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Finding a way around bank fees used to be a serious challenge before peer-to-peer money transfer services came along. TransferWise is one of the many services of this type, but its popularity is rising faster than most of its counterparts. Since 2011 when the company entered the market, it greatly increased its customer base by helping people save as...

The banking industry has changed gradually over the course of time, but the advancements of technology are forcing it to evolve even faster. For many decades, banks had no problem in dominating the money transfer market, but the new challenges are serious and those who don’t adapt will be swept away by the flood. Relatively small web based organizations...

Good news travels fast and the Internet acts as a catalyst for the transfer of information. The online environment is littered with money news and all this information can be overwhelming. Too much data is every bit as bad as no data at all, due to the paradox of choice. Critical Reviews aims to become a hotspot for those who want to filter out the noise and receive quality information. We tackle various subjects and money is one of them - this includes Forex trading, savings accounts, personal loans, stocks and shares and investments. Emphasis is on quality rather than quantity, so you won’t waste your time here.

What can you find in this Money News section?

The name of the money news section is intentionally a little vague. Our goal is to create a comprehensive collection of articles dedicated to the latest financial news. We tackle everything from generic news, to information that can have a direct impact on our readers. doesn’t have the ambition of being the next Financial Times or Forbes. However, we identify only the most exciting money news and provide them to our readers on a silver platter.

Under normal circumstances, disseminating news implies little to no author involvement. While we present the facts as they are, we don’t have an elitist approach. The articles are written in a way that will make them appealing to absolute beginners and casual finance readers. Our target is not necessarily the financial savvy, but regular people seeking interesting and useful information. Money makes the world go round and we strongly believe that knowing a thing or two about it can make your life better.

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How do we distinguish between relevant and irrelevant money news?

Critical Reviews does exactly what the name indicates. We find money news and make an assessment regarding the usefulness of conveying this information to our readers. The top priority is to filter out those promotional articles that are aimed at scamming people. When we publish promotional content, we don’t play games and don’t try to disguise it as strictly educational material. Unfortunately, this is what most money news comes down to and that’s probably why people have lost interest and confidence.

We like to believe that in the long run, our efforts won’t go unnoticed and our articles have added value. Equally important for the authors at critical is writing articles that are engaging. It can be a bit difficult to find any pleasure and entertainment in reading regular money news. We never run away from a challenge, so our readers can enjoy the best of both worlds. If you enjoy reading the article and in the end you also feel like you’ve learned something new, we succeeded.

It helps that Critical Reviews writers know a great deal about the money industry. They can immediately identify bogus money news that doesn’t hold any weight. This is discarded as irrelevant and it won’t get to spam our readers. Sometimes less is more and the content we provide is always concise and edifying.


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