Screenshot of Battlefield 4. © Electronic Arts Inc

Battlefield 4 is among the recent installments in the celebrated franchise and the game was released in 2013 by EA Digital Illusions CE. Just as the name suggests, it is the fourth game in the series and a sequel to the 2011 release, available on PCs as well as consoles. Famous for its multiplayer mode, state-of-the-art graphics and engaging single player campaign, it sold millions of copies worldwide.

Key facts about Battlefield 4

  • Battlefield 4 takes map design to the next level and compared to the previous installment, emphasizes the importance of using strategy multiplayer games.
  • The game is famous for introducing dynamic environments and destructible areas, therefore adding a new layer of complexity.
  • The multiplayer is outstanding in Battlefield 4, while the role of the single player campaign has been diminished to a lengthily introduction for rookies.
  • The Commander Mode is more rewarding in Battlefield 4, with added perks and an overall superior gaming experience.
  • The game brings back in the spotlight the best elements of Battlefield 2142 such as vehicle and the destructible environment of Battlefield: Bad Company 2.
Screenshot of Battlefield 4. © Electronic Arts Inc
Screenshot of Battlefield 4. © Electronic Arts Inc

The Battlefield 4 games

Battlefield 4’s single player campaign is actually a prelude for the multiplayer games, but has a fully fledged storyline. Recker is the central character and the entire narrative revolves around his actions, which include frequent interactions with his squad mates. The artificial intelligence has been significantly ramped compared to the previous iterations and the teammates follow orders, but also take the initiative.

In addition to the main storyline, players can play custom games, with some of them being inspired by previous titles. Fans of Battlefield Hardline as well as Battlefield 1942 aficionados will find great pleasure in exploring these maps and in re-creating the epic battles. Crates are scattered all over the maps, full of collectible and default weapons, encouraging players to search their surroundings for better gear.

The multiplayer game features the three main playable factions, the US, Russia and China fighting each other for world dominance. The Commander Mode was introduced for the first time by Battlefield 2142 and this game builds on the popularity of its key concepts. In Battlefield 4 one player assumes the role of the leader and is granted a better view of the map, which makes him capable of better controlling teammates. The Commander can also watch the entire mission through the eyes of any player.

What is Battlefield 4?

Battlefield 4 is a first-person shooter that takes a new approach to the DICE franchise, while adding new elements of strategy. The most popular features of the previous installments were incorporated in the latest release, including the Commander Mode imported from Battlefield 2142. Vehicle play is truly outstanding and the destructible environment of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 returns in a polished version.

Gameplay of Battlefield 4

Fans of the franchise will find many similarities between the gameplay of Battlefield 4 and the previous installments. The heads-up display has been redesigned, to provide immediate and easy access to relevant data, such as the health meter, ammo counter and mission objectives. The mini map also looks much better and it conveniently displays the position of squad mates, opponents as well as neutrals and civilians.

Screenshot of Battlefield 4. © Electronic Arts Inc
Screenshot of Battlefield 4. © Electronic Arts Inc

Battlefield 4 also introduces the concept of dual-scoped weapons, which adds more options to those who prefer to use a handful of guns. The firing modes were slightly tweaked and the recoil of guns brilliantly succeeds at re-creating real-life conditions. Those who had the chance to play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 will have a hard time picking a winner, as both are top-notch. Significant improvements were made to the bullet dropping system, with players being now capable of aiming targets with more accuracy in any environment.

The single player campaign serves as a tutorial for the multiplayer, with players being asked to complete diverse objectives. The new combat capabilities in Battlefield 4 make it more challenging for players to counter melee attacks, while providing more options to those who prefer a stealth approach. The game mechanics have changed slightly and the modifications encourage players to avoid direct confrontation and take advantage of terrain and debris.

Plot of Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4’s storyline is to some extent a departure from the campaigns of previous installments, as the events are narrated in chronological order. Players can only assume the role of Recker and will follow him as he completes dozens of missions across the entire globe. Everything starts in Baku where his team desperately tries to escape the city and salvage the vital intelligence acquired in Azerbaijan.

As the single player campaign grows, the plot thickens and world superpowers step into the arena, with China being at the cornerstone of the narrative. A military coup d’état orchestrated by Admiral Chang threatens to throw the entire world in chaos, while attracting the Russians as well. Recker embarks on new covert missions and with the support of US aircrafts, planes and are more vehicles tries to rescue VIPs trapped in Shanghai.

The conflict is escalated when US and Chinese forces clash near Singapore, while Recker and his team struggle to give the Americans an edge. At this point, the story takes an interesting turn, with certain squad members betraying their teammates and Recker is captured by the Chinese. Most of the missions take place on Chinese territory, but once the team completes its objectives, it is swiftly displayed to the Suez Canal to complete the final and most important stage.

Development of Battlefield 4

The success of Battlefield 4 was so great that nobody had any doubts that the sequel will follow, but it took a while for developers to come up with the next installment. Electronic Arts president Frank Gibeau broke the news and work on the new game started immediately after, with developers using the brand-new Frostbite 3 Engine. The alpha was released in mid-2013 and various Battlefield 3 players were invited to test the game, before it finally hit the stores a couple of months later.

Where can I download Battlefield 4?

Battlefield 4 has huge replayability and can keep players wired for many hours, but DICE found it worthwhile to release downloadable content. The main game can be purchased online or from local game stores, while the DLC is available exclusively online. China Rising was the first bundle unveiled in May 2013, followed closely by Second Assault and Naval Strike.

Battlefield 4 Xbox fans were delighted to discover that the next downloadable content that went by the name of Dragon's Teeth was fully compatible with their console of choice. Final Stand and Weapons Crate are the other DLC packs available for download and both of them were released in 2015, just before Night Operations hit the stores. A Battlefield 4 would be incomplete without the latest bundle of missions, Community Operations which brought heavy vehicles and a new map in October 2015.

What are others saying about Battlefield 4?

Battlefield 4 had some big boots to fill given the success of the prequel, but the critical reception was amazing. Battlefield 4 reviews praised the game for its quality as an intense first-person shooter, the amazing replayability and the passionate multiplayer. While these games hold few surprises for the fans of the genre, they capture the very essence of the previous installments.

There were a couple of critics regarding the fact that the multiplayer was released with some bugs, including some regarded as game breaking. It was also frequently matched against its biggest rival, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. Battlefield 4 for Playstation and Xbox was not plagued by the same technical issues, as DICE was quick to make the necessary amends after launching the PC content.

Battlefield 4 tournaments

The Commander Mode shines brightly in Battlefield 4 tournaments, with as many as 64 players competing on large maps. Most of the competitions revolve around the standard game formats, such as deathmatch or objective-based missions. By comparison, the game mode made popular by Battlefield 2142 made it more challenging for players to win fights without employing a functional strategy.

Siege of Shanghai remains one of the most played maps in Battlefield 4 tournaments, since it was released in June 2013. The destructible environment makes it possible for players to use truly original tactics and there are dozens of Battlefield 4 videos online showcasing the most effective strategies. Other maps included in the campaign can be selected those who participate in online tournaments, including Rogue Transmission, Hainan Resort, Dawnbreaker, Operation Locker and Golmud Railway.

My rating of Battlefield 4

I was a fan of the franchise long before this installment came around and for me it all started with Battlefield 1942. I’m probably a bit biased towards Battlefield 4, since it hase so many similarities to that game, while also adding the best features of the sequels. If you enjoy the destruction opportunities provided by Battlefield: Bad Company 2, but still appreciate the realism of Battlefield 3, you will surely agree that a score of 9.5/10 is absolutely fair.

Overall Score