Screenshot of Battle of Gods Game Cover

What is Battle of Gods

Battle of Gods is an RPG mode with combat elements that appeals to fans of manga characters. Those who grew up with the cartoons of the 90s and early 2000s will find their heroes in this game. The list of enemies includes Frieza, King Piccolo, Kami and the Supreme Kai among other foes. The interactive game with pit players against thousands of opponents and invite them to participate in tournaments

Key facts about Battle of Gods

  • Battle of Gods has excellent animations and superb voice acting that make it an instant fan favorite.
  • In order to make it run smoothly on mobile devices, producers had to cut down on some iconic techniques.
  • Battle of Gods is highly competitive and the community of players includes thousands of users.
  • This is one of the few mobile games that have a single player, albeit an underwhelming finale.
  • Battle of Gods features the iconic Goku, Gohun and Goten characters and most villains in the Z Universe.

Gameplay of Battle of Gods

Battle of Gods gameplay is action-packed, with dozens of powerful characters in its roster. Fighting is enhanced by the high-resolution effects, yet action doesn’t slow to a crawl on smartphones and tablets. The developers have added many of the special effects that will remind players of the PC video games and cartoons. The campaign mode differs greatly from the multiplayer missions, with players being able to assign cards to enhance abilities.

The Super Saiyan Family Buff is the most powerful in the game, but the gameplay of Battle of Gods has a fully fledged super buff system. Players can recruit various characters and assemble powerful teams by using their skills in conjunction. Instead of relying on the same heroes in every fight, users are compelled to come up with ever better strategy combinations. The archenemy is the God of Destruction, but its minions pose unique challenges throughout the single player.

The complexity of the Battle of Gods gameplay is further enhanced by the amazing gear and arsenal. Offensive weapons are sought after for their uncanny ability to maximize damage. Equally important, is the defensive gear and armor, with players getting both Attack and Defend boosts. Defeating opponents in the late stages is only possible if players upgrade their characters enough. The accumulation of XP is essential but not sufficient and the game punishes those who don’t use any strategy.

Screenshot of Battle of Gods Showdown
Screenshot of Battle of Gods Showdown

Plot of Battle of Gods

The plot of Battle of Gods makes perfect sense for those who are familiar with the Z universe. It also appeals to newcomers, by pitting the heroes against Beerus, the God of Destruction. Whis is the one who awakens the God from his slumber and enforcing about Freeza being vanquished by a Saiyan. Together they pursue chasing the hero who defeated Freeza and find out that it was Goku. Beerus defeats him easily and heads on to Earth, searching toughest opponents.

Pilaf, Mai, Shu and Vegeta are too concerned about Bulma’s 38th birthday to take notice and Mr Boo inadvertently offends the God of Destruction. Anger, he tries to destroy the entire planet and defeats Android 18, Tenshinhan and Piccolo who try to stop him. Gohan, Vegeta, Goten and Trunks make similar attempts, but even their combined might is not enough. Goku steps up and summons Shenlong to seek his counsel in defeating the vengeful God.

He learns that once a Super Saiyan God tried to restore order, but failed before succeeding. The dragon also tells them that in order to reach the level of a God, six pure Saiyans needs to combine their powers. Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, Goten and Pan all lend their skills to Goku, who transforms into a Super Saiyan God. A fierce battle ensues and even though Goku holds his ground for a long time, he eventually has to accept defeat once again.

The God of Destruction is so impressed by his opposition that he decides to spare the planet. He praises Goku's effort and admits that he is the 2nd most powerful creature after Whis. The Battle of Gods campaign concludes with Whis telling that Beerus didn’t even use all his power when fighting Goku.

Screenshot of Battle of Gods Goku and Beerus
Screenshot of Battle of Gods Goku and Beerus

Development of Battle of Gods

Development of Battle of Gods started in 2012 in the wake of the successful release of video games and movies. The popularity of the creatures from the Z universe returned to the spotlight and the fans were cheering at the prospect of a mobile friendly videogame. Developers were quick to publish trailers, screenshots and in game footage to ramp up the hype. The film’s director and the producers of PC video games were also consulted in the development of the game.

With so many people working together to produce a flawless game, the release date was missed. They also had to make sure that the game was released bug-free on all mobile devices. By the time it was finally unveiled internationally, Battle of Gods was an all around role-playing game. There were only a couple of patches and no standalone expansion, but a sequel is rumored to be in the making.

Where can I download Battle of Gods?

Battle of Gods can be downloaded from the developer’s official website or from Google PlayStore and iTunes. Those who prefer the App Stores can also browse other games that run smoothly on iOS and Android powered gadgets. Legend of Empire, Z War and PES Collection are some of the most popular games released over the last year. Strategy game fans would be wise to check out Clash of Lords, Clash of Kings and Clash of Clans.

What are others saying about Battle of Gods?

There were high expectations for this game and most of them were confirmed by the positive Battle of Gods reviews. Those who went through the trouble of writing these articles apparently knew a great deal about the Z universe. Reviewers were utterly impressed by the manner in which developers managed to capture the very essence of the iconic characters. The transition from the big screen to the display of smartphones and tablets was silky smooth and a lot of attention was paid to details.

Screenshot of Battle of Gods Dragon
Screenshot of Battle of Gods Dragon

The franchise came a long way since its humble beginnings in the early 90s and this is the best looking game so far. It rivals the quality of the Z universe video games for PCs and consoles and is not plagued by technical issues. The plot of Battle of Gods as well as the gameplay are clearly inspired by the movie, but those who have seen the film don’t need to fear spoilers. All the popular characters feature in the videogame and the animations capture the fragrance of the comics.

My rating of Battle of Gods

I’m not among those who grew up with the Battle of Gods iconic characters. As a result, I can’t relate to all the enthusiasm generated by the upcoming release of the game. I took this role-playing video game with a pinch of salt and expected to be slightly disappointed. To my surprise, the cartoonish graphics and the over-the-top animations are delightful and look great on mobile devices. In fact, I was so impressed that I went to the trouble of checking out the PC and console versions.

Villains and heroes are convincing and by the time the single player campaign is over, you can relate to the characters. I found myself completely immersed into the gaming atmosphere and anxiously waiting to see how the Battle of Gods plot ends. Even without knowing a great deal about the universe and its iconic characters, it’s hard not to care about the outcome. My advice to those who play the game without knowing anything is to take the time and undertake some research.

Strictly from a reviewer’s point of view, Battle of Gods is a fine accomplishment. It is perhaps one of the most dynamic and well executed games for smart phones and tablets. I’m confident that a sequel will follow in a not so distant future, given the success of this game. I do my part and give a review score of 9.5 out of 10, for what I consider to be an exhilarating RPG for mobiles.

Overall Score