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Credit Cards

What You Can Expect From the Credit Card Category

Making Sense of the Minefield of Information

There are some technological advancements in finances that have revolutionized the way we work with money forever. One such invention is the credit card. It boasts a number of different uses and often has the opportunity to give users a sense of financial freedom. But that is all it is, a sense. Credit cards can be dangerous to use. However, with the careful use of limits and benefits, consumers have the chance to solve their cash flow issues. Above all, they can still come out on top.

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But how to make sense of all the information out there? It starts with a little bit of research. Also, a careful understanding of personal needs. For instance, if the card is used to cover month-end shortfalls, it could cause problems. Consumers might find themselves in a pickle during the next month. This happens especially when their card limit is maxed out. In this case, a credit card might not be the ideal option. But it is up to the consumer to do the homework. The institution, unfortunately, will only continue to punt it.

Staying away from credit cards is not always the solution. They’re already offered to college students, which starts the debt cycle early. This is a product that is probably likely to stay for the foreseeable future. The best is for consumers to equip themselves with information and make the most out of their credit cards, checking accounts and personal loans.

We Compare Benefits and Rewards

There are some pretty high-value credit cards out there that offer a heap of benefits without all the fuss of mounting costs. On the flipside of the coin, there are credit cards that have a few benefits but the costs are stellar. Our job is to separate the wheat from the chaff and where we find a card to be a bit overpriced, we will state it.

We also keep an eye out for products that offer benefits and rewards on different cards. This without a real difference in the benefits. Customers believe they have a good range of products to choose from, but it’s merely just a few tweaks here and there. It’s important to us that customers receive good value for money.

We Highlight Important Information

If a feature or benefit is only available for a period of time or under certain conditions, we make sure to bring it to the consumer’s attention. Benefits that may work like this are special bonus points offers, 0% APR offers, balance transfer specials, and more. However, if this information is not evident on the main page, the institution may not want is to pick it up later. This is because we may penalize the institution as transparency is important.

We Provide Helpful Hints and Tips When Using Credit Cards

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Some of our reviews afford us the opportunity to spend a little time on the educational aspects of the product in that review. When it comes to credit cards, these often include hints and tips on the best use of the cards to ensure consumers stay on top of things. Although these tips are not designed to act as a replacement for advice given by a professional banker, they go a long way towards helping the ordinary man on the street make sense of their cards.

Furthermore, these tips and hints come from authors who have a long history of working with the product. They have seen first-hand the damage it can do. This thanks to their interactions with their customers who find themselves in a bind. These tips alone won’t provide consumers with the financial freedom they desire. It will, however, take them one step closer to it.

We Make A Fuss Out Of Great Products

When we get excited about a credit card, it shows. The authors try to put in as much of the information regarding the benefits as possible. We believe that customers should feel comfortable with their products and know exactly what their credit cards can do for them. Also, the authors applaud great product ranges that take customers from all walks of life into consideration. Some of the products that get us really excited include:

  • Cards that reward customers for clearing their full balance every month.
  • Credit cards that offer customers the opportunity to rebuild their credit history with a secured facility.
  • Also, those that offer travel benefits that extend beyond the points and include other perks.
  • Finally, cards that consider those who don’t earn that much may still need access to credit. The limits and fees on these cards are kept to a minimum.

What Happens When the Credit Card Range Makes Us Feel Uneasy?

There is usually a very simple reason why a credit card will make us feel uneasy. This reason usually has something to do with a ton of fine print and no limitations, restrictions, or rates on the product page. When this happens, we feel a little uneasy as we understand that consumers who need access to a credit card will hardly look around the site for the finer details. When this happens and we find those rates, prices, or terms to be odious, we reserve the right to drop the rating to a level we feel is fit for the product.

If our findings determine that all is in order and our uneasiness is unfounded, the institution or product will still receive a fair rating. This rating can change if we later pick up that our uneasiness was substantiated by cold hard evidence.

Our Credit Card Reviews Might Have 3 Different Formats


When it comes to the brains behind the operations, this is the review for it. Although these reviews might not have a credit card focus, they will make mention of credit cards at least once during the review, if the institution offers it. During this review, we tend to focus on the greater scheme of things and we hold customer opinion in high regard.

Another factor that plays a significant role in determining the rating is how the institution fares with the rating agencies, such as Moody’s. We also have a look at the security of funds with the institution and whether there is negative press regarding a recent decision.

Current economic climates in that specific country may also affect the rating of the institution, as consumers are less likely to bank with an institution they can’t trust. This is an important factor to consider and although it may seem a little unfair to the institution, they do benefit from a better rating when the economic climate stabilizes again.

Product Ranges

This is where a whole entire range of products has the opportunity to work together to allow the author to form a favorable opinion. When this is not the case, it is usually due to a lack of variety. We also look at the accessibility of the information and whether consumers will have to scratch around for it.

One of the most important ratings we bestow on an institution that forms part of our checklist is the likelihood of the customer sticking it out with that particular institution. If it seems that customers have to shop around for options and approach other institutions, we have to take it into consideration.

Individual Products

Although this doesn’t happen often, from time to time we may feel the need to review an individual product. This is usually a product that has received a lot of press, whether positive or negative. It could also be a product that catches our fancy and we believe customers may find it interesting.

What Do We Look For In Credit Cards?

No, not the highest limit. Also, not necessarily the one with the lowest APR. We look for credit cards that fulfill the needs of many without being a massive burden on the user.

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Pricing Is Still Important

It may not be the only consideration, it is still a consideration and deserves a closer look. Usually the interest rates on credit cards are determined by the countries that offer them, however, some institutions are happy to set their own rates. This means customers could either pay lot more or a lot less than is the industry standard. Our requirement is that the customer’s cost is reasonable.

Easy to Manage

Although this is a tough one to spot, the card needs to be manageable. Customers need to be able to use it locally or when they travel. There should also be easy access to a support team when needed, and the card needs to be safe and secure.

Something for Everyone

Access to concierge services and airport lounge access may sound luxurious, however, to the average consumer they merely want a card to suit their day-to-day needs. The cards should offer something special for people from all walks of life.

The Team

This is a team of dedicated and professional authors who don’t settle for anything less than the best. Those perfect ratings don’t come along often, but when they do, it is deserved. Readers have access to structured and researched reviews that provide all the information required and more.

The authors themselves hail from previous or current professions that make the most of their expertise. The reviews are honest and unbiased, providing readers with free access to every review on our site. Whether you're looking for information on savings account, Forex trading or stocks and shares, we've got all the info you need. 


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