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What You Will Find in the Money Section

Taking the Headache of Researching Different Financial Products

The invention of the internet has bridged a chasm even in financial circles. The Money segment takes a closer look at what makes these financial wheels turn, whether through a traditional approach or something that embraces the technological advancements. There are a number of different financial products that make the world go around. This segment allows consumers to make a little more sense of it.

Screenshot of Some Money Reviews

With all the options out there, the chances are always high to get roped into a scheme of sorts. It is also easy to settle for a product that is less than desirable. These reviews are written with the intention to clarify some of the more technical terms. This, in turn, helps consumers gain a greater understanding of both the benefits and the risks.

The days of cash and traditional trade instruments are coming to an end. This is because an era of electronic banking is starting to make its way to the fore. Keep an eye out for new financial products that make use of new technology. These include Blockchain and revolutionary payment methods such as PayPal.

We Break Down the Segments and Products

The authors at have a flair for stringing together a few words. They also happen to have experience in their chosen topic. This means they are able to write a concise review without the risk of getting out of their depth. When it comes to the Money category, one or more authors will tackle a financial product that most fits their professional expertise. They find out all they can to get the best information on the product out there. We try to find products that are both popular and unpopular and find out the reasons why.

When it comes to a professional and unbiased opinion, the authors at have total autonomy to provide accurate reviews. There is no interference to inflate or deflate ratings. Furthermore, the authors are geared with information provided to the general public to ensure that the review provides a rating from the customer’s perspective.

We Take Financial Jargon and Break It Down into Layman’s Terms

Ever wanted to take up a product or find out information, only to be blocked by the terminology? This is something we try to steer away from to ensure that consumers from all walks of life have access to this information. It is also vital to us that consumers understand what they’re getting into from the start, which excessively complex terminology tends to fail at. When we come across institutions and products that feature this, we have to take it into consideration when doing our final rating. This is because the consumer’s well-being always comes first.

What Happens When An Institution Has Too Many Favorable Ratings?

Ever so often, there is an institution that pulls out all the stops and follows the magical formula. This infiltrates the carefully put up barriers of even the most hardened financial critic. When this happens, we have to take all aspects into consideration. If these products are in favor of the consumer, we can hardly penalize them for being perfect.

Because our reviews are based on facts, there is no reason not to award an institution their perfect review. If we do happen to come across something that may affect the review after, we reserve the right to change the review to include the new information. After all, we want consumers to know which institutions are getting it right. Also, what their own personal benchmarks should be.

Some of the Topics You Can Expect Us To Cover in the Money Category

It’s easy to assume that money is just cold hard cash. However, thanks to technological advancements money, and the way it changes hands, now has a number of formats. These are some of the products you can expect to be reviewed in this section, however, we’re not limited to these.

Screenshot Money Reviews

3 Different Types of Reviews You Can Expect to Find in the Money Category


These reviews take a look at the companies behind the products. We dig a little deeper to find out what they’re up to and how the market perceives them through ratings agencies and reviews. We also like to keep tabs on customer perspective and what effect it has on the institution. The financial stability of the institution is also something we keep an eye on, as not every institution has that financial cushioning when trouble hits. This was clear in the 2008 global financial crisis.

Where we are able to dig up news on past and present legislation against the institutions, we will use the information in the review as well. These are all important aspects of what makes an institution a seemingly safe and reliable one to do business with. We have a look at banks, money transfer institutions, insurance agencies, and more.

The Product Range

We take a closer look at the product range and compare it to some of the best around the world. Although we go a little more in-depth than we do with the institutions, it is still a holistic view of an entire range. What we look for here is transparency and the opportunity to get a variety of products under the same roof. This is important because consumers hardly give institutions a second look if they can’t find what they’re looking for the first time. It is also important that consumers find what they’re looking for under the same roof as this will prevent them from hopping between the various institutions.

Individual Products

When it comes to choosing the right financial products, it’s important to compare a few. It is also in the consumer’s best interest to compare things other than just the pricing, for instance, the actual product features as well. In our reviews, we take a look at specific products that have caught our attention. These include products such as high performing products as well as those who tend to bring a lot of negative press to their institutions. We dig to the core of the product to discover what the upset is about, to ensure that consumers have the full picture.

What Do We Look For In the Ideal Money Product?

Although there are a number of different products on the market, there are a few things that are universal across the board. These aspects allow us to make a fair judgment in our reviews to ensure a fair review and to have a set standard. Although these are some of the things we look for in money products, it is by no means the only requirements.

Screenshot Money Reviews

A Good Reputation

The moment we do a review on a product and we come across trusted ratings that mark these products as scams or as unfavorable, we have to dig a little deeper. We are reluctant to give a product the benefit of the doubt if it means our readers will suffer a loss. At the same time, our reviews are not meant as product advice, merely as an informative platform.


Pricing and odious terms and conditions can throw a consumer off, especially when this happens after they’ve already signed up for the product. This is one of the key components of a great product and something that we’re very strict about. If the information is not available or hidden in an obscure corner on the website, it does not bode well for the product review. Another aspect that we’re quite adamant about is when there are product restrictions that customers aren’t clear about. For instance, when there are restrictions on withdrawals or penalty fees when the transaction limit is reached.

Service Delivery and Efficiency

When it comes to a financial product, there need to be safety measures in place, however, it shouldn't have tough red tape that makes it difficult for customers to perform their transactions. This means that the institution needs to be accountable for their service delivery. It is also important that the service is fast and efficient.

The Team

Apart from the Money section, the team also shakes down other categories such as Gambling, e-Sports, PC games, and more. The authors are industry expert that make use of their expertise to provide readers with in-depth and insightful information. These authors are a continuously expanding team as there are always new avenues to explore.

Furthermore, the reviews are based on the careful analysis and comparison of products. This ensures that they provide customers with information that is both valuable and informative. This ensures that customers also have free access to all the Critical Reviews we provide, as we believe consumers should be armed with knowledge.

Current news and new developments also form part of our portfolio. This provides customers with a fresh new look at the world of finance and money. Current issues that may affect the experience for the user may also form part of our articles and blogs.


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