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What is Battlefield 1?

Battlefield 1 is a videogame developed by EA Dice belonging to the first-person shooter genre. As the 15th installment in the franchise, it was published by Electronic Arts in October 2016. The game can be played on consoles and PCs and features outstanding graphics, even by Battlefield standards. The game received praise for its original single player campaign, the multiplayer modes and World War I theme.

Key facts about Battlefield 1

  • Battlefield 1 has a fantastic campaign, one of the best in the entire franchise.
  • The single player is set during World War I and prepares players for the multiplayer mode.
  • Battlefield 1 has large maps that accommodate 64 players, vehicles and support diverse strategies.
  • The user interface was criticized by some players, especially those focusing on the multiplayer.
  • Battlefield 1 has a rich progression system that enhances its replay value.

Gameplay of Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 action takes place in World War I, which explains the choice for rifles, artillery and hand to hand combat weapons. The emphasis was on encouraging players to use melee weapons for close quarter combat, including shovels, trench clubs and sabres. They heavily influence the gameplay and provide players with more freedom when devising complex strategies. Players can also get behind the wheel and use a broad array of vehicles, ranging from light and heavy tanks to earn armored trains and airplanes.

Many of the real vehicles of World War I are featured in the latest installment from Electronic Arts. In conjunction with long-range and melee weapons, they add more depth to the Battlefield 1 gameplay. The game also features destructible environments and allow players to customize their weapons. Some of these modifications are purely cosmetic, but others grant access to new features and take destruction to the next level. The system of checkpoints was also changed completely, to make the game more dynamic.

When players die they don’t start from the next checkpoint, but instead assume control of another soldier. With several characters to choose from throughout the campaign, players get to experience the thrills of war from different perspectives. There are significant differences between the weapons used by flame troopers and riflemen, tank commanders and infantry leaders. The game also has a fully fledged collection of war stories, which make it easier to relate to the protagonist.

There are differences between the manner in which the game is played in single-player and multiplayer. The latter accommodate a total of 64 players, but the battlefield never gets crowded. That’s because the maps are huge and take players to different locations, including the Alps, the Western Front and Arabia.

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Plot of Battlefield 1

The Battlefield 1 story is what makes the game special and the single player is truly amazing. Centered on the string of six separate War Stories, it tells the narrative from the eyes of different soldiers. They have fought for a different country and the missions focus on different combatants. Some players were unhappy that the stories of the soldiers of the Central Powers were not told as well.

The game begins with the prologue set in 1918, when players are supposed to prepare for the German offensive in France. The fight is brutal and throughout the gameplay, players who die are revived and assume the roles of other soldiers. Germans come in seemingly unending waves, but the battered Allied soldiers resisted valiantly in the trenches. The story is emphasized by the fact that an unnamed narrator gives commentary on what happens as well as the very essence of war.

The first chapter of the single player teaches players valuable lessons about the game and its mechanics. Through Mud and Blood is the second chapter and it focuses on the English campaign, with once again Germans being the opponents. Fight takes place in thick fog and players have very few landmarks to use for orientation. Action is centered on tank fighting, with vehicles being frequently decommissioned or requiring thorough repairs.

Friends in High Places continues the Battlefield 1 plot and action moves one year back in time. Players assume the role of an American pilot who disobeys orders, but makes a frightening discovery. This chapter provides players with a chance to see the battlefield from above, as they escort British bombers in Germany. This part of the story concludes ambiguously, leaving players free to assume the end.

Exploring new frontiers

The Battlefield 1 plot takes players to areas previously unexplored by first-person shooters in the franchise. The Avanti Savoia narrative is set in Northern Italy and takes place in late 1917, with Luca Vincenzo Cocchiola as the central character. This time, the main villain is represented by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, who launches a campaign of relentless bombardments. This is one of the most emotional parts of the entire single player campaigns.

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The Runner takes players to another part of the world, as soldiers fight in the Gallipoli campaign. Bishop is the central character of this chapter and Jack Foster is another important actor in the unfolding tragedy. This is a tale of heroism, commitment and also unbridled enthusiasm in face of crushing odds. Fans of the franchise will witness the less told dramas of the fights between the Ottomans and ANZAC troops.

Nothing is Written is another story unfolding around the Arabian Peninsula, having Lawrence of Arabia as the central character. Compared to the other narratives, this one focuses on a major character that existed in reality and made a big impact. It introduces new vehicles and additional weapons, counting on the experience accumulated by players throughout the campaign.

Development of Battlefield 1

The Battlefield 1 project was the biggest in the entire franchise and development took a long while. Game designers wanted the game to be perfect upon release and make the most of its original theme. The choice for World War I was explained by the producers, as this was the dawn of all-out warfare. To make sure the game was accurate, the development team spent a lot of time looking at videos and photographs. They also talked to historians and people who have studied the conflict thoroughly.

DICE announced that it was working on a game back in June 2015 and the next year the game was announced. The beta testing started in August and millions participated in this project. The game was finally released in early 2017 and sold millions of copies worldwide.

Where can I download Battlefield 1?

Those interested can download Battlefield 1 from the Electronic Arts website, where dozens of other titles can be found. This is also the place where fans of the franchise can find all the previous installments and there are special deals for purchasing a bundle. This is one of the biggest publishers of video games, so expect to stumble upon hundreds of other games. FIFA 16, Star Wars Battlefront, MLB The Show 16, Mirror’s Edge, Titanfall and Dragon Age Origins are some of the games worth exploring.

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What are others saying about Battlefield 1?

Battlefield 1 came under tremendous scrutiny immediately after the game was released, as it spent so much time in development. The ones who worked on the videogame were happy to see that their expectations were exceeded. This was the best-selling game in the United Kingdom and the PlayStation and Xbox versions were just as popular. Players were happy with the manner in which the single player was developed as well as the competitive multiplayer.

Battlefield 1 drew some criticism for not presenting the events from the viewpoint of the Central Powers. Developers had a hard time explaining this omission, given the fact that they went through all the trouble of creating six different campaigns. The manner in which the stories were told further propelled the first-person shooter to success worldwide. Many of the long-term players acknowledge the fact that this is probably the best game in the franchise.

My rating of Battlefield 1

I’m going to start with the bad things first because there are not many to cover when talking about Battlefield 1. I totally agree with those who have criticized the developers for not covering the story from the viewpoint of the Central Powers. There is simply no reason for completely ignoring this important part of history, especially when you have six different stories. The narrative is well told and it’s really a pleasure to play these chapters one of the time.

Except for the criticism expressed above, I have to say that I’ve enjoyed this game tremendously. I usually wait for the multiplayer, but in this case I wanted the single player campaign to last forever. The characters are well designed, the stories are well told and the missions are simply spectacular. Add to this the breathtaking maps and the destructible environment and you’ve got a real gem. This is one of the best games in an iconic franchise, so anything less than a review score of 9.5/10 would not do it justice.

Overall Score