What You Can Expect From the Investments Section

Separating Healthy Investments From Dodgy Schemes

There will always be that stocks and shares broker or salesperson that offers higher rates on their investments than anywhere else. They will offer these returns and offer no guarantees, but will also skirt around the topic when asked about the risk. Reputable institutions often don't back these lone rangers with information on their practices not very forthcoming. These reviews offer consumers and potential investors the opportunity to separate great products and institutions from the fly-by-nights.

What’s more, there are a number of options out there that have the potential to confuse consumers. They may be offered through reputable institutions, but require the potential investor to have some background in investments to have access. This is something of a concern for us, and these reviews tend to highlight accessibility as well.

We Look At the Heart of the Products and Institutions

The authors at have tenacity and expertise, which is a great combination for thought-provoking reviews. This means they expose readers to accurate information and insight into their chosen product or institution. In the Investment category, the writers have previous knowledge of the field and will guide readers accordingly. Although these reviews aren’t meant as advice, they do allow consumers some fresh insights. The reviews are done with as much information as possible. Where the information is not really forthcoming, the review will reflect this.

Each review is written with the consumer in mind. The investments should be accessible and each customer should have a basic understanding of risk before they sign up -- even when trading Forex. When we do a review of investments, we check to see whether consumers are notified of the inherent risks of the investment itself. Institutions who aren’t keen to make this information known will have a tough time reaching that perfect rating.

We Lose the Acronyms and Typical Investment Jargon

The fastest way for any institution to lose touch with their client base is to bombard them with terms that are hard to understand. This is also the fastest way to hide specific details about a product that may make consumers second-guess their decision. We take this jargon and break it down into bite-size chunks to allow consumers to absorb this important information.

Investments also tend to have a number of acronyms that make it difficult to follow. We endeavor to lose these to allow a better understanding. Before long, those acronyms will become a new way of life as they start making sense.

The Benefits Of Reading A Review in the Investment Category

Whether investors find themselves at the top of the expertise rung, or not, these reviews are designed to provide accurate and to-the-point information. Some of the benefits of these reviews include:

  • Consumers are better informed before making their decisions.
  • The reviews are not a replacement for advice, but rather encourages investors to seek professional advice.
  • Honest reviews help customers separate the products with great potential from the ones that carry an unusual amount of risk.
  • It highlights the various levels of expertise required for the specific product.

What Readers Can Expect the Investment Category to Cover

There are few products that have as much diversity as investments across the globe. Although there are overlapping products that are market as investments all over, there are some that are at the discretion of the country or institution. This can make the investment category a little confusing, which is why we detail this information per review. The confusion specifically comes in with the product ranges offered by the banks.

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Bank have their own internal investments that are actually just fancy savings accounts. These carry no risk to the capital amount, which makes them ideal for the conservative investor. The external investments, on the other hand, almost always carry a fair amount of risk to the capital. This is even for the low-risk investments. Customers may request an investment with a guarantee but it might not be quite as safe as the banks. This information is conveyed to the reader in order for them to make an informed decision.

We Highlight the Important Aspects of the Different Investment Types

One of the first terms consumers need to familiarize themselves with is investment risk. There are various levels of risk that range from very low to very high. These indicators show investors what the volatility of those chosen funds is. It is also important for consumers to know what their appetite for risk is. This is influenced by a number of factors that include age, income, savings, acceptance of the potential of loss, and more. What is also important to know, is that a low-risk investment still has the ability to eat into capital even though it’s a low-risk fund.

Another important aspect to take into consideration is that investments are designed to create wealth, not build up savings. This is because investments should ideally only be for those who are operating with a surplus and not gambling with emergency funds.

Finally, potential investors should also have the time to allow these investments to run its course. The majority of investments run over a five to a seven-year period for best results. A good fund manager will inform investors in time whether any switches should be made. Although the investments are accessible, it takes a while for the investment to make up the initial fees and charges.

The Types of Reviews Readers Can Expect in the Investment Category


Whether banks or other types of financial institutions, potential investors will be exposed to them all. When we do a review on a financial institution, we take a look at everything that affects this particular institution and why consumers would want to deal with it, or not. This means taking a look at its current standing, the security ratings, as well as consumer experiences -- especially around their savings accounts. It’s important to us that the institutions are upfront with their products and ratings to ensure transparency.

We also review these institutions in comparison to other institutions. This means readers have a fair understanding of what each one has to offer. It also tells them whether these institutions are at a fair level or not.

Past and current legislation against these institutions also plays a part in the review. This is because it’s important for customers to know whether the institutions they’re dealing with have a history of treating customers fairly. They also need to know whether underhanded dealings dot the past of that particular institution. Some of the other factors we need to take into consideration, include the stability of the economy and political situation, whether the funds are insured, rating agency ratings, and more.

The Product Range

This is one of our favorite types of reviews, as it takes a look at the products a little more closely. These reviews help us determine whether consumers have access to a good variety of products. In the investment category, there are quite a few different types of investments and these reviews bring them all together. We will also be in a position to tell whether customers have sufficient information or not. These reviews also include a few product-related tips to allow them to prepare better for the product.

Individual Products

These reviews are scarce purely because so much of the products are already covered in the product range. It is only when we find that one product that stands out where and individual review takes place. This is a product that receives wild reviews, good or bad. For us, it’s important to highlight products like these, even if it only happens once in a while.

What Do We Look For In An Investment Product?

Over the years, we’ve seen many individuals make a ton of money through investments. We’ve also seen massive market crashes that left millions out of pocket. Sometimes, there is no way to tell whether an investment is going to under and smaller investment firms are the only ones to notice new trends. With that in mind, there are a few criteria that we insist on when reviewing a product or institution.


This is possibly one of the most important aspects of a review, as it indicates the level of professionalism and trust consumers can expect. In investments, this means being upfront about the risks and fees. Where this information is not readily available, we need to make note of it.

Solid Credentials

An investment is not the type of product investors want to take chances with. This is why it’s important to see who is behind the offering and whether they have the right credentials. Investors are also recommended to check whether their chosen institution has a good reputation.


Accessibility is important to us as investors need to be able to make quick decisions with their products. If they have to wait days before they can see someone to help them, it can mean the difference between a good or bad outcome. We tend to prefer the institutions that grant investors online access to their portfolios.

The Team

The Investments Category forms part of the Money Category, which is curated by a team of professionals with ample experience in these products. Other items in the Money section include Current Accounts, Savings Accounts, Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Mortgages, and more.


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