When you think big banking in South America, it’s easy to assume that Santander takes the biggest chunk of the cake. This is not the case as Banco do Brazil – or Bank of Brazil – currently has the biggest asset book of South American banks. With that in mind, how does Banco do Brazil compare with other institutions? Does it merely own the asset book or also the respect and loyalty from the customers? This is what this review explores.

Find out how this bank compares to Santander UK.

History of Banco do Brazil

Banco do Brazil
Screenshot of History of Banco do Brazil

As the oldest continuous bank in Brazil and on of the oldest in the world, Banco do Brazil has a long history of banking. It was founded in 1808 by a man who was later crowned as the king of Portugal. The reason for the establishment was a mixed financial institution.

Although the bank performed many financial functions in Brazil, it never took over the role as the central bank. Shortly after its establishment, the founder took with him some of the bank’s assets on his return to Portugal. This catapulted the bank into its first bankruptcy in 1821.

The bank managed to slowly regain some ground as it was a vital part in the daily money management of the country. Some of its importance was vested in the role it played in the country’s currency. Furthermore, the bank had the monopoly where currency exchange was concerned and managed to solidify its position in the country.

Whether this formed part of the reason for the bank’s vulnerability remains to be seen. The bank experienced its second bankruptcy in 1898 and against all odds, managed to slowly rebuild again. At this point, it was vital to the fiscal operations of the country as many of the governmental tasks still rested on the shoulders of the bank.

The 1900's

The creation of the Central Bank of Brazil in 1964 alleviated some of the pressure off the shoulders of the bank. Banco do Brazil was finally able to take on modern banking without all the policy creation baggage.

1992 Was the year where the bank was able to set a new benchmark for its operations. It was reclassified as a commercial bank and managed to focus on profitability models.

Despite receiving its top-spot ranking as the Tope Bank in Brazil by The Banker based on its Tier 1 capital and also its newfound position of profitability, the bank has reduced the size of its branch representation and staff quite significantly. With an increasing unemployment rate in the country, this level of downsizing and retrenchment is worrisome.

Access to Banco do Brazil

Online Banking

Banco do Brazil
Screenshot of Online Banking Tab Banco do Brazil

Customers will have access the basic transactions such as statements and transfers on the internet banking. For the time being, all accounts are opened in the branch.


Banco do Brazil
Screenshot of Find a Branch Banco do Brazil

Banco do Brazil has close to 5,000 branches across Brazil and operates in most major municipalities. The bank also boasts over 15,000 service points. The bank is also operational in 21 countries across the world, apart from Brazil.

Banco do Brazil Personal Banking Product Offerings

Banco do Brazil
Some of the Personal Banking Products and Services at Banco do Brazil

Current Accounts

We recently did a full review of the current accounts offered by Banco do Brasil.

Savings Accounts

Find out whether Banco do Brasil received a good rating on their savings account range in this full review.


Credit Cards

This bank offers an extensive range of credit cards and we recently did a full review.

Banco do Brazil
Screenshot of Card Options at Banco do Brazil


Credit Solutions

Customers have access to a variety of products in this range. A full review of all the products is available.


Home Loans

Find out what Banco do Brasil has to offer in this full mortgage review.


Vehicle Finance

Vehicle finance is a tough product to get a perfect rating on. Find out whether this bank managed to achieve it.


Banco do Brazil
Screenshot of Investor Risk Ratings Banco do Brazil


We recently did a full review on the investments offerings from Banco do Brasil.


This bank offers a comprehensive range of insurance products to provide consumers with peace of mind.

Banco do Brazil Small Business Banking Product Offering

Banco do Brazil
Screenshot of SME Banking Home Screen Banco do Brazil

Checking Account

PJ Account

With this account, companies will have access to all their day-to-day transactions. Furthermore, the account also allows them to access one of the largest branch networks. Customers enjoy the use of self-service terminals as well, which reduces time spent inside the branch. The account is linked to a card, which enables customers to perform their transactions effortlessly. They will also have access to internet banking to streamline payments and view balances and statements. Finally, customers have access to a financial manager who will take care of their banking needs that extend beyond just the checking account.

Credit Solutions

Capital de Giro Mix Pasep

This is the ideal capital for companies who require funds for raw material, to pay taxes, or to fund 13th salaries. Furthermore, this type of loan allows the customer up to three months to pay the first installment and 10% of the interest.

Giro Empresa Flex

An ideal solution for companies who require some working capital to get the products off the ground. Also, it assists with the acquisition of goods and services. Furthermore, there is the possibility to extend one installment per semester.

Giro Empresa Flex Liberações Estruturadas

Customers who require some flexibility where the payment of their installments is concerned will find this to be a suitable option. The payments are required in up to 48 months.

Giro Rápido

This is a fast-paced credit application, as customers are pre-approved up to specified limits. Furthermore, customers are not required to go to the bank and can complete their applications online or at the ATM. Also, these loans need to be repaid in 24 months.

BNDES Capital de Giro Progeren

With this type of loan, customers have access to BNDES funds. Furthermore, customers have up to 60 months to repay these loans and the first installment needs to take place within 12 months.

Cheque Ouro Empresarial

Customers with this type of loan have access to a revolving credit line that renews automatically. Furthermore, this type of loan strengthens working capital.

Microcrédito Produtivo Orientado

Customers with small businesses can apply for this type of credit. Furthermore, customers will not only receive the disbursement of the credit funds but also guidance on optimal cash flow. Also, the program includes guidance and follow-up of trained staff.

Proger Urbano Capital de Giro

A working capital loan to meet the company’s cash requirements. Furthermore, customers have up to 48 months to pay.


Low or No Risk Investments
  • Short-Term Fixed Income Auto
  • Savings
  • Poupex
Low Risk Short-Term Investments – Fixed Income
  • Simple
  • Short Term 50 Thousand
  • Short Term Corporate 400 Thousand or 10 million
  • Referenced DI Social 50
  • Referenced DI 500
  • Fixed Income 500
Riskier Mid-Term Investments


  • Pre
  • DI

Fixed Income

  • Referenced DI LP 50 Thousand
  • Referenced DI Corporate LP 400 Thousand
  • LP 100
  • LP 50 Thousand
  • Corporate LP 400 Thousand
  • Corporate LP 3 and 10 Million
  • Macro Multimercado LP 200
  • Multimarket Moderate Corporate LP 10 Thousand
High Risk Long Term Investments

Fixed Income

  • LP Price Index 5 Thousand
  • Foreign Debt Thousand

Foreign Exchange

  • Dollar LP 1, 20, 100 Thousand
  • Euro LP Mil


  • Shares BDR Level 1


  • Export
  • IBrX Indexed
  • Ibovespa Indexed
  • Multi Sectoral Quantitative
  • Actions Small Caps
  • Index of Sustain. Young Entrepreneur
  • ETF Allocation
  • Dividends
  • Actions Technology
  • Stocks Energy
  • Petrobras
  • Banco do Brazil Shares
  • Stocks Consumption
  • Financial Sector
  • BB
  • BB Security
  • Infrastructure Actions
  • Stocks Cielo
  • Dividends Midcaps

Payments and Receipts

Banco do Brazil
Screenshot of One of the Services Provided to Businesses by Banco do Brazil

These are various solutions that assist businesses to take care of their banking. Businesses have different needs to individuals, thus need to prepare themselves to receive and make their payments a little differently. Streamlined systems and services provide companies with access to world class solutions.

  • Payment of Wages – This service offers customers a hassle free solutions with their payroll. Furthermore, the bank also takes care of 13th checks and other special requests. Also, the bank provides account opening solutions for staff, including mass account opening. Finally, the payment schedule runs for up to 180 days.
  • Electronic Payment of Wages This solution is suitable for those who have up to 50 employees on their payroll. It allows the company to take care of the payments without hassle. Furthermore, there is more security for the company and the employees. Also, payroll management is simple and effective.
  • Receipts
    • Collection
    • Deposits Identified
    • Automatic Debit
    • Check Custody
    • Sky Affiliation
  • Payment Solutions – This is a streamlined system that allows the company to pay the suppliers, employees, and more. This is also suitable for those who need to make mass payments.
  • Authorized Direct Debit allows customers to receive payments with reduced risk of fraud.


Ourocard Empresarial

This card allows the customer access to multiple functions, including debit, credit, and bank. Furthermore, there is a points program for the company.

Ourocard Entrepreneur

The ideal card for the smaller business or sole proprietor.

Ourocard Company

Companies who require a card without red tape or hassles will find this card to be suitable. Furthermore, this is a prepaid card which reduces the risk on the business. Also, the Finacial Manager at the bank does the loads on the cards.

Ourocard Agribusiness

Suitable for those who find themselves in the agricultural industry. This card assists with the purchase of goods and products. Furthermore, it provides a comfortable and convenient financing solution to this sector.

Ourocard Conveyor

An ideal card solution for those in the transport industry. Furthermore, this covers expenses such a freight, fuel, tolls, purchases, and withdrawals. Also, there is no annual charge for the holder.

Cooperative Ourocard

Customers who make use of this card, will have access to credit and debit card purchases. Furthermore, customers do withdrawals and transfers with this card as well. Also, the card holds Point Program benefits as well.

Allele Benefit Cards

This is the ideal card for employers who wish to add something extra for their employees. This card provides access to unique employee benefits. Furthermore, it provides exemption of social charges and more.

Global Business

Sales Abroad

This solution is developed with the global businessperson in mind. Furthermore, it simplifies the daily routine of the Brazilian exporter.

  • Advance on the Exchange Contract (ACC/ACE)
  • ACC Indirect
  • Working Capital Export
  • BNDES – Exim
  • Drawback
  • Letter of Export Credit
  • International Guarantees
  • Export Prepayment (PPE)
  • Proex Financing
  • Proex Equalization
  • PROGER Export
Foreign Purchases

It’s vital that those who trade abroad have the necessary means to pay for their goods. Furthermore, these means need to be beneficial to all parties concerned. Therefore, a streamlined process is essential.

  • Letter of Credit Import
  • Import Recovery
  • Financing on Imports (Finimp) On Lending
  • Foreign Trade Services
  • Direct Import Financing for Brazil

For those who deal in foreign currency it’s vital that access to foreign currency is a smooth process. The facilities provided by Banco do Brazil offer customers access to various services.

  • Purchase or Sale of Foreign Currency
  • Foreign Currency Account in Brazil
  • Money Order
  • Western Union Agreement

A service that makes communication between foreign countries possible. Furthermore, this allows companies to do business with ease and security in the global market.

  • Foreign Consulting
  • Consulting in Structuring Operations
  • Ex-Tariff Consulting
  • Financial Exchange Advice
  • Consulting in Export and Import Processes
  • Outsourcing Service Consulting
  • Registration Consulting at Bacen
Digital Marketing

Customers who understand the importance of digital marketing will find this opportunity to add value to their business. Furthermore, this allows customers to spread their products or services on digital platforms. This will also include social media sites.

Business and Corporate Solutions

Customers who find themselves in divisions that no longer qualify as small business will have access to products and services best-suited to their individual needs. Customers simply have to select the business or corporate websites.

Review of Banco do Brazil

Customer satisfaction reviews

Finding customer satisfaction ratings on the bank proved to be tougher than imagined. Furthermore, employee ratings were not forthcoming either with the last rating taken in 2011. The rating was not too good either. The only information available was on Banco do Brazil Americas.

Banco do Brazil
Screenshot of Credio Rating of Banco do Brazil Americas

Financial Stability Rating

Banks in Brazil have to contend with the junk rating of the country, and all the banks have suffered significant rating blows. Currently, foreign investment into the country has to take this in mind.

Security of Funds

Deposits carry no additional security. The risk, therefore, lies with the client.

Review by Critical Reviews – 5 of 10

Despite efforts by the bank to offer world-class services and products, there are a few things that need extra focus. Internet banking needs to increase the ability to perform all actions on the net without the need to go into the branch. This includes opening the account. Unfortunately, security risk prevents the banks from doing this currently. The actual stability of the banks in Brazil are in question, not just Banco do Brazil. Furthermore, deposits have no guarantees, therefore, the customer carries all the risk of their investment. Should the economy collapse, customers have no recourse. With that in mind, we’ve had to adjust our rating accordingly.

The ratings will improve with the following conditions:

  • Customer and employee satisfaction ratings become more transparent
  • Also, the economy of Brazil strengthens
  • Furthermore, ratings agencies increase their ratings
  • Guarantees of deposits are introduced
  • Finally, internet banking receives an upgrade.