Travel is an online traveling and accommodation booking business founded back in 1996. It is currently owned by Priceline since 2005 and it came a long way from the tiny startup in Amsterdam. With...

Expedia is one of the leading traveling websites, where people can buy vacation packages, book flights and hotels. It is possible to arrange for cruises, daily trips and car rentals, by using the features...

It’s a beautiful world out there and one worth exploring. A wise man once said that the world is a book and if you don’t travel you only read one page. Critical Reviews strongly believes in this idea and encourages its readers to embark on the epic quest of traveling. Nowadays, nothing is out of reach and air transportation has rendered distance virtually irrelevant. The only thing that tourists need to worry about is to plan in advance, so they enjoy the best accommodation while keeping the costs low.

The advent of Internet made it possible for tourists to book a vacation online. There is no shortage of traveling websites where hotels, flights and local transportation can be booked. With so much information it is easy to make an educated decision and what you need is a trustworthy sidekick. Our authors are not only knowledgeable about this industry, but also avid travelers who speak from personal experience. This is a powerful recipe for those who seek relevant reviews that can be trusted for authenticity. Essentially, you can plan your shopping vacation in style.

What can you find in this Travel section?

In this section you can find quality content that is easy to read and conveys useful information. We do the hard work on your behalf and leave no stone unturned. The result is a series of reviews that describe in details the challenges and benefits of traveling. Our team looks closely at all the important traveling agencies and insurance brokers and tries to find the advantages and shortcomings of choosing each of them.

Before being invaluable instruments aimed at helping tourists, these are for-profit companies that want to maximize the return on investment. That’s why it is important not to trust blindly all the reviews you can find online. Critical Reviews uses special techniques to determine which reviews are authentic and which articles are written by paid contributors. The difference is significant, as prospective customers need to be presented with the actual facts, not fiction.

We meet them halfway with quality content that will make it easy to choose the best traveling partner. There are several options out there and sometimes the differences are negligible. Our team goes beyond conventional knowledge and tries to identify the best offers and offer tailored solutions. The names of popular traveling agencies, such as and Expedia are properly covered. At the same time, we pay attention to less known operators, such as MakeMyTrip, OYO Rooms and Cleartrip.

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The advantage of reading our reviews is that we don’t have any obligation towards the traveling agencies. In the absence of any agreement and without receiving financing, we can be completely sincere with our readers. We offer detailed reviews and encourage readers to compare products before choosing one service or the other. When we give our endorsement to a travel company, we stand behind our words. This means you can be confident when splashing the cash on your credit card, your trip will be the best it can possibly be.

What characterizes a good travel site?

Finding a traveling website is not the real challenge today, since there are plenty of them populating the Internet. The more important aspect of this quest is to find a partner that will actually be there for you in your time of need. Booking a vacation is only the first step, but not the most important one. What matters the most is for travelers to enjoy the services promised and advertise on the website. Critical Reviews will flag those operators that are dishonest or have anything less of a stellar track record.

The trustworthiness and reliability of our articles is a reflection of the attention we paid to details. To distinguish between a good and bad traveling website, we use more than one criterion. Our writers pay close attention to what former customers have to say and go a step further to investigate claims. They don’t swing in one direction or the other and refrain from bashing a tour operator before thorough research. The ultimate goal is to give the seal of approval only to those that are worth our trust.

A good traveling website will always have a professional and highly responsive customer service. The importance of reliable customer support is not self evident when you book a vacation. On the other hand, these specialists can make the difference between a terrible vacation and one salvaged in the last possible moment. When you find yourself between a rock and a hard spot, they can lend a helping hand. Critical Reviews is testing the specialists each step of the way, to determine their aptitudes and responsiveness.

How do we identify the best travel sites? writers travel a lot and have spent much time in various hotels worldwide. This gives them the advantage of seeing right through the lies of dishonest operators. We don’t let ourselves fooled by reviews written on demand by people who have vested interest in promoting a business. Our only responsibility is towards our readers and we go to great lengths to keep them well informed.

Sometimes it can be more difficult to rank websites that offer similar products. It is the little things that matter and Critical Reviews will bring those juicy little nuggets in the spotlight. Generous promotions and discounts are a godsend for those who travel on a budget and want to reduce the cost. At the same time, some traveling agencies use such offers as Trojan horses, hoping to deceive prospective clients. We have spent enough time in this industry to easily make the distinction between trustworthy and bogus offers.

There are plenty of red flags that we use to sound the alarm when we have serious doubts about the credibility of a traveling agency. Some of them might evade the ones who don’t travel often and know little about this industry. By working closely with verified industry experts, we test every aspect of the website to identify flaws. Not even the slightest once go beyond us, so the conclusions we formulate are backed up by rocksolid facts. Read our review and only make a decision after you’ve got all the facts.


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