Credit Agricole Investments Review – You Would Never Have Found It On...

Credit Agricole Investments Review – You Would Never Have Found It On Your Own

Screenshot of Some Investment Options Credit Agricole

Investments offer customers just that little bit of an edge that they can’t get from their savings albeit there is more risk. Investments form an integral part of a wealth portfolio and tend to outperform inflation and sometimes even savings accounts. The only problem is that customers can potentially lose the entire investment, even when they’re in the low-risk categories. Credit Agricole Investments provide customers with that little bit extra, or so they claim. This review takes a closer look to see whether these investments live up to the universal investment claim.

A bank that seems to have it all together when it comes to investments, is DBS Bank.

About Credit Agricole

Crédit Agricole
Screenshot of a Portion of Crédit Agricole History

When the doors opened in 1885, it was to provide banking services to the agricultural sector of one of France’s local regions. This soon turned into a service for other sectors and individuals as well. The bank relied heavily on support from the government and also national banks. By the end of both World Wars, the bank had a decent reputation and customers were will to support them more eagerly.

Soon the savings book of the bank was able to support its growth efforts, and the bank also explored the possibility of self-funding. The bank now enjoyed full autonomy and by the end of the sixties, those growth plans were finally on the cards again.

In the eighties, the bank achieved another of its goals. It managed to secure its position under the ambit of the Banking Act. This made it possible for the bank to expand outside of France and further enlarge its territory.

In 2008, the bank had to weather the first of many storms. The economic crisis caused by subprime mortgage investments that have gone bad forced the bank to request a government bailout. But the end was not in sight, as the bank was charged with alleged price fixing of the Euribor. If found guilty, the bank will need to pay a fine if EUR 114 million.

Credit Agricole also seems to have a stellar insurance line, which we recently did a review of.

Credit Agricole Investments Product Offerings

Screenshot Some Investment Options Credit Agricole

Prem Opcimmo

This is the ideal investment opportunity for those who desire access to corporate real estate. Furthermore, this is regarded as a flexible and affordable investment.

  • Customers have access to their assets at any time.
  • The notice period is within 8 days minimum and 2 months maximum.
  • Furthermore, the product is available to all holders of a securities account or life insurance with Credit Agricole.
  • The plan provides customers with the opportunity to diversify their assets.
  • It also provides a potential addition to a recurring income.
  • Finally, it offers the opportunity to build capital for the future.

SCPI Edissimo

Customers have the chance to enhance their assets by investing directly in commercial real estate. Furthermore, it provides the opportunity to subscribe to an SCPI of offices among the leaders in the French market.

  • This is a high-quality asset that provides customers with access to corporate real estate.
  • Also, there is no need for property management and rental for a management fee.
  • This investment includes a fair amount of risk.
  • Finally, customers are recommended to invest in this product for a minimum of 8 years in order to achieve optimal results.

Limited Editions Savings

Customers of Credit Agricole regularly have access to limited edition investments. Furthermore, the bank usually picks a few from various types to offer customers a diverse range.

Amundi Prudent

This option allows customers to remunerate the savings held in their PEA. It then has the annualized performance objective of 2% more than the money markets. Customers are recommended to invest for a minimum of 2 years after taking account of the costs of the investment.

  • Customers who sign up for this product, desire the pursuit of superior performance.
  • The investment carries a higher risk and the chance that customers may lose all their capital.
  • Also, the investment takes place within the tax-efficient framework of the PEA.
  • Finally, the portfolio offers a measured risk of the return balance.

Amundi Patrimoine

Customers who do not enjoy too much exposure but desire a higher return will want to consider this option.

  • The target of this investment is an annualized performance of 5% beyond the capitalized EONIA.
  • Furthermore, customers benefit from the most promising resources.
  • Finally, there is also the flexible and responsive management and adapts easily to market changes.

Amundi Patrimoine PEA

This investment acts within the framework of the PEA. It looks for a sustainable performance that carries low exposure.

  • Customers enjoy optimal management to ensure a flexible and responsive portfolio.
  • This investment carries a specific framework for risk management.
  • Finally, this investment does not offer a capital or performance guarantee, which could result in losses for the investor.

Amundi Actions PME

This investment type benefits from the growth experienced in SME markets. This includes small and intermediate sized businesses.

  • Customers have access to the development of the potential of SMEs and ETIs.
  • Furthermore, it also includes a possible subscription under the new PEA-PME framework and also the PEA.
  • Finally, this investment is managed by fund managers who specialize in Small and Medium Capitalisation.

Amundi Valeurs Durables

This investment focuses on an environment theme. Furthermore, these are companies that develop green technologies.

  • Customers get to benefit from opportunities for green technology.
  • Also, these investments emphasize a company’s good environmental, social, and governance practices.
  • Finally, customers invest in conviction management.

SCPI Pinel

This allows customers to invest in newly renovated residential rental property. Furthermore, customers benefit from the tax advantages of the Pinel system.

  • This is an indirect investment in new residential property or rehabilitated areas that are in high demand.
  • Furthermore, customers enjoy an income tax reduction of 18% which is spread over 9 years.
  • Finally, customers have simple access to real estate with a EUR 10,000 buy-in with management delegation.

Stock Savings Plan

This is a dynamic savings solution that takes place in a privileged fiscal framework.

  • Customers have access to the unique dynamic effect of the French or European markets.
  • Furthermore, this plan is tax advantageous after 5 years.
  • Finally, there is also the possibility of a tax-free income after 8 years.

SME Savings Plan (SME PEA)

This investment takes place in a dynamic fiscal framework while leveraging off the SME markets.

  • The investment affords customers the opportunity to take advantage of the dynamic potential of French and European SMEs and ETIs.
  • Also, this investment carries tax advantages after 5 years.
  • Finally, there is the possibility of a tax-free income after 8 years.

Standard Account

Customers can take advantage of all the financial markets while using the same account. Also, this account allows customers to choose with or without a subscription.

Stock Markets Savings Plan

This is simple and customized savings at its best. Furthermore, customers don’t need to worry about management concerns. There is also the smoothing of stock market changes over time. Finally, customers benefit from a diversified portfolio to minimize their risk.

Vendome Privilege

This account allows customers to entrust the management of their securities portfolio to professionals.

  • Customers enjoy a high-end service.
  • Furthermore, there is a selection of Credit Agricole Group mutual funds and other renowned management companies.
  • Customers also have the choice among 7 management orientations.
  • Finally, there is a personalized telephone reception service available to clients.

Vendome Heritage

This product allows customers to delegate the management of their PEA to experts of the management company CA Indosuez Gestion.

  • Customers enjoy a simplified portfolio management service that starts from EUR 20,000.
  • The product also provides personalized advice.
  • Furthermore, there is a pick of Credit Agricole Group mutual funds.
  • Finally, customers have the choice between 2 management orientations.

Online Stock Market

This allows customers to follow and manage their portfolios themselves. Furthermore, they can also check on their portfolio 24 hours a day.

  • Customers can make online orders and save money and time.
  • The daily analysis of the experts is available to clients.
  • Furthermore, customers can create a virtual portfolio.
  • Finally, the account allows customers to follow Euronext courses in real time.

Solidarity – CA Habitat and Humanism

This is a 3-in-1 savings that allow customers access to performance research, social impact and income sharing with the Habitat and Humanism Association.

  • This investment offers flexibility and responsiveness to market conditions.
  • Customers can also participate in the development of the social and solidarity economy.
  • It promotes the autonomy of people in difficult. This takes place by offering them access to decent, low-rent housing.
  • Finally, customers benefit from a tax reduction in return for sharing with the association.

Solidarity – Turning Against Hunger

This investment helps the fight against hunger and those who need basics to recover.

  • Customers can take advantage of flexibility and responsiveness to market conditions.
  • It allows them to participate in the development of the social and solidarity economy.
  • Also, customers benefit from a tax reduction in return for sharing with the association.

Life Insurance Products

These include the following:

  • Life Insurance
  • Predissime 9 Series 2
  • Life Insurance Cap Decouverte
  • Floriane 2
  • Life Insurance Towards the Future
  • Space Freedom 3
  • Predivie Transmission
  • People’s Retirement Savings Plan
  • Amundi Life

Customers who are not too keen to get their hands dirty with risky investments should consider the savings options at Credit Agricole.

Critical Reviews Rating Credit Agricole Investments – 9 of 10

Screenshot Service Offering Credit Agricole

There can hardly be a more comprehensive list of investment products than this one. Customers go into these investments with enough information to make the right choices. Furthermore, there are also investments for those who wish to have a smaller exposure to risk.

The only detractor from a perfect score is the fact that the investments are hidden among the savings accounts. This could cause potential clients to look for investments with other institutions.

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