Screenshot of Clash of Kings Game Cover

What is Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings is a real-time strategy game inspired by the popular Clash of Clans. It can also be played on mobile devices powered by iOS and Android operating systems. It is built on the same popular game mechanics and requires players to build a strong force before attacking opponents. The ultimate goal is to conquer the entire world and players can interact with each other on many levels. Alliances can be made and coalitions go at each other throats, to establish dominance and for the control of resources.

Key facts about Clash of Kings

  • Clash of Kings has a gold version for those who buy their accounts to Facebook.
  • Players can invite their friends into the fold and in exchange receive bonus gold and resources.
  • Clash of Kings offers rewards to those who play on a daily basis ranging from gold to XP points.
  • Users have the option of speeding up the tutorial by spending gold and purchase in game items with real cash.
  • In terms of visuals and sounds, Clash of Kings is a better version of the original Clash of Clans.

Gameplay of Clash of Kings

Those who are familiar with the game mechanics in Clash of Clans will find many similarities in the gameplay of Clash of Kings. The multiplayer game relies heavily on resource collection, but players rarely have to resort to grinding. Spending real cash to acquire gold can simplify the mission of those who made the transition from casual to Pro gaming.

Even those who play the game for a long time and spend real cash need the support of an alliance. Playing by yourself is a surefire way of being overwhelmed by numerically superior opponents. Clash of Kings allows players to open multiple accounts and use them to spy on their opponents. This can be a useful thing to do before launching an attack if you are not sure of your chances to succeed.

Clash of Kings is essentially a multiplayer building game and that’s why its gameplay is fast-paced. For a mobile friendly title that is centered on building defensive structures, assaults are surprisingly complex. There is a huge kingdom to explore and the ones who control a big territory gain access to valuable resources. Players who are part of an alliance can use not only their standing army, but also the forces of their allies. Each user remains in control of his or her forces and can decide to join a battle or to stay put.

The Clash of Kings combat multiplayer allows for the confrontation of huge armies, especially when alliances are involved. This game managed to capture the epic feeling of playing MMORPG PC games. Castles are the backbone of any empire and building a strong defensive is vital to ensure survival. Players can upgrade buildings and use tricks to protect cities from a tower rush.

Screenshot of Clash of Kings Realm
Screenshot of Clash of Kings Realm

Plot of Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings is anything but a narrative driven title. The tutorial is no substitute for a proper single player campaign and only serves the purpose of getting players familiar’s with the game mechanics. In the early stages of their quests, players explore the surroundings and test their skills against weak opponents. Expanding beyond the castle outskirts will have them plunge into a world of intense PVP action. The game doesn’t end, but players can keep expanding their kingdom and subdue their neighbors.

The plot of Clash of Kings might be shallow, but the game mechanics are sharp and the gameplay competitive. Attacking first is essential in this game of conquest, but defenders have a strategic advantage over the ones leading the charge. The vivid Fantasy Empire games keep players hooked and provide them with the motivation to persevere even when defeated. Preparation for a siege is done individually, but once the battle starts, fighting takes place in real-time.

The gathering and management of resources makes the difference between amateurs and expert players. Conquering and protecting resource nodes is virtually impossible without the assistance of an alliance. Players need to stay on their toes all the time, so having a constant connection to the Internet is essential. Clash of Kings can be played on tablets and mobile devices, but only if they are connected to the online.

Screenshot of Clash of Kings Bubble City
Screenshot of Clash of Kings Bubble City

Development of Clash of Kings

Elex Wireless is the software developer of Clash of Kings. The company started working on the game immediately after the immense success of Clash of Clans. The game had the advantage of being released before other copycats and built a strong audience.

Where can I download Clash of Kings?

Clash of Kings can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or iTunes and played on mobile devices. Those who want to enjoy the thrills of the game that inspired its developers can check out Clash of Clans. Legend of Empire, Z War and PES Collection are also options worth considering for these devices.

What are others saying about Clash of Kings?

Clash of Kings is widely regarded as a better version of Clash of Clans. While there is consensus about its superior quality in terms of visuals, gameplay and sound effects, there is no shortage of detractors. Most of the complaints are in regard to the fact that this is yet another copycat of an original game.

My rating of Clash of Kings

I’m not a big fan of developers who lack originality and try to tap into the success of another game. Clash of Kings would normally fall into this category, since it is more or less a copy of Clash of Clans. On the other hand, players who contemplate the possibility of enjoying a MMORPG game for mobile devices would be better off playing Elex Wireless’s games. If you want to spend some quality time online without being attached to your PC, then this is a good choice. Despite its obvious lack of originality, it is a good game that is worthy of a review score of 8 out of 10.

Overall Score