Clash of Clans. © Supercell

Clash of Clans is a massive multiplayer online strategy videogame released exclusively for mobile devices in 2012. Supercell came up with the original concept and the Finnish company developed the game in less than a year, then launched it on Android and iOS powered devices. Apple users got the chance to enjoy the game before their Android counterparts, as the game was first available in the App Store before surfacing on Google play.

Key facts about Clash of Clans

  • Clash of Clans can be played for free without any strings attached and any smart phone and tablet users can download it.
  • Players set up a booming civilization from scratch, by building a village and collecting resources before launching raids against opponents
  • Clash of Clans is supposed to be played almost exclusively online, with players unlocking a total of 18 warriors stretching across four different tiers.
  • The game also has a single-player campaign, where players attack goblins to steal their technology and resources.
  • Clash of Clans has rules that are easy to pick up but hard to master, with tactical deployment being at the cornerstone of complex strategies.

The Clash of Clans games

Clash of Clans is heavily geared towards multiplayer action, but those who want to learn the game mechanics can play a couple of single player missions. In conjunction with the game tutorial, these provide all the information they need regarding available units, structures and defensive strategies.

There are different types of challenges to overcome, even though the Clash of Clans games are relatively linear and the objective is always the same. Players will discover that there is more than one way of deploying troops, dealing with cannons guarding the entrance and bomb traps defending the perimeter.

Clash of Clans has a simple narrative aimed mostly at explaining the basics concepts, rather than a fully fledged single player campaign. The game modes differ depending on your position in the food chain, with players shifting from limited authority to complete control over the troops. A Clash of Clans game doesn’t end with the destruction of a base, as it can be rebuilt and action starts all over again.

What is Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans is the most successful game developed by Supercell, an isometric 2D village builder that compels players to use various strategies. Its success is built on the massive community of players, constantly growing due to the free nature of the game. The complexity of Clash of Clans differs greatly, with players starting by hiring and training troops and in the final stages, they join a clan or merge existing ones into an online superpower.

Gameplay of Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is essentially a multiplayer game in which players accumulate resources, such as elixirs and gold. They can be used to train troops, build defenses and protect the camp from the relentless attacks of fellow players. It also encourages participants to join a clan and find strength in numbers because surviving on your own is virtually impossible in the long run.

Attacking other villages is the backbone of the Clash of Clans gameplay, with those who emerge victorious ransacking the town and claiming the resources. Gold serves the purpose of building all sorts of defensive structures, while elixirs and dark elixirs are essential for training and upgrading troops. All the troops available for deploying can be seen in the bottom part of the screen, making it easy for players to keep track of their army movements.

Defending buildings is every bit as important as conquering other villages, with cannons, traps, wizard towers, bombs and archer towers protecting the realm. Walls are also routinely used by players to fortify their positions and they can be upgraded gradually as the troops and village level up. Players accumulate gold and elixirs, but also gems when they complete certain challenges and they can spend them to speed up the training of new troops.

Plot of Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans was not supposed to be a game with a lengthy single player campaign and everything revolves around its fast-paced multiplayer. Having said this, the few missions serving as a basic campaign also have instructive value, as players get familiar with the game mechanics. You don’t learn a great deal about why you should build a village and defend it against other players, but somehow all these actions made perfect sense and are intuitive.

Populating the village is not a time-consuming process and players discover by trial and error how to fortify the establishment. In the latter stages of the game, players can also adorn their walls with architectural improvements and new building types are unlocked. The tutorial is also a smart way of finding your way around, although players need to shift from single player to multiplayer to perform complex maneuvers, such as taking over the Clan Castle.

Screenshot of Clash of Clans. © Supercell
Screenshot of Clash of Clans. © Supercell

The first battles are pitting players against goblins, with barbarians being the basic troops hired to fight these little monsters. Competing against the AI is significantly easier than facing real opponents, so it is only fair to say that the short single player campaign doesn’t prepare you for the challenges ahead.

Development of Clash of Clans

Few people even knew that Clash of Clans was in the making and when it hit the App Store in June 2012, the number of players enjoying the closed beta was relatively small. The game was formally introduced a couple of months later by the main developer and he revealed the fact that a lot of money was invested to create the freemium game. The producers also announced their intention of keeping the game free to play, while allowing players to make real money purchases.

Where can I download Clash of Clans?

The game can now be downloaded from the App Store as well as Google Play for free and there are no charges down the road. The only challenge for beginners is to find good clan names for Clash of Clans and then challenge thousands of competitors online.

What are others saying about Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans had the advantage of appealing to a broad audience due to its simplicity, so it was very popular with the players right from the start. Critics were also enthusiastic about its release, with an average score of 74 out of 100. The game also drew some criticism for the fact that the gameplay is not that challenging and the emphasis is on convincing players to purchase gems for real cash.

The popularity of Clash of Clans increased over the course of time, with more recent reviews elevating the score to as high as 90 out of 100. Developers kept their word and the game is still free to play, although those who are willing to spend real currency have the upper hand over the pack.

Clash of Clans tournaments

Clash of Clans was supposed right from the start to be played against other people and the single player campaign was more of an excuse to get players wired. Even though it is perfectly possible to compete on your own, it is much more exciting to join a clan and take things to the next level. The more members a clan gets, the more likely it is for the group to survive and be successful online, when participating in Clash of Clans tournaments.

Screenshot of Clash of Clans. © Supercell
Screenshot of Clash of Clans. © Supercell

Clans are given a preparation day before they go to work and they got only two chances to attack, so they need to make the most of these opportunities. The winning team receives stars and other rewards, not to mention the coveted bonus war loot when they launch successful attacks. The first major Clash of Clans tournament took place in October 2015 when Supercell held a convention for the game. A team from China beat local favorites, but the tournament will resume in 2017 at the second annual edition.

My rating of Clash of Clans

At the time of its release, Clash of Clans felt like a truly innovative title, with polished game mechanics and a couple of exciting new concepts. Since then, the number of freemium games increased significantly and many of them follow the same basic concepts outlined by Clash of Clans. Even so, it is important to keep in mind that this was one of the pioneers of the genre and back in the day, the isometric 2D graphics were truly impressive.

I don’t spend a lot of time playing games on my mobile device, but if I were to make a commitment for one particular title, Clash of Clans could be it. For its ability to promote new concepts while building on the popularity of existing ideas, Clash of Clans gets a review score of 8.5/10.

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