Screenshot of Clash of Lords Game Cover

What is Clash of Lords

Clash of Lords is a strategy game that brings 9 distinct PvE and PvP modes to mobile devices. It has an impressive roster of heroes, with players getting to choose between more than 40 characters. Each of them has its own mercenaries, so the combinations are multiple and the gameplay quite complex. Just as the name suggests, it was inspired by the success of Clash of Clans and builds on its international popularity.

Key facts about Clash of Lords

  • Clash of Lords is a fast-paced strategy game where players can activate battle skills in real-time.
  • The game can be played individually or as a part of an alliance and features a solid guild system.
  • Clash of Lords allows for countless combinations of heroes, troops and mercenaries.
  • Overall there are nine distinct game modes, incorporating player versus environment and player versus player elements.
  • Clash of Lords is free to play and players unlock new heroes and jewels every day.

Gameplay of Clash of Lords

The gameplay of Clash of Lords is a vastly improved version of the game mechanics that made Clash of Clans popular. Developers had the chance of constructing a game based on the feedback received by the original. Action flows smoothly and players can attack rival clans, destroy defensive structures and collect items. Users frequently shift from defensive to offensive strategies, to conquer towns while protecting their own citadels.

The size of an army is usually the best indicator of the chances a player has to win a fight. Defenders have the certain advantage of being behind walls and barricades, therefore require fewer troops. Sheer numbers are important but not sufficient and a smaller army can win with the right upgrades. Players need to make an educated decision when choosing which troops to recruit and train. There is no universally successful combination, so they need to adjust based on the opposing forces.

Individual warriors are at the cornerstone of Clash of Lords gameplay, as they have their very own minions. These troops level up in similar fashion as the heroes they serve, while warriors can be merged together. The upside of performing such a maneuver is that the resulting character has the combined set of skills and talents. They also have the same experience pool, which speeds up the process of leveling up.

Screenshot of Clash of Lords Booming City
Screenshot of Clash of Lords Booming City

Plot of Clash of Lords

Clash of Lords is heavily centered on player versus player gameplay. Developers lacked the motivation of producing a standalone single player campaign. Instead they focused all their resources to make the transition to multiplayer as fast and smooth and possible. There is a short tutorial that explains the basic game mechanics, but it’s hardly enough to amount for a compelling narrative. Players are told that their purpose in this game is to establish absolute dominance over the map, without being given any reasons.

The plot of Clash of Lords is to some extent nonexistent, but players still make incremental progress towards their goal. The level of customization is impressive and the game seems to also draw inspiration from MOBA titles. The role played by individual heroes is significantly bigger in this game than in most of its mobile friendly counterparts. In some regards, players feel like enjoying a role-playing game, since there characters level up and evolve.

Clash of Lords was intended as a service rather than a game, so it is constantly in development. Players can enjoy the free to play experience, but also have the option of purchasing games with real currency. Those who opt in for this type of acquisitions will decrease the time spent grinding resources. Otherwise the gaming experience is not affected and free play is still exciting.

Development of Clash of Lords

There were no delays in the release of Clash of Lords. Developers had the merit of working quickly, but then again they simply augmented a system that works smoothly. The similarities between Clash of Lords, Clash of Kings and Clash of Clans are self-evident, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Screenshot of Clash of Lords Siege Tactics
Screenshot of Clash of Lords Siege Tactics

Where can I download Clash of Lords?

iTunes and PlayStore are the two places from where players can acquire the game for free. They have the option of spending cash to enhance their gaming experience and decrease the waiting time. However this is an option not an obligation and there is no price to pay for sticking to free gameplay.

What are others saying about Clash of Lords?

Clash of Lords reviews are divided between those who praise the achievement of developers and those who blame them for copying Clash of Clans. Those who appreciate the game are thrilled with the graphics and animations as well as the competitive gameplay. Everyone agreed that the role played by heroes in this game is significantly more important than in any of its counterparts. For a game that is played on mobile devices it is also worth mentioning that it requires little processing resources.

My rating of Clash of Lords

My first instinct when playing Clash of Lords was to dismiss it as yet another Clash of Clans rip-off. After spending many hours building and defending forts and conquering opponents, my opinion has changed. Once you accept the fact that this is not a truly original game, you start enjoying it a lot. The attention paid to details is impressive and the graphics are on par with the ones in PC strategy games.

What I like a lot is the importance of individual heroes and the manner in which they level up. Being a big fan of role-playing strategy games and all, this obviously caught my eye. Hadn’t it been for the blatant copying of a proven gaming formula, I would have given Clash of Lords a flawless review score. As it is, a rating of 9 out of 10 does it justice and should convince prospective gamers that it is worth playing it.

Overall Score