The money section at Critical Reviews is a comprehensive one and our editors tackle diverse topics. Forex trading has emerged as a massive market, with more than $5 trillion being traded every day. There are obvious opportunities to make money off this type of trading, but there are plenty of risks and pitfalls.

We take it upon ourselves to explain the advantages and shortcomings, so that our readers can make an educated decision. Our authors have in-depth knowledge about Forex trading, but don’t expect the readers to be just as knowledgeable. Instead, they present the topic in a manner that is easy to comprehend even by those who know very little. We succeed if we are able to provide answers to both basic and complex questions, hence meet the expectations of all our visitors.

What can you find in this Forex section?

All the information you need to learn the ropes of foreign exchange trading can be found in the Forex section. You will find out how currency pairs work, what liquidity means and which are the ways to take advantage of volatility. The Internet abounds in websites that advertise such products, but all of them are for-profit, therefore interested in expanding their customer base. Critical Reviews has no vested interests except for keeping its readers well informed and safe from the inherent risks.

HiFX Currencies HiFX Currencies

Currency trading is conducted electronically, in a system that is called over-the-counter. The market is open 24 hours a day throughout the week and winning opportunities arise all the time. The authors at Critical Reviews have hands-on experience with currency trading and are ready to share their knowledge. Those who had the chance to get fully immersed into this competitive market, know the risks and how to counter them.

What characterizes a good Forex site?

Forex websites are very numerous these days and all of them advertise their products as the best. The marketing campaigns are even more aggressive than those that bookmakers and online casinos undertake. Not even major operators, such as Pinnacle Sports, Unibet, Bet365, William Hill or Paddy Power run so many TV ads. On the bright side, some of these online gambling operators have tiny sections dedicated to foreign exchange trading.

They only cover this topic tangentially, but provide a good entry point in this industry for absolute amateurs. A good Forex website is one that can be trusted 100%, since you will be venturing real money. Their offer the possibility of trading multiple currency pairs, not only the majors, such as the USD, EUR, GBP, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, Canadian and Australian dollars. At the same time, the very best operators offer good spreads and decent liquidity even when betting on less prominent currency pairs.

Critical Reviews will teach readers the basics and then recommend them Forex websites with comprehensive tutorial sections. It is also essential for these companies to offer a demo account, so new traders can test the market. Last but not least, some Forex sites have their own teams of experts that provide free tips, which are commonly referred to as Forex signals.


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