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eSports Players

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Critical Reviews authors have been playing video games for most of their lives. They find great pleasure in writing about video games and can provide educated advice to fellow players. eSports has grown into a huge industry and top gamers make a fortune by playing their favorite games. At the highest level, competition is fierce and only the best eSports players make the headlines. Our articles follow them at every step of the way and mention the most notable achievements in international tournaments.

What can you find in this eSports Players section?

The section dedicated to eSports players offers a glimpse at how gaming feels like at this level. Contrary to popular belief, professional gaming is a full-time job and a very challenging one. Those who have made it to the top of the food chain spend long hours every day competing against each other. Training for prominent tournaments represents a daily routine and a not so glamorous way of living.

Critical Reviews paint an accurate image of how the life of eSports players actually is. Obviously, most of the articles are about their achievements and the matches that pit them against each other. All the games that have attained eSports status have tournaments with guaranteed prize pools above $1 million. There is however a difference between MOBA games such as Dota 2 and League of Legends and other genres.

Heroes of the Storm eSports Players Heroes of the Storm eSports Players

These two games are the best paid ones and as a result, their best eSports players have won a fortune. You will find out why all the top 10 players in terms of money made are playing Dota 2 and how they made it this far. League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone payouts are nothing to frown upon either. Traditional sports betting and video games are indissolubly linked when it comes to eSports and there is plenty of money to be made

What characterizes a good eSports Player?

eSports players have a hard time making it to the top, but this is where the most difficult part actually starts. A good game or is one capable of dealing with a lot of adversity and keep his or her cool in decisive games. Talent is obviously required, but at the core of their recipe for success stands hard work and plenty of practice. Most of them are a part of teams of professional players, so most of the practicing is done in-house. In anticipation of major tournaments, cross-team matches are also scheduled.

eSports players have sponsors that take care of all the financial expenses, so they can focus on the task at hand. Just like sports athletes, they have trainers and psychologists, helping them overcome physical and mental obstacles. Critical Reviews sheds some light on this opaque industry that is constantly changing and growing. It helps greatly that the authors are players themselves, including a handful of gamers that enjoyed national and international acclaim. Going over the articles is not only informative, but also a pleasant reading for those who genuinely love video games.


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