Boom Beach. © Supercell

Supercell was so successful at its first attempt that it decided to persevere and build on the popularity of the Clash of Clans game. Without being its sequel, Boom Beach bears many similarities to the game that made the software developer famous worldwide. In this case, players are invited to experience the thrills of a freemium mobile strategy videogame compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. The game was developed in less than a year and it was first launched in Canada in November 2013, before hitting the Google Play and App Stores on March 26 2014.

Key facts about Boom Beach

  • Boom Beach adds a new layer of complexity to strategy video games for mobile devices, with great amphibious battles.
  • Gathering resources is a difficult and somewhat tedious process, but they can be spent on more diverse units and buildings.
  • Boom Beach rewards those who use perfect strategy to prepare for assaults, while making it a challenge to defend bases when you are offline.
  • Video replays allow players to watch the battles unfold if they were not online to participate in these fights in real-time.
  • Base customization is taken to the next level, with a broad spectrum of defensive structures and units with special abilities.
  • Boom Beach had high material requirements and required powerful devices when it was launched, but the game runs smoothly on modern smartphones and tablets.

The Boom Beach games

Supercell was bold enough as to make several changes to the gameplay of Boom Beach, although it retains the special fragrance of Clash of Clans games. Players start by going over the tutorial and learning the basics, then take on real opponents in the multiplayer arena. The games follow the same pattern, but even though the learning curve is relatively smooth, you need a lot of experience to master Boom Beach.

Boom Beach. © Supercell
Boom Beach. © Supercell

Standard Boom Beach games will pit players against computer-controlled opponents and the challenge is to conquer their forts. Navigating the stormy waters and coming up with a functional strategy to conquer a base can be pretty difficult for beginners. Once players learn the basic mechanics, the entire gaming experience turns into a joy ride and all fortifications fall apart like Domino pieces.

In Boom Beach games, you don’t have direct control over your troops, which means that players need to factor in some predetermined rules. The automated system is challenging and the initially simple set of rules needs to be expanded, to deal with increasingly tough challenges. When playing against real opponents, relying on basic strategies is a surefire recipe of losing your forts.

The most complex games require players to use support ships, make use of aid kits and destroy enemy fortifications from a distance using guided missiles. Boom Beach has an impressive arsenal and the best part is that each unit has its counter and all the pieces of the puzzle need to fall in perfectly to win games.

What is Boom Beach?

Boom Beach is a shining example of a freemium base-building game, where players compete among themselves for resources. The fights take place over large maps and players need to navigate the high seas to annihilate opposing forces and gather more resources. Despite the fact that the game was developed for mobile devices it is far more complex than most of its counterparts and bears many similarities with PC and console video games.

Boom Beach. © Supercell
Boom Beach. © Supercell

Gameplay of Boom Beach

Boom Beach has a compelling gameplay, in which players need to be constantly on their toes and think one step ahead of their opponents. Resource gathering is at the cornerstone of this game, which can sometimes be a bit tedious because the accumulation of supplies takes a lot of time. At the same time, players need to defend their troops and fortifications across the tropical archipelago, while trying to conquer other forces.

Base building is a key concept of Boom Beach and this is where resources come into play, as every structure has a certain cost. In both single player and multiplayer games players accumulate resources and then spend them on stronger buildings, more troops and better fortifications. Whether they compete against real players or a computer-controlled opponent that goes by the name of The Blackguard, an effective gathering system is essential to win games.

The Boom Beach gameplay changes slightly in cooperative missions, where players work together to order attacks or survive assaults. Whenever they succeed, they receive intel which also acts as a resource and can be used to attack computer-controlled basis. The gathering process revolves around the accumulation of gold, stone, wood and iron but players have the option of purchasing premium currency such as diamonds.

The latter can be acquired in smaller quantities by simply playing Boom Beach and serve the purpose of speeding up the game. Virtually all micro-transactions are performed for the sole purpose of players gathering more diamonds faster. Intel can’t be bought with diamonds and players also gather a resource called Powerstones which can be spent on upgrading troops or for accelerating up resource production.

Plot of Boom Beach

Boom Beach was designed as a game to be played online among players, but developers chose to introduce a single player campaign as well. The gameplay doesn’t change too much when players compete against computer-controlled opponents and these missions serve an educational purpose.

Boom Beach. © Supercell
Boom Beach. © Supercell

Without having a fully fledged storyline, the plot is relatively simple and helps players make some sense of the Boom Beach narrative. The game doesn’t explain too well why players are supposed to keep gathering resources and which is the ultimate goal of conquering all these forts. On the other hand, the gameplay is intuitive and so exhilarating that the short single player campaign seems to grow on its own volition, while setting the stage for multiplayer games.

Development of Boom Beach

Supercell developers were surprised by the success of Clash of Clans and made sure that the next game will be released much faster. Unlike the first title that was developed without the broad audience knowing anything about it, Boom Beach was highly anticipated. By not changing the basic concepts and focusing more on improving the graphics, the developers didn’t take much of a chance.

When they decided to launch the game in two stages, they did so to get an idea of how players will react to the newly released game. Four months after Canadian mobile users were already playing Boom Beach, the game was made available worldwide. At its cornerstone it’s a free game and even though the company generates income through micro-transactions, non-paying players are not at a serious disadvantage.

Where can I download Boom Beach?

Boom Beach was intended to be a free game and nothing has changed since its release in 2014. Right from the start, players could download the game from the Apple App Store and soon after the Android version was released. At the time of writing, it is possible to download the game from both the Apple App Store and the Play Store. Players who land on the official website of the company will be redirected to one of these two sports, depending on the operating system powering their device.

What are others saying about Boom Beach?

Clash of Clans was a big surprise for the online gaming community, but the reviews were favorable and the players themselves appreciated the game. That is why, the expectations were significantly higher when Boom Beach was released, but the strategy game was not a disappointment. Thousands of players downloaded the game on the same date it was released and the vast majority of them spent a lot of time waging war on their mobile devices. Overall, the reviews were favorable and with an aggregate score of 70 out of 100, Boom Beach provided Supercell with the impetus to develop new games

Boom Beach tournaments

While the single player version of Boom Beach is simply the prelude for the multiplayer experience, there are no official tournaments for players to join. In the absence of such events of extraordinary magnitude, players have to settle for daily battles and try to use increasingly complex strategies. There is no official hierarchy either and no real potential for this game to be included in an eSports competition.

My rating of Boom Beach

I used to believe that mobile devices were supposed to be used mostly for staying in touch with friends, family and clients. My opinion changed with the advent of Internet which opened a broad new spectrum of opportunities, but until recently I was reluctant to play games. I have hit another milestone thanks to Boom Beach, a game that is immensely entertaining without requiring any serious commitment. Granted the process of gathering resources can be a bit boring at times, this is a small price to pay for all the memorable victories and valiant defensive battles. Anything short of a 8/10 score wouldn’t do justice to this enticing game developed by Supercell.

Overall Score