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We help you decide between financial products and services

Just as commercial flights rendered the problem of distance virtually irrelevant for modern people, so did the Internet address the problems of money transfers. It is easier than ever before to perform transactions and the number of financial instruments at your disposal is constantly on the rise. At the same time, the paradox of choice is self-evident, because with so many options to choose from, it is more likely to make the wrong choice. Critical Reviews is here to help you and we’ve got an entire team of experts working round-the-clock to provide well-documented articles with rich and reliable information.

We bring transparency into the personal finance industry

The authors at have a thorough understanding of the personal finance industry and know exactly which are the most common problems and what triggers them. Many of them are the direct consequence of the lack of transparency in the market and unfortunately some reviewers are making an undesired contribution. By not expressing their honest opinions, or by serving the interests of their contractors, they intentionally disseminate false or incomplete information.

We explain financial products and services in easy terms

We realize that many of the financial products are hard to understand, particularly by those who haven’t used similar ones in the past. Frightened by the prospect of becoming the victims of scam and fraud, many prefer to stick to the old-fashioned financial instruments. Our reviews allow them to enjoy the best of both worlds, by cashing in on the advantages of the latest payment methods without taking chances.

Critical Reviews works exclusively with experts, but its targeted audience includes all those interested in financial products with complete disregard to experience. That’s why, when you read our reviews, you will discover that we convey the message in a straightforward way that beginners and inexperienced readers can easily understand. We guarantee current and accurate news and background information about the personal finance market and cover the latest industry news.

We help you save money

Our reviews are supposed to serve a practical purpose and present readers with effective ways to save cash as well as manage and grow their money. Readers can learn a great deal about how to transfer money online, but also how to find the best loans.

What characterizes good financial products and services?

100% secure

It took a while for international money transfers to gain traction with conservative users, despite the obvious advantages. Many chose to forsake convenience because they were not convinced about the security of such online transactions. Critical Reviews understand the fact that many people are reluctant to make the transition from conventional solutions to online money transfers. That’s why, in our reviews we emphasize the importance of choosing financial products and services that are 100% secure.

This is one of the key elements you need to have in mind when searching for the best deals in the market, regardless of the nature of the financial services and products. The reliability and trustworthiness of these providers should come first, because users need to feel perfectly safe when they send money online. Our industry experts have used comparison websites to distinguish between bad, good and great operators while using their tremendous experience to analyze the results.

No hidden fees and charges

At the same time, Critical Reviews identifies those service providers who use the excuse of bumping security to charge high fees. Once again, the use of comparison sites makes it easier for players to find better than comparable options, which in turn results in more money saved. A good financial product and service is one that performs international money transfers quickly without caring hidden fees and charges.

Easy to use

These reviews are written in a manner that is easy to understand by beginners, while also directing them to providers of services that are easy to understand and use. Ease-of-use, professional and helpful customer support are also essential qualities for top websites offering financial products.

How do we identify the best financial products and services?

At the first glance, the financial products and services offered by various providers are pretty much the same. The numbers themselves don’t say a great deal and to make things even worse, sometimes these numbers can be deceiving. Their providers are trying to sell a product and don’t mind distorting the information if they think they can get away with it.

Critical Reviews made in its mission to help readers identify the good financial products and services. For this purpose, we have hired verified industry experts and gave them complete freedom in undertaking research and writing articles. By using many of the services and products themselves, they have inside information about how the system works and which problems tend to pop up more often.

The perfect mix of technical and empirical knowledge is the ultimate guarantee that the conclusions formulated in these critical reviews carry a lot of weight. We test every aspect of the product and service before advising against a particular money transfer, loan or mortgage.

At the same time, by providing wide-ranging background information, our readers can take a glance at the big picture and avoid common pitfalls, such as bank fraud, scams and credit card fraud. The reviews at are comprehensive, but you won’t run into a wall of text, as our writers highlight the essentials.

Who is

Critical Reviews is your source of detailed reviews from verified experts, covering those precise industries they know inside out. Our leading online review platform is on a constant expansion, but we only make the next step forward when we have the specialists capable of covering a new niche. We emphasize quality over quantity and transparency is at the cornerstone of our business model.

Here at Critical Reviews we strongly believe in premium content, but we don’t keep any reviews away from our readers. There are no hefty fees and premiums to pay in exchange of unlocking additional articles while settling for less, if you prefer a free service. Our philosophy is to provide all those interested with access to all reviews, covering the three main industries of money, eSports and gambling.

The articles cover different topics, but the thing they have in common is the professionalism of our writers and the honesty of the texts. Contrary to what the name might suggest, we don’t limit ourselves to reviews and also provide access to the currently industry related news and other insightful articles.


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