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eSports Teams

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Betting on sports and playing video games are generally regarded as pastimes and fun activities. Both players and punters would agree with the definition, but only up to a certain extent. The most dedicated gamers as well as veteran gamblers have turned this activity into a lucrative, full-time job. eSports are at the crossroads of the two genres and eSports teams are made exclusively of professional players. Critical Reviews tells their story and also provides readers with information about the games they play.

What can you find in this eSports Teams section?

eSports have emerged as a huge and exciting industry that generates profits of unprecedented magnitude. Critical Reviews dedicates ample coverage to the videogames that were admitted in this competitive arena. The articles shed some light on the games, while also discussing the most accomplished players and eSports teams. Depending on genre, video games are played individually or as a part of a team comprised of as many as five players. At the highest level, eSports teams have reserves as well.

When reading the articles that can be found in the section, our visitors will stumble upon a lot of useful information. On one hand, we explain how the game is supposed to be played and what makes it a eSports candidate. Only the most competitive video games are included in this category and it is mandatory for them to have multiplayer. On the other hand, our critical reviews are discussing the major tournaments, the results and expectations of professional gamers.

Smite eSports Teams Smite eSports Teams

Sometimes the whole is more than the sum of its parts. That’s why, the best eSports teams are not necessarily the ones featuring the best individuals. This is self evident in MOBA games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm and Smite. Team play is far more important and the right setup can make the difference between failure and success. Our writers discuss the latest changes in the configuration of these teams and how they affect the group.

What characterizes a good eSports Team?

eSports teams are defined by synergy and the uncanny ability of players working together. Playing at the highest competitive level requires perfect timing and outstanding coordination. This applies not only to multiplayer online battle arena games, but also first and third person shooters. Counter Strike Global Offensive and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 are shining example of shooters where players work together. Individual skill can only carry a team that far, but in the absence of team-play there’s no victory.

Critical Reviews authors can make educated predictions about the chances of eSports teams. That’s the result of writers playing the games themselves and following the major eSports tournaments. They offer insight to those who contemplate the possibility of betting on video games matches. It also helps that they know the betting industry inside out and can point readers into the right direction. Our visitors are kept up-to-date with the best odds, most generous offers and eSports promotions with limited time availability.


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