eSports Betting

eSports Betting

PlayNow came a long way from the humble beginnings of the bookmaker that opened shop back in 1995. The popularity of online gambling grew exponentially and players from all over the world can now...

NordicBet goes beyond what the name suggests and it is a truly international gaming operator. It harnesses the power of the NetEnt software for its online casino and runs a very successful bookmaker. This...

Interwetten was one of the first Austrian bookmakers and casinos, focusing mostly on German-speaking countries. They made giant leaps forward and are now regarded as some of the best gambling operators in Europe. They...

Betsafe is a massive online gambling operator, serving mostly players from United Kingdom. They welcome all punters except for those who reside in the US. This is the consequence of them applying for a...

Who is Bodog? Bodog was founded in 1994, which makes it one of the long-lasting online gambling operators. Calvin Ayre was the mastermind behind this brand and the company changed and evolved over the years....

Nairabet is an African facing online betting portals, licensed and regulated by the Lagos State Lotteries Board. Most of their users are Nigerians, which is hardly a surprise given the fact that the company...

Who is 32Red? 32Red is one of the online gambling operators that collected awards for outstanding service during its two decades of existence. It emerged as a trustworthy operator, traded on the London Stock Exchange...

Unibet has emerged as one of the most popular and well-liked brands of online gambling operators. They used to focus on slot machines, video pokers and table games, but today cover sports and poker...

Pinnacle Sports is a bookmaker with an original approach, focusing exclusively on offering the highest limits and the lowest margins. They don’t seem to worry about what people might say about the complete absence...

Youwin is a gambling operator covering the most popular genres and serving a broad audience from multiple countries. It offers competitive games, a low house edge and convenient deposit and withdrawal methods. The unified...

What can you find in this eSports betting section?

Not so long ago video games were frowned upon by parents and adults, while being ignored altogether by the gambling community. Many a bookmaker online couldn’t care less about eSports betting and the concept was only familiar to the dedicated fans of video games. A lot has changed over the last couple of years and this is one of the fastest-growing betting niches. Flagship bookies such as Bodog, Ladbrokes, Bovada, Betfair, Netbet, Betsson and Betfred have added eSports to their offer.

Critical Reviews was quick to jump on the bandwagon and expand its coverage to include eSports betting. It was only natural for this to happen, since our main areas of expertise are gambling and eSports. Our expert reviewers are not only savvy punters, but also enthusiastic players with many hours of gameplay under their belt. By understanding both industries and bookmaker online and knowing their intricacies, they can provide educated advice to this new breed of punters.

We are on the verge of a brave new world of sports betting, where eSports will play an increasingly important role. The catalyst for growth is the fact that the gaming community has expanded greatly over the years. Twitch and similar channels present players with a chance to broadcast their games. Professionals draw large crowds and amateurs spend some time in the spotlight as well. Betting on video games is no longer a thing of a future, but already a huge industry on steady growth.

How to find a good eSports betting website?

Only a couple of years ago, videogame fans would’ve had a hard time finding a place to bet on matches. Bookmakers focused exclusively on traditional sports and only provided politics and entertainment events as a welcomed distraction. Real-time strategy games were the first available for online betting, followed quickly by first-person shooters and MOBA games. Critical Reviews has watched this collection of games grow from day one and witnessed the rising attention paid to this niche by bookies.

We can now easily identify a good eSports betting website by taking a quick glance at some key pointers. Quantity is every bit as important as quality when it comes to betting on video games. A bookmaker that covers all genres should be the first choice of those who plan on wagering cash online. Those who are late to the party are trying to follow the lead of early adopters, but still offer just a handful of games.

Dota 2 Tournament Dota 2 Tournament

A good eSports betting website simply has to have the most popular video games of the last few years. League of Legends, Dota 2 and Heroes of the Storm should be at the cornerstone of their MOBA offer. Counter Strike Global Offensive dominates the first-person shooter genre, but some bookmakers also present players with the possibility of betting on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 matches. Other games that can’t miss from any serious collection are StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Void and World of Warcraft.

How do we distinguish good from bad eSports betting sites?

Contrary to popular belief, the biggest and most respectable online bookmakers are not necessarily the ones that have the best offers for eSports betting. Tthere are a couple of new companies that are a better choice for those who dwell exclusively on these markets. They use this niche as a catalyst that propels them to new highs and helps them close the gap.

Critical Reviews doesn’t shy away from a challenge and will undertake a parallel analysis of these bookmakers. Our focus is to distinguish between good and bad bookmakers, before focusing on their eSports betting offer. An essentially weak or unprofessional bookie is not worth a shot, regardless of how many video games you can bet on. What matters the most is for them to offer competitive odds, reliable payment methods and customer support.

A bookmaker that charges commission when processing deposits and withdrawals, has unprofessional or unresponsive customer service falls into the category of bad betting website. On the other hand, some of the best operators are still trying to catch up with the early adopters of eSports betting. Our professional reviews will make the distinction between these categories and identify the strong and weak spots.

The International Starcraft 2 The International Starcraft 2

One of the particularities of eSports betting is that bookmakers are still learning the ropes. As a result, many betting websites impose radical and sometimes unnecessary restrictions. Punters usually learn about them the hard way and by that time they already have an account. Critical Reviews will tell you upfront which websites offer low odds on eSports markets, or set lower limits for betting. By reading the articles, you’ll find out which bookies prohibit the placing of accumulator bets that includes videogames.

Understanding the odds, markets and variation

What can you find in this eSports betting section?Critical Reviews plays the long game and assumes that you also want to be successful in the long run. That’s why, the emphasis is on explaining the variation that is inherent to this betting niche. The odds of markets offered by the leading bookmakers are kept up-to-date. Pinnacle Sports, Bwin, Betfair, Unibet, 5Dimes and Paddy Power are just a few of the top bookmakers covered.

Occasional promotions are important for those who bet on video games, since they are less numerous than sports betting offers. Some have limited time availability and only those who act quickly have a chance at claiming free stuff. The wagering requirements often differ from those applying to regular offers. This poses new and unexpected challenges to punters.

Regardless of your expertise and goals, Critical Reviews will be your trustworthy sidekick, helping you become an expert at eSports betting. You don’t need to an expert at League of Legends, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, Counter Strike Global Offensive or StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Void to make a profit with us.


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