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What can you find in this poker section?

The skeptics say that the golden days of online poker are behind us. The industry grew exponentially over a couple of years, before intense competition between poker rooms slowed it to a crawl. Appearances can be deceiving though and the market is far from being saturated, despite the high number of operators. Tiger Gaming, PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, PartyPoker, Carbon Poker and Winamax are some of the popular choices among poker players.

Critical Reviews keeps a close eye on the industry and its most successful poker rooms. The balance of power has shifted many times between the aforementioned companies. New operators are lurking at every corner and try to close the gap separating them from industry leaders. With so many challengers, it’s important to be kept up to date with the latest industry news, promotions and offers.

What characterizes a good poker room?

The team of experts working 24/7 at Critical Reviews is more than qualified to provide the answers new players seek. We dedicate equal attention to flagship companies such as PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, PartyPoker, its closest arrivals and newcomers. It is the latter that usually have the best offers, but it frequently happens that the bonuses are difficult to redeem.

Screenshot of PokerStars Special Offers Screenshot of PokerStars Special Offers

We don’t want our readers to sacrifice their bankroll trying to secure an elusive bonus. We go over the terms and conditions and try to figure it out how difficult it actually is to claim a bonus. When we realize that the odds are stacked against the players, we highlight this problem and the best path to follow. Some promotions can’t be used in conjunction and certain offers are mutually exclusive. A good poker room allows players to participate in several campaigns simultaneously and keep the bonuses.

Critical Reviews authors are also players and that’s why they realize the importance of rake back. Any respectable room will return a part of the money charged as rake, to players. These numbers usually improve as fans spend a lot of time online and play at increasingly high stakes. Attaining VIP status also has other benefits that are detailed in the comprehensive reviews.

How do we distinguish between good and bad poker rooms?

Looks can be deceiving but not for the well-trained eye of Critical Reviews experts. We know when operators try to hide certain things such as low action at higher limits, high tournament fees and weak rake back deals. Standalone rooms and those affiliated to second-best networks usually struggle when it comes to providing nonstop competition.

Critical Reviews will help you avoid bad operators, where you can only expect to find opponents at peak hours. We inquire the poker rooms about how the rake back is paid, and find out if the necessary conditions are impossible to meet. The absence of major weekly tournaments and a shallow offer of sit‘n goes is an indicator of a poor poker room. Follow our advice and double down with your own research and you’ll have a good and lucrative time playing.


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