eSports Tournaments

eSports Tournaments

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Critical Reviews covers various subjects on its website, but gambling and gaming are at the cornerstone of most articles. eSports tournaments and the games they revolve around our at the crossroads of these two lucrative industry. Not surprisingly, our authors have made it a top priority to set up a section dedicated to these multimillion events. Video games belonging to different genres are now played at the highest levels by teams of professional players. All the tournaments that matter are going to feature here.

What can you find in this eSports Tournaments section?

Just as the name suggests, the eSports Tournaments section is dedicated to the most popular eSports and their competitions. The best paying ones are MOBA tournaments, which draw huge crowds and have guaranteed prize pools that count in millions. Dota 2 and League of Legends tournaments are the most lucrative ones and the former leads the pack. Dota 2 The International has just set a new record by crossing the psychological threshold of $20 million.

These are just a few of the eSports Tournaments covered extensively by Critical Reviews. Money makes the world go around, but our reviews also cover other games that have smaller prize pools. You will find insightful articles about StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Void, the sequel of the game that started the eSports revolution. MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft Legion and popular first-person shooters such as Counter Strike Global Offensive are also featured.

League of Legends eSports Tournaments League of Legends eSports Tournaments

What characterizes a good eSports Tournament?

There are a couple of factors to look at when evaluating the quality of eSports tournaments. Most rankings are based on the prize pools and in this regard MOBA games reign supreme. The top three tournaments in terms of payouts belong to this genre and several Dota 2 events appear in the top 10. A huge prize pool is a guarantee that professional players will flock to the event. This in turn will generate a lot of enthusiasm among gamers who will buy tickets to watch the event live.

Critical Reviews also ranks eSports tournaments based on how many gamers watch the events online. In this regard, League of Legends has the upper hand and the videogame also has more active players. The strength of the gaming community is an important indicator about what the future might bring. This is one of the most volatile and competitive industries and the only constant is change. Games that are popular today might lose their appeal and new titles can rise to stardom.

Last but definitely not least, a good eSports tournament is one amply covered by bookmakers. Gambling operators will pay a lot of attention to those games that are equally appealing to players and punters. The average age of the fan base means a great deal, since underage gambling is strictly prohibited in most countries. This explains why games such as Counter Strike Global Offensive and StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Void rank high in the preferences of bookies when it comes to eSports tournaments.


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