Paytm is an Indian e-Commerce venture that is based in India and caters mostly for local players. Since 2010 it expanded its reach and grew beyond a regular FinTech into a fully fledged online...

eBay is an American e-commerce company that offers both business to business and consumer to consumer online sales services. It was Pierre Omidyar that founded the company back in 1995 and it grew into...

Amazon is the biggest, best known and most reliable electronic commerce company in the world. As the largest Internet-based retailer, it had humble beginnings but rose to prominence in a short period of time....

AliExpress is a huge e-commerce company, offering thousands of different types of products for sale exclusively online. The difference between this company and most online shops is that it doesn’t actually sell anything, but...

Netmeds is an Indian online vendor that is specialized in selling prescription and over-the-counter drugs. The online pharmacy opened shop in 2015 and its purpose was to make the acquisition of drugs more convenient...

Snapdeal started as a regular daily deal website and was founded in February 2010. It was inspired by the success of with which it still bears many similarities. It gradually evolved into a...

Flipkart is at the time of writing the biggest e-commerce website in India and a major player worldwide. While it dwells heavily on the Indian business, the company has the resources and know-how to...

Shopee is one of the most popular mobile e-commerce stores. It builds on the popularity of online stores such as OLX, Snapdeal and Flipkart and focuses on mobile users. Anyone can use the service...

OLX is a company dwelling on free classifieds and catering for players from all over the world. Despite its Argentinean origins, it focuses mostly on the Indian market where it has the biggest share....

The Internet has made our lives better, richer and definitely more entertaining. The benefits are multiple and the perks of online shopping are not to be underestimated. It is now possible to purchase pretty much everything online and enjoy better prices than in brick-and-mortar retails. Critical Reviews found it worthwhile to cover this already popular and fast rising industry. Our experts have dedicated their time and energy to identifying the most reliable, cost-effective and fast providers of goods and services.

We started by taking a glance at industry leaders, such as eBay and Amazon. These are the ones that dominate the online shopping market, but we didn’t stop here. Powerful e-commerce ventures dominate local markets, such as the ones in Asia, South America or Europe. The reviews cover all of them, so our readers can expect to find in-depth articles about Zalando, Lazada, Snapdeal, OLX and Flipkart.

What can you find in this Shopping section?

Critical Reviews has a wide-ranging selection of articles dedicated to online shopping. There are so many e-commerce stores bragging about offering quality services and discounts, that shoppers have a hard time choosing. Sometimes the differences are negligible and the untrained eye will be unable to distinguish between generous offers and scams. This is where our experts step in, analyzing every single aspect of online shopping websites and offering reliable conclusions.

We don’t ask our readers to trust us blindly, but instead provide a comprehensive list of facts and figures. The comparisons we make between industry leaders as well as aspiring new players are also aimed at simplifying these decisions. takes great pride in being an independent website with no affiliation to any of these companies. We can’t overstate our commitment to provide unbiased and informative articles that our readers can trust and use for guidance.

Our conviction is that quality content is king and we don’t take our reviewing duties lightly. There are plenty of differences even between industry leaders and all it takes is a dedicated review to identify them. We are not hell-bent on ranking operators, but do understand the importance of having a trustworthy hierarchy. The review scores reflect our personal experience with the service we analyze, but also what others have to say. Disgruntled and mistreated clients sometimes have interesting stories to say.

When writing a review, our authors are looking at the product from all angles. Those online shopping websites that provide the possibility of also selling items come under close scrutiny. Critical Reviews writers sometimes take the chances of buying and selling products to test the system firsthand. Personal experience is always more reliable and can highlight less visible flaws in the system.

Screenshot of Amazon Gift Cards Screenshot of Amazon Gift Cards

What characterizes a good shopping site?

If you can’t trust the shopping website completely with your money and sensitive information, then everything is in vain. The importance of being able to navigate its pages without worrying about identity theft is paramount. Critical Reviews knows all too well that the Internet has turned into a dangerous place, where cyber criminals roam freely. That’s why our articles emphasize the importance of finding an online shopping partner that has a flawless track record.

The trustworthiness and reliability of Internet ventures are analyzed in each and every review. Our authors go a step further and investigate the complaints made by former and current shoppers. Only after they are absolutely certain that the shopping website is safe, will they give it a seal of approval. Another thing that matters when choosing a place to buy and sell stuff online is the size of the inventory. A small collection of items would defeat the purpose of trading land-based vendors for their Internet counterparts.

Having more products to choose from, makes it easier for shoppers to find an item they like. This brings us to another sensitive issue that frequently surfaces in the thorough critical reviews. The website needs to be easy to navigate and the service altogether must be easy to use. If you struggle to find an item, due to categories that don’t make any sense or the absence of filters, the shopping experience suffers greatly.

The best online shopping websites are intuitive and players can shop with just a couple of clicks. The selection of payment methods also matters a lot, as well as the waiting time on delivery. These are the kind of details that Critical Reviews takes into consideration when analyzing each and every website.

How do we identify the best shopping sites?

There is no shortage of online shops and it can be challenging to find the perfect match. Critical Reviews provides the alternative to a trial and error process that can leave you bitter. By reading our articles, you will be able to identify the best shopping websites, therefore mitigate the risks. We closely look at the track record of each company and match it against our own experience and what others have to say about it. We look for information in different sources, so we don’t make assumptions or even educated guesses.

In addition to testing every aspect of the shopping website, we also look at the things that make them special. The frequency, quality and reliability of their promotions are all factored in before coming up with a review score. Discounts offered to new and loyal customers weigh heavily in the balance when ranking these companies. Speedy deliveries are also a sign that the website under scrutiny might be a good place to stop online.

Another indicator of a good shopping website is professional and friendly customer service that is available 24/7. These guys are the last line of defense when things take a turn for the worse. When shoppers receive damaged items or products that don’t meet their expectations, the refund policy makes the difference. Critical Reviews writers take it upon themselves to carefully read the terms and conditions. They now that shoppers frequently skip this step and they want to protect them from unpleasant surprises.


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