Bohemia Casino is one of the best-known and most respectable online casinos in Slovak and the Czech Republic. There are not many operators headquartered in these countries and focusing mostly on the local audience....

Kerching Casino is one of the casinos that are operated by the prestigious Barcrest Group. These guys run plenty of casinos worldwide and have established a strong reputation, which ultimately benefits players. Residents of...

Golden Lounge casino bears many similarities to the online gambling operators trying to re-create the Vegas atmosphere. They go to great lengths to create an atmosphere of luxury and glamour, but they are only...

Casino Euro is a veteran of the online gambling industry, being founded back in 2002. It is a part of the larger BML Group, which runs other major brands such as Betsson, BetSafe and...

24Pokies is a brand-new casino, established in 2017 and catering mostly for Australian players. The name speaks for itself, as slot machines are commonly referred to as pokies in the land down under. They...

Casino Splendido has a name that speaks for itself, with a great looking design and a glamorous interface. The casino isn’t exactly new to the online gambling arena, but failed to make significant steps...

Casino 777 is licensed in Belgium but accepts players from all over Europe. Americans and those who reside in countries where online gambling is prohibited can’t open accounts here. The main provider of software...

Betfirst is a bookmaker owned and operated by the Belgian company called Savegas. In addition to being licensed in Belgium by the local Gaming Commission, it also holds a license issued in the UK....

MaxBet casino is one of the gambling operators that are part of the larger Welcome Partners group. In addition to slots, video pokers and table games, these guys also provide the opportunity to bet...

Spintastic Casino is playing catch-up with leading gambling operators, as this is a new player in a competitive industry. Even by modern casino standards, this one is quite new as it was founded in...

What can you find in this gambling section?

Quality content

Online gambling is one of the industries covered by Critical Reviews. In this category you can find detailed and unbiased reviews about online casinos and sports betting sites, bingo sites, online poker sites and lottery. If you are in the market for the latest and most accurate news and background information about online gambling, you have landed on the right page.

Online gambling has gained plenty of traction over the last few years and in many regards has surpassed land-based betting. Those who value convenience above everything else are more likely to make the transition to online gambling than to travel to a brick-and-mortar gaming venue. Critical Reviews meets them halfway with quality content aimed at making this transition silky smooth.

Trusted and reliable information

Contrary to what bookmakers might want you to believe, the Internet is a dangerous place. There are plenty of scammers lurking in the shadows. Identity theft has emerged as a serious threat for those who gamble over the Internet, so losing your funds is not the only bad thing that can happen. Critical Reviews knows how difficult it can be  to make an educated choice, now that there are so many options.

One of our top priorities is to find the best gambling options to help prospective players narrow down the search. Whether you are looking for the best online casino, best bingo site or the best sports betting page, can help you out. By offering reviews with accurate and reliable information, we help our readers compare products and services before making a decision.

Our staff of editors and reviewers only give their endorsement to bookmakers, online casinos, poker rooms and bingo sites that meet the highest security standards. Perhaps the most important thing about is that our articles are genuine and unbiased. This is something difficult to find in an online environment flooded by superficial and subjective reviews aimed at deceiving the audience. Critical Reviews is a 100% independent resume platform. It doesn’t infringe upon editorial freedom and gives its writers total freedom.

Comprehensive information

All the editors at Critical Reviews are experts in the niche of online gambling. Having said this, they don’t have the same high expectations from readers. They start from the assumption that prospective players are absolutely new in this line of work. This way, they make sure that the basics are not overlooked. That’s why all the online betting and casino online reviews tell a comprehensive story, rather than highlighting the facts.

Free access to all information

Our readers also enjoy free access to all reviews in this category as well as the current industry related news. Whether you want to bet online, frantically search for free bets or online poker sites, you are very likely to find precisely the information of interest on our website.

What characterizes a good gambling site?

Trustworthiness and reliability

There are many elements to factor in when trying to distinguish between a good gambling site and a mediocre one. Then there are also companies that are out there to trick you. With so many scam artists out there, it is only fair to say that trustworthiness and reliability are two critical factors when choosing an online casino or sports betting website. Beating the proverbial house edge is difficult enough. The last thing players need is to be worried about online gambling sites resorting to unfair procedures.

Great selection of betting options and games

All those who gamble online, but especially those who bet on sports appreciate the range of betting options. A good gambling site will provide countless alternatives to players, instead of artificially limiting their freedom of movement. Our reviewers know a great deal about online sports betting and can provide educated advice. They also highlight the advantages and shortcomings of each operator.

Great customer service

Under normal circumstances, gambling online should be a joyride. Every now and then players need the assistance of customer support. When pitch comes to shove, it is better to be prepared and that’s why the quality of the customer service is so important. Our editors go through all the trouble of testing the time of the services as well as the skills of their specialists, so you don’t have to.

Attractive bonuses and promotions

One of the main advantages of online gambling is that betting websites as well as casinos and online bingo rooms offer bonuses and promotions. These sorts of freebies are not available in land-based casinos. Unfortunately many are also used as Trojan horses by scam operators. When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Critical Reviews makes sure you don’t have to learn this valuable lessons the hard way.

Fun and easy to use

The fun factor of each online casino is very important, especially in the long run. Those who regard online gambling as more than a weekend pastime will benefit from choosing the right long-term partner. will help you make an educated decision. This way, you won’t lose the perks associated to loyalty schemes, by making the transition to another operator later on.

How do we identify the best gambling sites?

With thousands of gambling websites out there, it is far more difficult than it seems to find the good ones, while filtering out bad gambling sites. The advantage of having a trustworthy partner in Critical Reviews is that our experts already know a great deal about dishonest operators and reliable brands. All this knowledge helps them reduce the noise. This is just the starting point and a lot of work is put into writing every single review.

We ask verified industry experts to review the online gambling sites. Then we test every aspect of the websites to identify even the slightest flaws. By the time the review is done and published, it contains so much data that readers don’t have to look elsewhere for information. The purpose of is to provide you with comprehensive background information so you understand the big picture.

Who is

Critical Reviews aims to become a long-term partner for those who understand the advantages of online gambling and play the long game. Our editors and reviewers are highly specialized, with a portfolio of services and products that speak for themselves. Having a thorough understanding of the industry, they are capable to offer reviews that cover topics comprehensively and then make educated suggestions.

Critical Reviews offers detailed reviews with accurate and reliable information. It also conveys the message in a user-friendly manner. We strive to turn all beginners into experts, but we take it one step at a time and ensure that the articles are easy to read. We think of ourselves as problem solvers for online gamblers. At the same time we have the uncanny ability of identifying an issue before it turns into an emergency.


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