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Credit cards have opened a whole new way of purchasing for consumers. Not only does it provide easy access to a credit limit, it also happens to be a safe and convenient way to transact. The choice of credit card is often determined by the eligibility of the customer. There is also a large chunk of consumers who shop for the best deal which includes rates and special access to bonus features. BNP Paribas Credit Cards provides quite a few options and this review takes a closer look at all of them.

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About BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas
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The bank can trace its roots back as far as 1822 when one of the three legs that formed the bank we know today, was formed. Originally established in Brussels, the bank made significant strides to become one of the biggest banks in France. It was also critical in forming strong ties between the English and French. Massive spurts of growth and an influx of clients ensured that the bank grew its balance sheet substantially. It now has branches across the world, servicing millions of customers.

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BNP Paribas Credit Cards Product Offerings

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The BNP Paribas website is filled with card options for clients, however, it doesn’t state whether the cards are credit or debit. We’ve decided to list them all as we are unable to differentiate.

Visa Infinite Card

This is a prestigious card that allows customers to perform a number of transactions. Furthermore, customers have access to a tailored spending limit.

  • Customers are able to use their card in France and abroad.
  • The card also provides customers with access to the Exclusivement Vous magazine.
  • Furthermore, the card doesn’t carry additional fees at many banks in France and across the world. There is also a reduced commission by non-partner banks.
  • The deferred debit option does not carry any charges.
  • Also, the contactless option on the card makes payments simpler and faster.
  • Customers enjoy premium insurance such as medical assistance, travel modification, and more.
  • Finally, a concierge service provides customers with world-class access to ticket reservations, taxis, and more.

Visa Premier Card

Customers who wish to have a healthy balance between their everyday spending and travel needs will find this card idea. Furthermore, customers enjoy insurance coverage and travel assistance.

  • The card may provide unique access to special offers throughout the years.
  • The card also offers less fees when they make purchases and withdrawals around the world through partnering banks.
  • Furthermore, customers have access to a deferred debit option.
  • Traveling in style is also an option with this card as customers enjoy reductions at a number of hotels across the world.
  • Finally, the card offers great security, customization, and more.

Visa Classic Card

Considered as the international card, this card is perfect for those who love to travel. Furthermore, customers enjoy additional services with the card such as insurance and assistance.

  • With this card, customers can pay and withdraw money in over 200 countries in the world.
  • This card offers customers a deferred debit option.
  • Furthermore, customers have access to contactless payment, which is both safer and more convenient.
  • Customers enjoy medical assistance coverage in the event of sickness, injury, and more.
  • Finally, the card also provides travel insurance for the cardholder and their family.

Visa Electron Card

This is a withdrawal and payment card that provides automatic authorization. Furthermore, the card works in France and abroad. Customers can automatically track their balances before each payment.

BNP Net Card

Customers who require maximum security on all their cards will find this service helpful. This allows customers to shop online with complete confidence.

  • This card also carries special insurance designed for online purchases. It covers non-standard delivery or non-delivery of an item purchased online.
  • Furthermore, customers can easily view their remote payments.
  • Finally, it uses Kaspersky Security Suite to provide additional online security.

À Chacun Son Image

With this option, customers can personalize their card with an image of their choice.

  • Customers can choose between eight standard images from the Getaways, Nature, Culture, Sports, Solidarity, We Love Cinema, She, and Childhood ranges.
  • They also have the option to use a customized image of their children, holidays, pets, and more.
  • Furthermore, this card also assists humanitarian efforts when customers choose the solidarity image. BNP Paribas donates the entire premium received for this image.

We Love Cinema

Film fans should not even have the need to consider any other option as this card provides all they need. Customers benefit from special offers and advantages throughout the year. Also, customers have three images they can choose from for their card.

American Express Platinum Card

This is the ideal card for the discerning customer, as it provides a host of special features and privileges. Furthermore, customers have the opportunity to earn points.

  • 1EUR = 1 point and are valid for life. These points can also be redeemed for a number of special rewards.
  • Customers have access to an international concierge service, which includes access to VIP events and more.
  • There is also a superb travel service which arranges both personal and business travel needs.
  • Furthermore, the card carries optimal international coverage which includes cover for fraud. There is also 90-day purchase coverage, travel-related incidents, and more.
  • Customers have no spending limit and their payment capacity is based on their personal financial situation.
  • The card has a 30-day free deferred debit option.
  • Finally, customers may apply for additional cards for family members. They will also benefit from the same services and coverage.

American Express Gold Card

Customers who like to be rewarded for their spending will find this card more than suitable. Furthermore, for every 1EUR, customers will receive a point.

  • The points can be redeemed for a wide variety of rewards.
  • Customers also benefit from an additional cash withdrawal limit from ATMs across the world.
  • There is no spending limit on the card. The customer’s history and personal financial position will determine their capacity.
  • Furthermore, customers may apply for supplementary cards for their loved ones.
  • Customers have access to over 150 exclusive offers for their leisure time. They also have access to a dedicated travel agency.
  • Finally, customers enjoy optimal international coverage which includes items such as trip cancellations, purchase coverage, and more.

American Express Green Card

Suitable for everyday expenditures, this card provides some extras that will allow everyday purchases to flow smoothly. Furthermore, customers may also qualify for discounts when they sign up.

  • Customers will earn a point for every Euro they spend on their card. These points are valid for life and grant customers access to a wide range of rewards.
  • The card also allows additional cash withdrawals whether customers find themselves in France or abroad.
  • Customers also enjoy dedicated service and privileges when they access their online shopping profile.
  • There is optimal and international coverage for those who find themselves the victims of fraud or theft. The coverage also includes 90-day purchase coverage and more.
  • The card has no spending limit and customers decide the limit based on their payment capacity.
  • There are up to 30 days of free deferred debit.
  • Finally, customers have access to a supplementary card for their loved ones.

Cirrus Card

This is a card that allows customers to access their funds across the world, wherever a MasterCard is accepted. Furthermore, it provides coverage for that gap where customers are unable to use their Visa cards.

  • This is a supplementary card to use in case the Visa is not acceptable.
  • The pin code and card limits are the same as the primary Visa card.
  • Also, customers have access to over 2 million ATMs across the world.

Plus Card

Customers who prefer a simple payment and withdrawal card, will find this card ideal. Furthermore, the card is acceptable in France and across the world. The card balance is checked at every transaction and the card is accepted in over 200 countries across the world.

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What We Like About the BNP Paribas Credit Cards

Each card details exactly which benefits customers will have access to and all of them are suitable for those who wish to use the card overseas. There are a number of options that range from the basic, right through to the elite.

What We Don’t Like About the BNP Paribas Credit Cards

The layout is just too confusing and there is no way of telling whether the cards are debit or credit. Some of them specifically mention that they are debit cards, but nowhere does it say which are credit cards.

Critical Reviews Rating BNP Paribas Credit Cards – 4 of 10

Screenshot of Some Card Payment Options BNP Paribas

Although the bank shows some thought behind their card selection by providing customers with a number of options, the cards are a confusing bunch. Customers who wish to view the credit card range as a means to start off their relationship with the bank, will be hard-pressed to find their ideal card.

There are a number of boxes we simply can’t tick because we’re not sure where the one card type ends and the other starts. For this reason, we simply can’t give a higher score despite the healthy variety. We just don’t know where these cards fit in.

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