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Cleartrip is an online travel company from India that offers various booking services. Members can book flights, hotels and holiday packages while occasionally benefiting from discounted prices. The company caters mostly for Indian players, but it has emerged as one of the leading traveling agencies in the Gulf region. It is trying to close the gap separating it from industry leaders such as and Expedia. Locally, it competes for supremacy over the Indian market with MakeMyTrip and OYO Rooms.

Key facts about Cleartrip

  • Cleartrip provides fare alerts to those hunting for the best airfare and hotel prices.
  • Mobile users can rely upon the Expressway feature to make one touch reservations.
  • Cleartrip also provides the possibility for paperless ticket booking with Passbook support.
  • Last minute hotel deals are secured with Quickeys and Waytogo suggest the best traveling solutions.
  • Cleartrip members can pay the full amount at the hotel or make the payment in advance when they book the room.

How does Cleartrip work?

Cleartrip has an extensive list of products and services, although it focuses mainly on booking hotels and flights. Users are invited to choose between the standard web portal and the business ones which comes with corporate travel perks. Local customers can also rely upon the Agent Box traveling tool, when booking on mobile gadgets. Members can browse for the lowest prices on flights and hotels including international airlines, one way and round-trips.

Cleartrip try and booking is used extensively by customers from India and all major train stations are covered. The portal is an invaluable tool for those searching for trains and they can also verify their reservations online. Regardless of the type of reservation, the process is identical and there are three steps to complete. Clients can choose the [email protected] feature which allows them to pay on arrival or make an upfront payment.

Cleartrip bookings also include hotel packages and these are not restricted to India and neighboring countries. Various flight and hotel combinations are available for dozens of destinations all around the world. Small and medium corporate enterprises can tap into the generous Cleartrip for Business offers. They guarantee certain advantages and the possibility of using the online product called AgentBox. This is a godsend for travel agents and companies and includes more than 3000 registered agents nationwide.

Screenshot of Cleartrip Flights Page
Screenshot of Cleartrip Flights Page

The Cleartrip mobile experience

Cleartrip takes mobile booking very seriously and has a specialized app that can be downloaded for free. It works not only on Apple and Android devices but also on Symbian smartphones and tablets. Customers can use it to book seats aboard trains, buses and flights or make hotel reservations. It is possible to make one touch flight bookings that take less than a minute. Information and transactions are protected using the 128 bit SSL encryption technology that obscures any sensitive details.

Searching and booking cheap flights is the thing that this company does best and all popular airlines are covered. IndiGo, Jet Airways, SpiceJet, Air India, Air Asia, Emirates, Etihad, Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Thai Airways, British Airways are all on the list. Paytm, PayZapp, PayU Money, Mobikwik and MasterPass are the accepted payment methods here. The Cleartrip mobile app can be used to reschedule or cancel flight bookings and hotel accommodations.

Cleartrip special offers are sometimes available for those who use smartphones and tablets to make reservations. In most cases, they consist of discounts that don’t exceed 10% on hotel bookings and flight reservations. The best case scenario is for customers to be presented with the option of combining these discounts to reduce the overall cost of vacations. When they do, the cost reduction is significant.

What are others saying about Cleartrip?

Cleartrip is one of the most popular online booking tools for Indian travelers. Their closest rivals are MakeMyTrip and OYO Rooms which offer similar services. While they trail and Expedia at a distance, they offer some services that industry giants don’t. Cleartrip reviews mention the ease of making train and bus reservations as well as the possibility of booking weekend getaways.

Screenshot of Cleartrip Hotel Page
Screenshot of Cleartrip Hotel Page

The online management of bookings is frequently mentioned in reviews, as well as the ease of using the mobile app. The upside of searching for car rental services, flights and hotels is evident when searching for these services on a short notice. Their mobile service is one of the few compatible with Symbian devices, which helped score high points with those using devices powered by this operating system.

Another thing that frequently pops up in Cleartrip reviews is the advantage of traveling paperless. The app is particularly useful to those who seek inexpensive hotels and services and wants to pay on arrival. The [email protected] feature is universally acknowledged as one of their strongest points. Some complaints were in regard with the fact that they don’t offer sufficient information about the hotels. Members sometimes have to visit TripAdvisor and other websites to find more comprehensive reviews.

My rating of Cleartrip

Cleartrip is clearly trying to better itself as an online traveling company. Pun intended. The effort is there, I give them that. However, when you match them against industry leaders such as and Expedia it’s virtually impossible not to notice the differences. Customers from India can find solace in the fact that they offer tailor-made packages and unique perks. If I was in the market for local flights, train and bus tickets, I’d probably be more enthusiastic about their service.

They lack the reach of other companies and are yet to secure the kind of jaw dropping deals that others offer. This is something that they aspire to fix and in time, they might pull it off. To wrap it up, Cleartrip doesn’t do anything essentially wrong and does its best to improve the service. For the time being, they are still a long way behind the leading pack and a review score exceeding 5/10 would be excessive.

Overall Score