Gaming News

Gaming News

Hundreds of video games are released every year, but most of them don’t deserve the media coverage they get. Developers and publishers are obviously going to push their product and try to present them in the best light possible. That’s why many videogame fans and prospective players are facing what is commonly referred to as the paradox of choice. Critical Reviews comes to the rescue by filtering the gaming news that is interesting and informative.

The number of video game developers is on the rise and the same goes for the titles released each year. In anticipation of these games hitting the stores, publishers are spreading the news over multiple channels. Our editors happen to be avid gamers and people with in-depth knowledge of the gaming industry. That’s how it is possible for them to find out about the most anticipated games before mainstream publications. They give readers the heads up and then monitor the development of the game up to its release.

What kind of gaming news do we cover?

Critical Reviews has authors that are well versed in the art of playing any type of videogame. Everything from PC and Console games to titles that are exclusively available on mobile devices feature on our list. Many of these games are cross-platform titles, meaning that they can be played on multiple gadgets. We pay the same attention to all of them and always put things into context. The goal is to make sure that our readers get an accurate idea about what the games have to offer and how good they actually are.

Dota 2 The International Seattle 2016 Dota 2 The International Seattle 2016

We strongly believe that quality trumps quantity and we diligently work towards filtering out low-quality news. The thorough understanding of the gaming industry as well as the ability to read between the lines helps us identify quality articles. This doesn’t mean that promotional texts are discarded without a second look, quite the opposite. Whenever a developer or publisher offers discounts, game-time or other freebies to those who preorder a game, we spread the news.

How do we distinguish between relevant and irrelevant gaming news?

Critical Reviews strives to stay one step ahead of the game when it comes to gaming news. Information travels fast, but we pride ourselves of being even faster. We pick up on the vibes as soon as a new article surfaces and convey the message to our readers. Games such as Pokémon Go, World of Warcraft Legion, Deus X Mankind Divided and No Man’s Sky are always trending. Naturally, the most anticipated titles spend more time in the spotlight and are properly covered.

The advantage of reading gaming news filtered by experts is that you get to learn things about less known games. Some of them are hidden gems that are definitely worth playing despite the fact that they don’t get much coverage. We try to point readers into the right direction and present them with all the facts without forcing their hand. Critical Reviews is an informative website that constantly tries to have its readers make an educated decision.


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