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What can you find in this lottery section?

In many countries there is a monopoly over lottery, with a single operator running all available games. Some online vendors present fans of the genre with a chance at buying tickets from the comfort of their home. While this is still a shady niche, major online casinos meet players halfway with lottery inspired titles. Critical Reviews took the time to investigate all of them to determine if the substitute they offer is worth considering.

Our conclusions are based on our personal experience with the games, without ignoring what others have to say. Major operators such as the National Lottery a have reputation that precedes them, but smaller online casinos struggle to make a name for themselves. The importance of being able to trust an operator of lottery games is paramount given the huge amount that can be won. Our reviews don’t cut corners and make no concessions to operators that don’t uphold the highest security and fairness standards.

What characterizes a good lottery site?

We strongly believe that a good lottery site will simply find the betting process greatly. The system used by the National Lottery is safe and reliable, but improvements can be made. Online casinos such as 888, Coral, Sky Bet, Paddy Power and Betfair make it more convenient to buy tickets online. By definition, lottery fans don’t mind relying on luck and minimal user implication doesn’t have a deterring effect on them. That’s why any complicated website that makes it a struggle to play, defeats its purpose.

The National Lottery Homepage. The National Lottery Homepage.

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of lottery operators maintaining high security standards. The odds of winning the main prize are so small, that the last thing you need to worry about is that you might not be paid out. At the same time, a huge sum is more tempting than regular payouts sometimes denied to casino players. Critical Reviews will never endorse any operator that isn’t 100% committed to safety.

How do we distinguish good from bad lottery sites?

There are plenty of bad lottery websites out there and some of them are downright scams. Critical Reviews has filtered out all the potential traps, so you don’t feel like walking into a minefield when browsing. All those that have made it on the website are fair, transparent and have a proven track record. Fairness is important but not sufficient and a good lottery site also needs to offer multiple options. Lottery operators that offer a single game are simply not good enough for this competitive industry.

The National Lottery can afford to keep the number of games low, because of the huge prize pool. A good online website will diversify its portfolio and offer keno, bingo and instant win games. They are all inspired by the lottery games genre and having them on the menu has a two-pronged effect. On one hand, players can enjoy the thrills of a game on a daily basis without waiting for weekend events. At the same time, the odds of winning are better, so players claim smaller amounts more often.


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