eSports Games

eSports Games

The very concept of playing video games for a living made no sense as early as two decades ago. Even the best players had no chance of dwelling exclusively on their game of choice, but this has changed. The first eSports games belonged to the real-time strategy genre and StarCraft was the first of them. Its sequel is still played at the highest level, with Koreans dominating the StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Void arena.

Critical Reviews has witnessed the birth of eSports games and has been following the trend ever since. We are now providing ample coverage to those who play or watch the professional gamers playing these games. The articles we write are more than informative reviews and provide unique insight into the world of eSports. Our sports betting section is fully fledged and our authors are not only avid gamers but also experienced punters. The result is a compendium of eSports games reviews that are a pleasure to read.

What can you find in eSports Games section?

Critical Reviews has advanced in two distinct directions, by looking at eSports games from different angles. On one hand, we tackle the betting component by highlighting the odds, offers and the ways to beat the house edge. At the same time, we provide accurate and comprehensive reviews for the video games themselves. Our goal is to help our readers better understand how the games are played, which teams and games have a better chance at winning and how to maximize the return on investment.

Dota 2 eSports Games Dota 2 eSports Games

eSports games are more than a pleasant pastime and not only the professional gamers make a lot of money. The best paying games belong to the MOBA genres and Dota 2 tournaments have the biggest prize pools. League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm and SMITE are not far behind and all these games enjoy ample coverage. We have a dedicated section for first-person shooters such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Counter Strike Global Offensive.

What characterizes a good eSports Game?

Distinguishing between good and bad video games is much easier than making the same distinction between eSports games. Things tend to get far more complicated when it comes to money and this is a huge industry on a fast expansion. It is hardly a surprise that all the eSports games reviewed received high marks, since only the best games are chosen for competitive play. In terms of gameplay, graphics and game mechanics all these titles score high marks and for good reason.

Critical Reviews articles also describe the upsides of betting on these games and teach readers how to beat the house. We talk about the best teams, players and their chances to win various events. The analysis is based on their overall performance, form as well as the most recent gameplay changes. The upside of having authors that also play the game are self evident in this fast-changing industry. We update our reviews, so that the information is always accurate and factors in the changes made by developers.


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