What is Absolver? Absolver is a fighting videogame that uses martial arts to create a new breed of action role-playing title. It was published by Devolver Digital and developed by Sloclap to be played on...

What is Dishonored Death of the Outsider? Dishonored Death of the Outsider is the third game in the action-adventure stealth videogame franchise. It was published by Bethesda Softworks and developed by Arkane Studios in 2017....

What is Road Redemption? Road Redemption is the sequel of the vehicular combat racing videogame Road Rash. Developed by Pixel Dash Studios and EQ Games it was released in October 2017 and can be played...

What is Ruiner? Ruiner is an original cyberpunk video game, with a dark atmosphere, brutal fights and fast-paced action. It is centered on a character seeking vengeance in her dystopic universe, where nothing is what...

What is Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War 3? Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War 3 is the third installment in the real-time strategy videogame series. It was published by Sega and Relic Entertainment and developed by...

What is Strafe? Strafe is a first-person shooter video game developed by Pixel Titans. Published by Revolver Digital, it pays tribute to a game released in the 90s and has original graphics that will surprise...

What is Outlast 2? Outlast 2 is a sequel to the popular first-person survival horror video game Outlast. Both were published and developed by Red Barrels and can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One...

What is Outlast? Outlast was published and developed by Red Barrels in 2013, as the first-person survival horror game. It has a unique premise and it is narrative driven, while creating a feeling of dread...

What is Sniper Ghost Warrior 3? Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is a first-person shooter that takes place in an open world and is rich in tactical elements. CI Games is the developer and the company...

What is NBA Playgrounds? NBA Playgrounds is a unique take on basketball video game simulators produced by Saber Interactive. It benefits from the backing of the National Basketball Association and is played in an arcade...

Video games came a long way since their humble beginning and modern players enjoy superb products. Tremendous progress has been made in terms of graphics, gameplay and compatibility with various platforms. Gaming is a popular pastime and the most dedicated fans spend long hours playing the latest games every day. Critical Reviews has assembled a collection of articles celebrating the best and most popular games. We don’t forget about the classics and dedicate ample coverage to these gems.

Our writers are not hired guns, but enthusiastic gamers who have spent many years playing various genres. The team is capable of covering all games ranging from real-time strategy and turn-based strategy to MMORPGs and shooters. You will learn about thrills of MOBA games such as Dota 2, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm or Smite at the highest level. The same can be said about high profile Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void, World of Tanks and Counter Strike Global Offensive tournaments.

Furthermore, some  authors have tasted the adrenaline rush and intensity of professional gaming. This thorough understanding of the challenging nature of eSports has resulted in compelling reviews and informative articles about the best players and teams.

What can you find in this Gaming section?

Critical Reviews is first and foremost a website dedicated to gaming. Readers are unlikely to get bored anytime soon reading hundreds of informative reviews. Our articles are a pleasure to read, as they are written by gamers for gamers. We go beyond mainstream reviews and touch those sensitive issues that only makes sense to fellow players. Reviews and previews tell a story and paint videogames in a light that provides readers with an incentive to play.

Quality content is what defines all the articles on the website. You won’t stumble upon texts written hastily or plagiarized articles that talk vaguely about videogames. What we do we do out of sheer passion and we are happy to have a dedicated audience. Our authors frequently go over reviews written previously, to make sure that they are up to date with the latest information. Whenever game developers produce a sequel, we update the articles to provide access to the latest content.

The popularity of gaming over the last couple of years has increased radically. Having said this, we have been carrying the fire inside for many years. The advantages of reading articles written by gamers are obvious when you’re interested in a franchise spanning over a decade. We assign authors that have been playing the games in the series ever since the first title hit the stores. They know these franchises inside out and can provide insightful information about how the games evolved.

Critical Reviews authors engage with readers on many levels and feel responsible to keep them well informed. They enjoy unlimited editorial autonomy, with nobody infringing upon their freedom of writing negative reviews. We paint the games as they are and I never afraid of speaking out the truth.

What characterizes a good game?

The question is as old as the first videogame. Critical Reviews doesn’t claim to have the definitive answer, but help players make the right choice. The gaming industry is so big that it is virtually impossible to set strict standards for games belonging to different genres. A good game is essentially one that is targeted at the precise audience and meets all its expectations. The most ambitious gaming projects are hybrids between major genres, which include different gameplay elements.

Screenshot of World of Warcraft Legion Screenshot of World of Warcraft Legion

A good role-playing videogame is one that gets players fully immersed into the gaming atmosphere. The progression system matters a lot and players need to be able to establish a connection with the character. There is a thin line separating passion from addiction and Critical Reviews can easily distinguish between games that stay within the safe zone and those who cross this threshold. We know when grinding stops being fun and give the heads up to those who contemplate the possibility of embarking on such a quest.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, first-person and third person shooters are driven by the adrenaline rush. Tactics and strategy play an important role, but these are essentially fast-paced games. The best of them will keep players at the edge of their seats and provide them with unique thrills. Our authors have played such games at the highest level and know the difference between casual and professional play. The reviews reflect this essential difference in gaming and highlight the pros and cons of eSports.

How do we identify the best games?

Critical Reviews is more than a website ranking games based on popularity. We present the numbers for our readers to see, but go beyond these cold figures. The advantage of having players writing these reviews is that they have an in-depth understanding of gaming in general. They can make comparisons and draw parallels between games belonging to the same genre. The fact that some were released a decade ago doesn’t represent an obstacle when comparing them to the latest titles.

Any hierarchy requires some criteria to distinguish between bad, average and great games. To make these rankings more relevant, we are analyzing every aspect of the game. The reviews talk about the gameplay, plot, graphics, single player and multiplayer as well as cooperative play. We rank all these elements before coming up with an aggregate review score that encompasses all of them. By breaking down our reviews into chapters, readers have an easy time understanding the strengths and weaknesses of games.

We don’t claim to be in possession of absolute truth, but do our due diligence when reviewing any game. Being critical doesn’t mean that we bash games relentlessly, without acknowledging the effort made by developers. Our criticism is the result of being 100% honest and analyzing both the pros and cons of playing again. The gaming industry is constantly improving in terms of both quality and quantity. Critical Reviews always tries to help readers find a game they will enjoy and one that is worth their time.


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