The most important acquisition for the vast majority of people is a house. Very few can afford to pay the money up-front -- with credit cards and personal loans not sufficient -- and many have to resort to mortgages. The market is full of financial institutions claiming to offer the best terms for prospective creditors. Critical Reviews doesn’t claim that it is in possession of the absolute truth. However, our financial savvy writers can help those who are shopping for a home and want to learn more about mortgages.

What can you find in this Mortgages section?

We don’t assume that our readers know a great deal about mortgages when we write content in this section. Instead, we answer all the basic questions, explain what a mortgage is and how it works. Our editors don’t make any assumptions and paint an accurate and comprehensive picture of these major loans. We also provide educated advice to our readers and help them work out what they can afford.

The upside of reading these reviews and articles is that you can rest assured that the information is genuine. Our authors don’t receive any financial compensation from lending institutions. This makes them totally independent and their only responsibility is towards the readers. They teach them how to avoid mortgage traps and why it is worth settling for less instead of stretching yourself. The articles tackle subjects that only tangentially touch mortgages, but can matter in the long run. Maintenance, insurance, local taxes and household bills are just a few examples.

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What characterizes a good mortgage?

Shopping for a mortgage is no longer a challenge in terms of finding someone willing to lend you money. Banks, brokers and other independent financial advisers are more than happy to offer their services. Here at critical reviews, we play the long game in everything we do. Since mortgages are among the most important commitments people can do, we don’t take them lightly. A good mortgage is one that requires customers to pay little interest over a long period of time.

Prospective customers shouldn’t let themselves deceived by seemingly low yearly interest. If the debt is stretched over a long time, they can end up paying more than necessary without obvious benefits. Critical Reviews looks closely at all times of mortgages and makes important distinctions. A good mortgage is flexible and will allow people to repay interest and capital rather than only interest. The latter have the advantage of clients paying less, but they never actually pay the principal.

Not so long ago, interest-only mortgages used to be sought after by those who are in the market for homes. They are now difficult to come by, due to the tightening regulations. The financial crisis sent shockwaves throughout the mortgage market and the rules have changed. offers stay up-to-date with all these changes and gives accurate and reliable advice. We have no vested interest in convincing readers to do anything, so we can focus on our sole priority. The goal is to provide all the facts in an easy to understand way, for the benefit of our readers. So whether you're looking to invest in stocks and shares, on the hunt for a new investment or are looking for a vehicle loan, we're the perfect website for you.


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