Stocks and Shares

Stocks and Shares

Over the last couple of years, banks have greatly reduced interest. This makes it less profitable for people to keep their money in a savings account. Investing them can be a better option, especially if you know a thing or two about stocks and shares. On paper everything looks very simple and exciting, but there are numerous pitfalls -- especially around Forex trading -- that amateurs don’t know about. This is where Critical Reviews steps in with its team of well documented and enthusiastic writers.

What can you find in this Stocks and Shares section?

Critical Reviews has a fully fledged section dedicated to money. Stocks and shares are an integral part of it and we strive to provide all the explanations prospective investors need. When you buy shares you become a partial owner of the company, so you need to make sure it will thrive. The risks are real and in the absence of accurate information, mistakes can lead to bankruptcy. We explain the connection between the stock prices and the success of companies, to better understand the potential return on investment.

Those who buy shares should also know a thing or two about the power of dividends and how they work. Critical Reviews will talk in its articles why high paying dividends are useful for creating income and when they can backfire. We are very familiar with the inherent challenges of investing in stocks and shares when you know little about them. The distinction between penny stocks and those that cost double digit amounts is made for your benefit. The focus is on the connections between risks and potential profits

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What characterizes good stocks and shares?

Before teaching our readers how to find good stocks and shares, explains them how they work. Articles talk about how and why stocks go up and down and what prompts these movements. The ability to predict them makes the difference between marginally winning traders and those who strike it rich. We keep the language simple, but don’t stray from technical instruments and talk about things such as price to earnings ratio.

The market has been flooded by financial operators and brokers praising the benefits of trading stocks. Many make a lot of money off the naivety of people, before they realize their mistakes. Critical Reviews does its best to keep readers out of harm’s way by helping them avoid classic investor’s mistakes. The articles explain how a healthy portfolio should look like and how many shares are ideal to own.

When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. The odds of buying a single type of stock and making a fortune off it are stacked against you. Unless you have inside information, winning a huge amount over short period of time is simply not possible. Here at Critical Reviews we provide you with the ice cold facts -- even around credit cards -- rather than painting reality in warm colors. Our intention is not to clip your wings, but to help you stay safe in the competitive industry of stocks.


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