Credit Agricole Insurance – Never Miss A Good Night’s Sleep Again

Credit Agricole Insurance – Never Miss A Good Night’s Sleep Again

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Insurance is fast becoming a product that is simply indispensable. There are so many events that can trigger disasters and consumers are better off paying for a little bit of protection. Also, there is nothing that can cause massive financial ruin quite like a disaster that is not insured. This could be an accident, theft, or even third party damage. With the right cover in place, consumers are able to continue with their lives as before or as close to it as possible. Credit Agricole Insurance is one of the most comprehensive insurance product houses and provides customers with a number of options. This review takes a look at these options to see whether it deserves a perfect score.

A bank that offers a surprising insurance range is Bank of Ireland.

About Credit Agricole

Crédit Agricole
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The bank was formed in 1885 and served as an institution that assisted the agricultural sector. During those years, funding was hard to come by. The bank provided an integral service to the population during the onset of the first and second world wars.

In 1963, the bank was finally able to fund itself and when this happened, it was only a matter of time for expansion to take place. One of the things that seemingly held the bank back from growth, was the tumultuous times it always entered. 2008 was another of those, due to the subprime mortgage crash.

Why is Full Disclosure Important When Signing Up for Insurance?

One of the first things a good insurance representative will tell their customers is that they need to provide them with full disclosure of matters pertinent to the insurance type they apply for. This would include things such as whether a vehicle is parked in a secure area at night for car insurance, whether the house has an alarm system for content insurance, etc. This is because there are a number of factors that rely on this information.

It Determines the Premium

Insurance companies ask a number of strategic questions in order to determine the risk of a certain plan. For instance, in the event of Terminal Illness cover, the insurance agency will usually request the medical history of the parents. This information determines the risk category of the client which in turn determines the premium.

They May Have Exclusions on the Policy

If there is a risk that the insurance company decides they don’t want to take on, they have the option to exclude that specific event from a policy. For instance, customers who are racing car drivers may not be able to have the same insurance on their racing vehicles as they would other vehicles in their possession.

The Insurance Company Might Refuse to Pay the Claim

Customers who aren’t upfront with their information, stand the risk of their claim not being paid. This is because the insurance company accepted them into a certain risk profile and the premiums were determined accordingly. Also, the insurance company chooses whether a customer is within a reasonable risk profile for them to take on. If the insurance company only finds out the risk later, they have the right to decline the claim based on these reasons.

Credit Agricole Insurance Product Offerings

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Credit Agricole Car Insurance

Customers who desire their insurance products to be designed around their needs will find this product suitable.

  • This is regarded as one of the best auto insurance products on the market.
  • Furthermore, customers have the benefit of enjoying the Good Driver Advantage.
  • Customers can also request an obligation free quote online.
  • The product offers customers two levels of insurance.
  • There is the option to take out third insurance only. The first is the initial third party and the other regular third party.
  • Also, customers who are part of carpooling clubs have the benefit of their passengers also being covered in the event of a disaster.
  • Finally, customers also have the option to choose an all risk policy. There are two to choose from, the All Risk Initial and the All Risk Integral.

Auto Insurance Young Drivers

The ideal insurance for those who recently got their license, and require an affordable cover. Furthermore, those who carpool have the benefit that their passengers are covered in the event of a disaster.

  • Customers under the age of 31 may apply for this insurance. Also, their driver’s license needs to be less than a year old.
  • The policy offers two levels of coverage. The first is third party insurance and the other is all risks insurance.
  • Finally, customers also enjoy four levels of insurance: Tiers Initial, Tiers Integral, All Initial Risks, and All Risks Integral.

Home Insurance

This cover is adapted to the needs of the homeowners and the tenants. Furthermore, customers enjoy two cover options.

  • Customers have a choice in compensation where their risks are concerned.
  • The insurance provides the assurance of the immediate presence of bank experts in the event of a disaster.
  • Furthermore, the insurance options are available to homeowners of their primary or non-primary residences. There is also cover options for tenants and renting students.
  • The product will cover the relocation costs whether the customer is the tenant or the owner.
  • It also covers the mortgage monthly payments in the event of a large loss for those who are the owners or occupiers.
  • There is also a portion that covers rent losses for the tenant, as well as rent due losses for the owner.
  • The policy includes a roommate cover option as well.
  • Finally, customers are insured when they cause damage to a third party. They are also covered against an accident in the insured accommodation, and assistance services in the event of a disaster.

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Rental Guarantee

Customers who rent out their properties always run the risk of tenants not paying the rent. This cover offers protection against such an event.

  • The cover ensures unpaid rents.
  • Furthermore, there is the assumption of expenses for repairs following damage to property.
  • The rent is insured even in the absence of the tenant, however, this is an optional extra.
  • Finally, customers enjoy legal protection in the event there is a dispute with the tenant.

Remote Monitoring

This option allows customers to protect their home from intruders 24/7. Furthermore, customers enjoy a connected and tailored solution.

  • The product is linked to an intuitive mobile app that grants them real-time feedback.
  • Customers enjoy a guaranteed quality of service.
  • Finally, this is a simple and accessible offer.

Borrower Insurance

Customers who have outstanding loans with institutions and wish to have them settled in the event of serious life events should consider this insurance.

  • This could be an ideal option for those who wish to have cover for the real estate projects.
  • It also offers a flat rate treatment, which is without any condition of loss of income.
  • Furthermore, customers have the peace of mind that they have the full support of their bank.
  • Finally, borrower insurance is mandatory to obtain a mortgage.

Health Insurance

Customers who wish to have the best cover in place should also consider health cover. Furthermore, the plan guarantees that customers are covered immediately even when the formula changes.

  • The policy ensures that customers are exempted from the advanced fee and the majority of their expenses are paid by a third party.
  • Customers also receive a bonus of EUR 50 on their package if they are 50 years and older.
  • Also, customers are rewarded with a EUR 50 loyalty bonus in the third year of the contract.
  • Finally, there are further benefits in the optician's section.

Credit Agricole Health Insurance


Screenshot of Health Insurance Options Credit Agricole

This policy is specifically designed for those who earn a lower income. Also, this policy is designed to make the customer’s life easier.

  • Customers are exempted from the advance of expenses and benefit from a third payer.
  • The policy is suitable for customers regardless of their age.
  • Finally, customers enjoy advantages on their optical expenses.

Life Accident Guarantee

This cover is designed to cover personal accidents. There are 4 different formulas that adapt to each family. Furthermore, there is fast and tailor-made compensation up to EUR 2 million. Finally, customers enjoy assistance services from the 2nd day of detention.

Life Savings Plus

Customers who wish to preserve their heritage should consider this product. The plan is for all persons aged 18 to 64. It offers an evolving contract that molds to the customer’s situation. Finally, there is a special tax for their loved ones.

Warranty Death

Customers benefit from a straightforward death benefit. The cover amount can be between EUR 20,000 and EUR 100,000. Also, customers can adapt the policy to suit their needs.

Warranty Death Couples Solution

This provides support for the remaining spouse in the event of death. Furthermore, both spouses are covered under the same contract and the cover ends on the death of the first, or at the first claim of Total and Permanent Disability. Finally, the cover amounts range between EUR 20,000 and EUR 50,000.

Youth Death

This cover is designed for those under the age of 30. It pays EUR 20,000 to beneficiaries in the event of death. Finally, the policy is available for EUR 3 per month.

Funeral Insurance

Customers who wish to di with dignity should consider this plan. It guarantees capital to pay towards the funeral expenses. Also, customers don’t need to worry about a medical questionnaire. Finally, the plan is available to those between the ages of 40 and 85.

Long Term Care Insurance

This policy is for those who wish to have an income supplement should they become disabled. Also, customers will have assistance services to help them on a daily basis.

Personal Liability Insurance

This cover protects clients against damage to others. Furthermore, this covers the daily and extra activities customers wish to participate in. Finally, this is a simple, no-option contract at a single rate.

All Mobile Insurance

This cover is specifically designed for devices on the go. Furthermore, devices enjoy immediate cover and there are no additional requirements to add others. Finally, devices that are considered include cell phones, laptops, netbooks, PDA, photo and video equipment, and more.

Full Rights Legal Protection

Customers who wish to protect themselves in their daily lives will find this beneficial. Cover includes instances such as the delivery of a damaged item, an ordered item doesn’t arrive, and more. Furthermore, other parts of life that enjoy cover as well is on the job, the customer’s accommodation rights, happenings in the neighborhood, and more.

Leisure Insurance

This is the ideal cover for those who love outdoor activities. Boating, hunting, and caravaning are some of the events covered.

2 Wheeler Insurance

Customers who own a motorcycle, scooter or similar 2-wheel vehicle will find this insurance ideal. Furthermore, customers can choose between the Mini, Median, and Maxi plans.

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Critical Reviews Rating Credit Agricole Insurance – 10 of 10

If there is the opportunity for risk, Credit Agricole has identified it and made risk cover available to their customers. This is an exemplary range of insurance products and sets the bar high for its competitors. In fact, this is the bar against which we now measure the insurance products across the world.

From personal events such as boating or hunting to home cover and secure monitoring, the bank leaves no stone unturned. Gadgets, 2 wheelers, and all the other ordinary insurances are also part of the product bouquet.

Finally, there is simply no reason to find fault with these products. Credit Agricole is upfront with the customer satisfaction ratings. It provides us with a deeper understanding of customer experience. The information is clear and concise and customers know what they’re getting themselves into. It makes this a well-deserved perfect score.

A product that didn't quite make it's perfect score, was the current account range offered by Credit Agricole.