Credit Cards

Credit Cards

The world we live in is built on credit and quite often on the spending of money we don’t own. While there is nothing essentially wrong about this system based on perpetual growth, there are certain dangers. On a smaller scale, people routinely use credit cards to buy stuff or pay for services with borrowed money. Critical Reviews is here to provide its readers with educated advice about the best credit cards and the financial institutions offering them.

Everyone knows the basic plot as these tiny bits of plastic are used routinely and have been around for a long time. We are however living in the golden age of banking and have plenty of payment methods to choose from. By taking the time to read these articles, both current and prospective credit card users can maximize satisfaction. Whether they reduce the commission paid, the interest, or get more money to spend, life will change for the better.

What can you find in this Credit Cards section?

Critical Reviews has structured this credit card selection in such a way that information is easily attainable. Basic concepts are explained and absolute beginners learn how credit cards work. A lot of attention is paid to interest, which is at the cornerstone of these payment methods. Banks rely on this to finance their ventures and use credit cards as financial instruments to collect interest every month. We explain how interest works, which are the fair rates and also how you can drive it down.

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We like to believe that our readers are well-informed, but don’t make any assumptions. Instead, our readers will explain the disadvantages of using credit cards and ATMs and the corresponding charges. While it’s not rocket science, the use of credit cards has some less known aspects that banks don’t talk about. Not paying off the amount borrowed every month will drive interest up. Our writers won’t undertake a credit assessment of their readers, but help them make these calculations themselves.

What characterizes a good credit card?

All major banks offer their customers the possibility to apply for a credit card. In fact, they go to great lengths to convince as many people to have at least one. Healthy competition allows customers to choose those financial products that offer better terms. goes a step further and highlights the elements that make a credit card good. All are easy to carry and use, safer than cash and allow clients to spend money they don’t own.

The best credit cards will protect customers for any purchases up to as much as €30,000. Some offer freebies such as air miles, cashback and rewards points, which all result in money safe. Critical Reviews will also recommend only those credit cards that have low interest payments and higher credit limits. We don’t turn a blind eye to additional fees and highlight the perils of being charged commission. Many of our writers are avid travelers, so they can also recommend the best credit cards to use beyond borders.


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