fund is linked to the Savings and Loan Association, which is good news for those who wish to own a home in the future.
  • Customers benefit from compound interest.
  • They also have access to their funds at any time.
  • Customers are only required to keep a minimum balance of $5.
  • The account carries a guarantee from the Credit Guarantee Fund.
  • Customers are able to access their funds abroad.
  • Finally, the account provides access to self-service channels.

Banco do Brasil also offers a current account range and a full review is available. 

Investment Funds – Short-Term and Low Risk

BB Fixed Income Short Term 50 Thousand

This is an investment vehicle for those who have at least $50,000 to invest and require something short term. Furthermore, the fund specializes in fixed-income public securities.

BB Fixed Income Referenced DI Social 50

Customers who wish to start out with a low-cost investment that also requires a small opening deposit will find this ideal. The initial deposit is only $50 and each subsequent payment is $50. Furthermore, the fund is linked to the CDI interest rate variation.

BB Fixed Income Referenced DI 500

This investment performs close to the CDI interest rate. Furthermore, it invests in fixed-rate public fixed-income securities which provide substantial liquidity. The initial investment is $500 and subsequent payments are at $50.

BB Fixed Income 500

Customers who require daily liquidity and profitability will find this fund suitable. Furthermore, the fund invests in public and private fixed income securities. The initial investment amount is $500 and subsequent deposits carry a minimum of $50.  

BB Simple Fixed Income

This investment places its resources in financial assets and fixed income operations. Furthermore, it only requires an initial deposit of $50.

Long-Term Low and Medium Risk

BB Fixed Income Referenced DI LP 50 Thousand

Customers who wish to have a long-term investment that is still accessible when needed will find this suitable. Also, the opening deposit on the fund is $50,000 with no limitations on the additional deposits. This product is ideal for long-term tax planning for individuals and legal entities.

BB Fixed Income Referenced DI LP 500 Thousand

This investment fund looks to investment fund quotas for growth. It requires a minimum deposit of $500,000 and there are no restrictions on the additional deposit. Furthermore, the fund is suitable for individuals and customers can expect a return that strives to keep up with the CDI or SELIC rate.

BB Fixed Income LP Partnership 10 Thousand

This is a fund with a slight twist, as it offers a differentiated administration fee and exit charge. The investment opening deposit is $10,000 and subsequent deposits can be any amount.

BB Fixed Income LP 50 Thousand

Customers enjoy the prospects of a good performance will find this fund ideal. Also, the initial deposit is $50,000 and additional deposits start from as little as $1.

BB Macro Multimercado LP 200

A small investment of only $200 will grant customers access to a fund which offers diversity. Also, it seeks to beat the CDI rate. Additional deposits can be made from at least $200 per deposit.



Customers of Banco do Brasil who have an account there can benefit from access to this fund. It is fixed income security that provides a fixed income. Furthermore, it enjoys a fund guarantee of up to $250,000.


Customers enjoy a fixed income security with fixed income, but with affordable amounts. Furthermore, customers can track the performance through self-service channels.

Long-Term High-Risk Investments

Fixed Income Funds

These include the BB Fixed Income LP Price Index 5 Thousand and BB Fixed Income Foreign Debt Thousand.

Foreign Exchange

Customers can expect to find BB Foreign Exchange Dollar LP Thousand, BB Foreign Exchange Dollar LP 20 Thousand, BB Foreign Exchange Dollar LP 100 Thousand, and BB Exchange Euro LP Mil.


This collection includes the BB Global Shares BDR Level 1, BB Share ETF Allocation, BB Shares Dividends, BB Shares Petrobras, BB shares, BB Shares BB Security, and also BB Shares Dividends Midcaps.


Customers can choose between BB Stocks IBrX Indexed, BB Stocks Ibovespa Indexed, BB Stocks Ibovespa Active, BB Stocks Multi Sectoral Quantitative, BB Stocks Small Caps, BB Stocks Export,  BB Stock Index Sustainability of Young Entrepreneurs, BB Civil Construction Stock, BB Stocks Energy, BB Stock Financial Sector, BB Stocks BB, and BB Stocks Cielo.

Other Funds

A mixture of other funds to look forward to, such as BB Actions Technology, BB Actions, and BB Infrastructure Actions.

Automatic Investments

BB Fixed Income Short Term

This is the ideal investment type for those who wish the premium to run off their account automatically. The investment opening deposit is $200 and subsequent deposits a minimum of $50.

Those who wish to minimize their risk should consider the Banco do Brasil Savings options.

Critical Reviews Rating Banco do Brasil Investments – 9 of 10

Screenshot of Banco do Brasil Investment Options

This is a great mix of products that should satisfy a large portion of the bank’s clientele. There are a number of options in each category bar the medium risk investment range. We would like to see the bank provide some education in terms of the risk of the products, not merely just label them. With this small adjustment, the bank will achieve that coveted perfect rating for its investments as all the other conditions are clearly communicated.

The insurance range offered by Banco do Brasil is quite comprehensive. Find out whether this was enough for a perfect score.