Sports Betting

Sports Betting

Novibet is an ambitious Greek facing bookie, with plenty to offer to those who reside in other European countries. Players from United States and a handful of nations are denied access, but that’s the...

GTbets is one of the new gambling operators that stepped into the spotlight in 2013. Punters will find all their favorite markets here and great odds on a multitude of sports, including popular professional...

Betboro is a bookmaker on a path of conquest, trying to establish itself as a top gambling operator. Without having the experience of William Hill, Betfair, Pinnacle Sports or Paddy Power they’ve got a...

As bookmakers go, Tipbet is one of the newest and fastest expanding companies. Empowered by a license issued by the Maltese authorities, it is focusing mostly on the German market. It’s no coincidence that...

Centrebet is an online gambling operator who focuses on the UK and Australian markets. It even has distinct websites for customers from both nations, but they have many things in common. The attention paid...

Mobilbet is one of the bookmakers belonging to the new wave. Its name is self-explanatory, as the gambling operator aims to please those who use mobile devices. In addition to sports betting, its members...

BetStars is the sports betting division of the more popular Pokerstars. Many consider that it is only a matter of time until the poker giant found it worthwhile to expand to this gambling niche....

Totesport is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, one of the strictest regulatory bodies in the world. This creates a safe environment for those who want to gamble over the Internet, regardless...

Luxbet is a bookmaker owned and operated by Tabcorp, a company with a lot of experience in this line of work. They run other gambling companies and so far managed to maintain the same...

Matchbook is yet another betting exchange challenging the industry leaders Betfair. There is no shortage of such competitors, but so far there are few capable of making a decisive move. This particular operator has...

What can you find in this sports betting section?

There is no better, faster and more reliable way of turning a regular sports event in for a thrilling match than by placing a bet. Sports betting turn even the dullest affair into a roller coaster delivering the much-needed adrenaline rush. Many of those who bet online do it for fun, but most are savvy punters who try to beat the house and make a living in the process. Critical Reviews looks after both categories of players, with top-notch content, aimed at helping them achieve their goals.

Betting online has the advantage of making players eligible for welcome bonuses and freebies of all sorts. Hundreds of games are always at your fingertips and there is always something worth betting on. The struggle of finding lucrative betting markets has been replaced by the so-called paradox of choice. It is the result of bookmakers overwhelming prospective customers with information and offers that sound too good to be true. Exotic markets and eSports betting can be difficult to comprehend by amateurs.

Critical Reviews helps its readers navigate the stormy waters and distinguish between quality offers and those not worth considering. Our goal is to provide you with quality data that can be relied upon, so you make an educated decision. We don’t have a hidden agenda and don’t feed you information that we don’t verify or trust 100%.

The more you know about the world of sports betting, the more concerned you get. There are so many operators out there that you need to undertake a lot of research to distinguish between good and bad ones. Household names such as Youwin, Pinnacle Sports, Bwin, Ladbrokes, Unibet, 5Dimes and Bodog ring familiar, while others say nothing.

What characterizes a good sports betting website?

Critical Reviews doesn’t cut corners, but tries to help you speed up the process, by filtering out the secondhand bookmakers. Over the course of time, our editors have seen it all and know exactly which pitfalls affect online gamblers. A good sports betting website is one that can meet all your expectations in terms of sports offered, markets and odds. This is what their business is built on and unless bookmakers cover all these angles, it’s not worth opening an account.

An inexperienced punter can easily give into temptation and settle for a charming ,but inconsistent bookie. A lovely website and big numbers next to welcome bonuses and introductory offers can deceive many rookies. Critical Reviews wants you to be profitable when you bet on sports, because winning is so much fun. You can only beat the house edge if the odds offered by the bookies are high enough.

Many websites offer reviews of betting sites and their bonuses, but a quick glance at the welcome offer is not enough to calculate the return on investment if you are not an expert. Our editors are not only gifted writers, but also experienced punters, who know the sports betting industry inside out. If you feel safe following our recommendations when betting online, it means that we have succeeded at our job.

We can identify the traps and single out the good sports betting websites, so you take no chances when gambling. A good bookmaker will have a sports betting website that loads quickly on mobile devices. The best ones have dedicated applications that players can download on smartphones and tablets for more convenient betting. Now that so many punters have made the transition to mobile devices, clumsy navigation on these gadgets is not acceptable.

Screenshot of Betfair's Exchange page. Screenshot of Betfair's Exchange page.

How do we distinguish good from bad sports betting sites?

Players who do their due diligence can identify the rotten apples themselves, with minimal research. A surefire way of mitigating the risks is by playing only and sports betting operators that have a flawless track record. You can’t go wrong with Pinnacle Sports, Bwin, Betfair, Unibet, 5Dimes and Paddy Power for example. A company that has been in this line of work for a long time is less likely to trick you. It has more to lose and plenty of reasons to keep customers happy, so it won’t chase quick profits.b

Critical Reviews goes beyond the superficial elements in its research and presents an accurate image of all bookmakers analyzed. Instead of delivering the conclusions ourselves, we present the pros and cons of each sports betting operator. On our end, we highlight the essential elements, so that our readers don’t get lost in details. Some of the major flaws only surface after punters use the service a long time. We don’t let you learn stuff the hard way, but foresee the obstacles and steer you clear from the rocks.

Here at Critical Reviews we know that a bad gambling site is not necessarily a malevolent bookmaker, but one that simply can’t do any better. Savvy punters appreciate the advantages presented by Asian Handicaps. These are the most effective instruments used by players to offset the negative effects of the proverbial house edge. Most bookies only offer these handicaps on selected football games, but the best ones have expanded the collection to also include other sports.

Bonuses and sports betting promotions

Bookmakers have realized the importance of offering generous welcome bonuses to new customers. Today most of them aggressively advertise the amount offered up front. Critical Reviews focuses on the fine print and that’s exactly how difficult to meet are the wagering requirements. We are genuinely interested in your well-being, so our goal is to help you actually enjoy these bonuses. If the odds of converting the bonus funds into cashable amounts are slim, you’ll hear it from us first.

It’s even more complicated when it comes to promotions and once again you can rely upon our assistance. Our editors give educated advice on how to apply for these offers, claim the bonuses and turn them into cash. We have no affiliation and no obligations towards any sports betting operator. This allows us to stay 100% independent and produce fair reviews that have informative value. There is nothing holding us back from highlighting both the good and the bad, so our reviews are unbiased and authentic.


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