We all have the tendency of spending most if not all the money we make. Expenses somehow tend to increase when we earn more and saving money for rainy days is rarely a priority. Having a safety net however is of paramount importance, because things can always take a turn for the worse. Critical Reviews will help those who contemplate the possibility of opening a savings account. Our authors try their best to present readers with all the facts, so they can make the right choice.

Savings accounts are essential for people who want to save for the future or set up an emergency fund. Regardless of the reasons that prompt people to act in this direction, there are several options. Here at we have people who know how the industry works, not to mention they have savings accounts themselves. The articles they write provide formation of how to use this basic bank account to its fullest and enjoy the best return on investment.

What can you find in this Savings section?

We take the time to look at the reasons for why people open savings accounts and how they deposit money. Other basic concepts, such as the way transactions are made between various accounts are also tackled. The advantages of having money saved are self evident, but we also highlight the alternatives of relying on credit cards.

Screenshot of TransferWise's homepage Screenshot of TransferWise's homepage

A savings account has the upside of owners receiving interest every month, semester or year. It also makes it less likely for people to withdraw money for unnecessary expenses. Such an account is particularly useful for those who gamble online and want a firmer grip on their budget. Tempting and generous as the promotions and William Hill, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, Bodog and Betsafe might be, mixing up savings with gambling is never a good idea.

What characterizes a good savings account?

Any bank will gladly offer prospective customers the possibility of opening a savings account. Essentially they will use this money to invest and generate more profits than the interest they pay. Choosing the best savings account is a process that requires a careful analysis. Critical Reviews is all about research and they offer solutions to all readers, based on their profile and expectations.

Those who save money to go on vacation or make a big purchase will need a flexible savings account. This will allow them to cash out the money when needed, rather than having cash blocked for a long time. The search should also take into consideration the fact that unexpected expenses might arise. It’s vital for clients to be able to withdraw their money on such occasions, without paying penalties.

A good savings account is one that has high interest rates, FDIC insurance and few restrictions on the account. Withdrawing from the ATM often defeats the purpose of saving money. Having said this, it is wise to choose an account whose associated card has few or no fees when withdrawing funds via automatic teller machines.


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