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Current Accounts

What We Will Bring You in the Current Account Section

So Many Options and So Little Time

Consumers across the world get confronted by choosing between different accounts. The options are usually between transactional savings accounts and current accounts. When to choose which option is always tricky. It will largely depend on the needs of the individual. It is vital that the individual has their options mapped out before them. For us, this is one of the main purposes of the review. We take a look at some of the best current account products across the world and compare them to each other. There are some strict guidelines we follow to ensure that a product is up to standard. But for the most part, we believe that the customer experience is the ultimate differentiator. This leads us to choose between good and mediocre products.

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Current accounts, often referred to as checking accounts, provide customers with access to day-to-day banking. It serves as a vehicle for incoming funds and outgoing payments.  This allows consumers to perform necessary transactions. With all the options out there, it could be difficult to navigate offers and benefits. These reviews are put in place to ensure that consumers have a fair understanding of products and services at their disposal. Not only do we look at each product individually, we also have a look at how it influences the customer experience overall.

Current accounts are fast becoming more cost-effective and convenient than savings accounts. These types of accounts provide customers with access to a check book and also the option to load an overdraft facility, a little like a credit card. These reviews make sense of these products and also provide readers with an unbiased review.

We Break Down the Terminology and Add-Ons

Consumers who open accounts often receive a thick booklet of terms and conditions. They tend to understand the meaning of fine print. When even the product descriptions seem like fine print, that’s where we come in. We relay the information in an easy to understand manner. This allows readers to make their decisions a little easier. Furthermore, we also have a look at the add-ons to the products. This ensures the information is clear and concise.

With this, we are able to allow readers to take in the information without having to perform too much further research. Also, it allows the reader to arm themselves with knowledge when they do shop around. They’ll know exactly what they’re getting themselves into.

We Also Break Down the Segments and Products

When we have a look at the segments a product belongs to, we have a keen understanding of how the product works. The authors at have an in-depth knowledge of the workings of many products, such as mortgages, personal loans and investments. They also what the specific industry entails. When it comes to current accounts, it’s important to us that customer is aware of all the features and benefits. These also need to be in line with the pricing.

The reviews are professional and unbiased, as the authors at have no ties or strings to the reviewed entities. This allows them to provide readers with hard-hitting facts that will allow them to make an unbiased choice. These reviews are in place to expose some of the best, and sometimes the worst, products on the market. We back these reviews up by extensive research and customer experience.

We Pay Attention to Detail

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Ever wonder what sets a good account apart from a bad one? It’s usually just a few minor details that get added to the mix. We look for accounts that provide customers with accessibility to a whole range of features, however, these need to be in line with the pricing for the account. We also take a look at the actual features and benefits, and whether they provide additional assistance to the consumer, or whether they’re merely just expensive gimmicks.

Another thing we pride ourselves in is paying attention to the things that could often be overlooked. Hidden costs, terms and conditions that are unreasonable, and whether a large variety of consumers have access to these accounts are just a few items on our list. We do the groundwork which allows the consumer to just compare.

Institutions that Tick All the Boxes

Institutions are not aware of all our requirements, this allows us total autonomy when we give a rating. But that is not to say that there aren’t institutions or products that don’t satisfy all our requests. Once in a while, an institution, product category, or actual product stuns us with their brilliance and we’re only too excited to share the news with our readers. When an institution proves to make a valuable contribution in the current account field, we can hardly penalize them for it. We want readers to be exposed to the best which means fairness to the product as well.

Institutions that tick all our boxes get us up in the morning and make us excited to face a new day with new reviews. We want consumers to have only the best options available at their fingertips, and part of that is by doing the necessary groundwork.  

3 Different Reviews Types In the Current Account Category

The Product

This one doesn’t come along often, but when it does, it does so with a bang. We sometimes feel it necessary to zoom in on a specific product. The product may have caught our attention during another review, or it might be making waves among consumers. The review will expose all the finer details of the product and why it gets consumers excited or frustrated. What we look for in these types of reviews, is how the product fares among its peers. We also have a look at consumer and industry ratings, which help us formulate our final rating.

When we do pick up on product flaws, we have a look to see how it will affect the overall customer experience. Unfortunately, these all tend to have a negative effect on the customer experience, which means the rating will suffer.

The Product Range

One of the review types in the Money category that we tend to participate in the most is the product range. The reason is simple: we are able to get up close and personal with the products and at the same time determine whether the range itself has the consumer in mind. In some reviews, we are able to determine this within a few minutes while others take us a bit longer. What is important to us during the product range review, is that customers from all walks of life have access to a product that matches their needs.

The Institution

We tend to start with this one, as all reviews flow from it. What is important to us when we look at an institution, is whether they have a client-centric focus. This means that their products and services align to meet the needs of their clients while still providing a good return for their investors and shareholders. The return to the investors and shareholders should never come at the expense of the client or the economy. Should we pick up that this is the case with an institution and that the only motivation is profit, we will need to make note of it in our review. The small sacrifices institutions make to ensure their client base is content, is also duly noted.

Some of the Features We Look For In A Current Account

Pricing In Line with Market Expectation

Although it is assumed that the account with the lowest pricing wins the race, we need to take a few factors into consideration before making that decision. For instance, the pricing will range from country to country, as these fees will affect the consumers and the economy. Where we do find that a country has a massive disconnect between the pricing through its various institutions, we will need to note this in our review. We often find that the same institutions who charge exorbitant amounts on their transaction accounts are the same institutions that offer low rates on savings and high rates on loan products. This is an immediate red flag which often leads to profit greed.


One of the major complaints consumers have over banks is that there are hidden costs on their account. This often means that the information is not disclosed during the account opening process, or that customers don’t have easy access to it. We try to put ourselves in the consumer’s shoes and if we have to dig a little too hard to get to pricing and odious terms and conditions, we tend to let it reflect in our review.

Easily Accessible

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Not only should consumers find it convenient to open the account, but it should also be accessible to a wide range of consumers. Unless an institution specifically advertises that they’re exclusively for the elite, there is no reason to only have products and services for this group of people.

The Team

Passion for products and a flair for fair reviews is the mantra of the authors at Products and services that simply don’t meet the mark, whether they’re in the Gambling, Money, or e-Sports category, are reviewed accordingly. We bring the news to the table as soon as the review lands, to ensure that consumers have a fresh perspective of what is available on the market.

Not only do the authors have a passion for these reviews, they also ensure that readers get accurate information. This stems directly from the website of the party, service, or product being reviewed. These reviews are free for all readers. It allows them a fresh perspective on all related products and reviews.


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