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After the economic disaster that rocked the world in 2008, there isn’t much that banks can get away with nowadays. Crédit Agricole is no different as it’s recently received a ruling from the Competition Authorities in Brussels of a pending fine. Although this inquiry has been ongoing for quite some time, Crédit Agricole appealed before and intend on appealing again.

If found guilty of colluding in price fixing the Euribor interest rate, they have to pay a fine of €114 million. This will hit the coffers hard and may have dire implications on their ratings and customer confidence. For now, this review has a look to see how the bank compares to its peers, in this case, Deutsche Bank.

History of Crédit Agricole

Crédit Agricole
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As the name suggests, the bank started off as a finance institution to help farmers. The implementation of the Act of 1884 led to the start of Société de Crédit Agricole de l’arrondissement de Poligny in 1885. The founder, Louis Milcent, saw the need for an institution of this nature in the Jura region.

It wasn’t until 1894, however, that the local Crédit Agricole branches were founded by members of farm cooperatives. Without the backing of the state, the banks soon ran out of funds and required state intervention. Banque de France was required to inject a sum into the regional banks. By 1899, a new banking structure was birthed.

The turn of the century and the onslaught of war required that regional banks still rely on state funds for continuation. It wasn’t until 1920 that the bank received autonomy and a central clearing organization for the Regional Banks was created. This allowed Crédit Agricole to create the pyramid structure it is known for even today.

After WWI the bank was given the authority to grant loans to small rural tradesmen. The bank also increased its footprint across France. Financial turmoil followed in the thirties, and from this the Joint Deposit Guarantee Fund was birthed.

WWII soon followed and the Vichy regime caused tighter controls over the banking operations. Furthermore, the circumstances of the war were the root of the five-year note. After the war, the bank managed to attract further savings. It also experienced an expansion into the rest of the country. Long-term bonds were a favorite among the locals. Once the bank was able to fund its own reserves, it became self-financing in 1963, untying the purse strings from state coffers.

Soon after, the bank received full financial autonomy, which allowed it to expand its operations globally and financially. It wasn’t until 1984 that the bank was brought under the Banking Act, however. Before this, it still operated under France’s Rural Code.

The decade before and after the new millennium proved to be a period of growth and acquisition. The group was established and the various decisions affirmed. Important sales also took place. In 2008, the bank experienced quite a blow with the financial downturn caused by the subprime mortgage situation.

For the years following the crisis, the bank would experience losses of billions of euros. Investors also came forward to sue many of the financial institutions, and Crédit Agricole was not spared from this pain. The bank received a €3 million bailout from the French Government. In 2009 it announced that it would pay back the funds. The years that followed were tumultuous at best, however, the bank managed to stay focused on their goals.

Access to Crédit Agricole  

Online Banking

The bank uses a state of the art online banking system which allows customers to access their accounts on the go. Furthermore, many of the products can also be applied for online.

A bank that revolutionizes the way online banking happens, is Synchrony Bank. We recently did a review.


Crédit Agricole
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The bank enjoys a vast representation globally and in France. There are 39 regional banks and over 7000 branches in France alone. The branches provide customers with traditional and modern banking options. There is always the lurking possibility that allow banks will offer only digital options in future, but for the time being the branches remain.


Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia.


China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan.

North America

Canada and the United States


Australia and New Caledonia

South America

Brazil and Uruguay

Middle East

Liban and the United Arab Emirates

Crédit Agricole Personal Banking Product Offerings

Crédit Agricole
Screenshot of Some Personal Banking Products Crédit Agricole

Bank Accounts

Compte À Composer

This service allows customers to personalize their accounts. Furthermore, this package provides a degressive rate depending on the number of services the customer chooses.

  • Customers have unlimited account operations, such as transfers, withdrawals, and more.
  • The account also includes SMS and email alerts.
  • Furthermore, customers can access the account via telephone, internet, or mobile banking.
  • The accounts provide customers with different options for payment, such as checkbooks and cards.
  • Finally, the package provides additional services such as insurances and special offers.

There is very little information on the actual types of checking accounts with the bank. Customers can choose from a variety of card options.

Home Loans

There are a number of great products here and we recently did a full review.

Credit Facilimmo

This home loan affords potential homeowners with the opportunity to purchase their dream property with complete peace of mind.

  • The loan enjoys a 4-month grace period after the release of the funds.
  • Furthermore, the loan provides some flexibility. Customers can modulate their monthly installments by up to 30% of their monthly payments.
  • There is also the option to suspend the monthly payments for up to 6 months.
  • Finally, during those difficult times, customers can reduce the number of their monthly payments by half for up to 12 months.

Home Buying and Selling Solutions

This option is ideal for clients who are looking to sell their existing property and purchase another. There are many different options to look into, as well as great services offerings. Furthermore, this takes care of that period where finance of the new property depends on the sale of the old one.

Investment Habitat Solutions

This solution is a great fit for those who wish to expand their asset portfolio. Furthermore, this option provides customers with the option to generate a rental income. Also, customers have access to a property investment professional.

Loan at Zero Rate

This loan is only available to first-time homebuyers and is subject to the income of the application. Furthermore, this provides homebuyers with the chance to purchase a property and only have to worry about the capital repayments. Also, certain terms and conditions apply.

Eco Loan with Zero Rate

In an effort to allow customers to make energy-efficient improvements to their homes, this loan provides interest-free access to funds. Furthermore, the borrowings are restricted to a maximum of €30,000. This also depends on the nature and importance of the work envisaged.

Social Access Loan

This loan is suitable for those who require personalized housing assistance. Furthermore, this loan is competitive to others offered in the market. Also, customers may qualify for funding of up to 100% of their principal residence.

Works Loan

This option is suitable for the customer who works from home. Furthermore, the loan depends on the use of the dwelling and the nature of the works. There are three different options:

  1. The Classic Works Loan
  2. The Housing Savings Loan
  3. Specific Loans for Energy-Saving Work

Consumer Loans

Ready to Use Loans

This is the ideal loan to assist customers in financing their personal projects. Furthermore, the loan can be used to complete small projects, plan a vacation, and more. Also, customers will enjoy flexible payments. These loans also do not require customers to submit a proof of purchase, which means the use of the loan is up to the customer.

Ready to Use Auto Loans

With this loan, customers have the option to partially or fully finance the purchase of a vehicle. They also have access to a possible carry over of the first monthly installment.

  • Customers have access to a one-month grace period once a year without increasing the number or amount of the installments.
  • Furthermore, early redemption of the loan is possible without charge.
  • Finally, customers have access to flexible repayments.

Rental or Purchase Option for a Boat through Unimer

Customers have access to the optimization of the assets through the exemption of VAT. Furthermore, this is according to the use of the boat and the equipment. Unimer also finances sailing sets and navigation equipment.

Energy Saving Loan

This loan is suitable for customers who wish to take on minor energy-saving projects. This could include small changes around the house or outdoors.

Mosaic Drivers License Loan

This loan is suitable for those who wish to enroll in their driving license training. Furthermore, this is an interest-free loan.

  • Customers have access to a supplementary loan in the event that they should fail a practical examination.
  • The permit for 1 EUR per day is reserved for persons between the ages of 15 and 25.
  • Also, the amount of the loan cannot exceed the estimation by the school.
  • Finally, customers only pay what they borrowed and the installments are 30 EUR per month.

Mozaic Student Loan

This loan is suitable for those who require finance for higher education. Furthermore, these loans are at preferential rates. Also, the loan covers the tuition costs and everyday life issues that may come up during the study period.

Good Loc Locator Loan

This loan is ideal for homeowners who wish to find suitable tenants for their properties. With this products, Crédit Agricole does all the hard work and takes in the necessary security deposit on behalf of the customer. Furthermore, by the time the customer meets the tenants, the tenants can provide them with a file filled with all the required documents.

The Young Auto Loan

This loan is suitable for young people who wish to finance all or part of a vehicle purchase. Furthermore, the vehicle can be any model, new or used.

A full review on these products was recently done.

Insurance Products

Car Insurance

This type of insurance offers two levels of coverage. Furthermore, it offers customers a bespoke package that will match their needs perfectly.

Mozaic Car Insurance

This solution is ideal for the youth, as it is modeled around their risk profiles. Furthermore, this solution is ideal for those under the age of 31 who have their driving license for under a year. The insurance also covers two levels of insurance, which are third party and all risks.

2 Wheel Insurance

This option is suitable for those who drive around on two wheels, such as motorcycles and scooters.

  • Customers have a choice between mini, median, and maxi.
  • Body protection of the driver is in inclusion on all the formulas.
  • Also, there are a variety of options for cover that is adapted to the customer’s needs.

Home Insurance

This type of insurance is adapted to the needs of the owners and tenants. Furthermore, customers can choose between 2 different coverage options.

  • Customers have access to the immediate presence of experts should they experience damage.
  • There are also flexible offers in the choice of compensation.

Rental Guarantee

This option is suitable for those who wish to take advantage of their rental income. Furthermore, this insurance covers the event of unpaid rent.

  • The option is open to natural or legal persons who own unfurnished real estate and rent it to individuals.
  • Also, this includes the assumption of expenses for repairs following damage to property.
  • Finally, it also offers legal protection in case of a dispute with a tenant.

Remote Monitoring

This option is critical for those who wish to protect their loved ones and valuables from intruders. Furthermore, it offers 24/7 coverage.

  • A bespoke solution for customers.
  • Furthermore, this is a guaranteed quality of service.
  • Also, a simple and accessible offer.
  • Finally, customers have access to an intuitive mobile application.

Health Insurance

This cover takes place immediately, even when there are changes in the formula. Also, customers are exempted from the advanced fee on most of the expenses paid by a third party.

  • Customers receive a bonus of €50 on their package if they are 50 years and over.
  • Furthermore, customers are rewarded with a €50 loyalty bonus on their package in the third year of the contract.
  • The plan allows customers to benefit from many advantages where their optical expenses are concerned.
  • Finally, this is the ideal policy for anyone under the age of 75, as no medical questionnaire is requested.

Crédit Agricole Health Insurance

This option provides an affordable solution to those who may not have had access to health insurance before. Furthermore, customers are exempted from the advance of expenses to third parties.

  • Customers have access to many exclusive offers over their optical expenses.
  • This plan is suitable for low-income households, regardless of age.
  • Finally, there are no exclusions as there is no medical questionnaire.

Long Term Care Insurance

This insurance is suitable for those who will need an additional source of income should they become dependent.

  • Customers have access to assistance services to help on a daily basis.
  • Furthermore, they have access to a personalized training program from the age of 50.
  • Also, the website offers practical advice and information.


This insurance provides customers with peace of mind that they have access to 24/7 assistance, as they have access to the hotline. This is also a simple system to use.

  • Customers enjoy the immediate alert of relatives, doctor, and/or emergency services.
  • A contract that takes the various life stages into account.

Life Savings Plus

This policy provides customers with the ability to ensure the future of their loved ones in the event of death. Furthermore, this also preserves their heritage.

  • Customers enjoy a permanently evolving contract according to their situation.
  • This may also have tax benefits to loved ones.
  • Furthermore, the policy is suitable for those between the ages of 18 and 64.

Warranty Death Plan

This policy is designed to protect the future of loved ones in the event of death.

  • This policy offers the option to choose a guaranteed capital option between €20,000 and €100,000.
  • Customers are also able to adapt their contract to suit their individual needs.

Warranty Death Couples Solution

This is a simple solution to protect loved ones in the event of the death of one of the spouses.

  • This policy allows both spouses to be insured on the same contract. Furthermore, this is for reciprocal protection.
  • Also, the contract ends on the first death or total and irreversible loss of autonomy.
  • Customers can choose a guaranteed capital between €20,000 and €50,000.
  • Finally, customers can adapt the contract at any time as their personal situation changes.

Youth Death Benefit Guarantee

This policy is specifically designed for those under the age of 30. Furthermore, it guarantees a capital of €20,000 paid to the beneficiaries in the event of death.

  • Customers only pay a premium of €3 per month.
  • Furthermore, customers need to sign a declaration of good health.

Tranquility Funeral Plan

This provides loved ones access to services and funds required to arrange a funeral.

  • Customers are assured of guaranteed capital to cover all or part of their funeral expenses.
  • Furthermore, there is no medical questionnaire.
  • Also, loved ones have access to funeral experts should the need arise.

Life Accident Guarantee

This cover is specifically designed for the event of death due to an accident. Furthermore, the plan makes use of 4 different formulas adapted to each family.

  • Customers have access to fast and tailored compensation of up to €2 million.
  • Furthermore, the cover doesn’t only cover death, but also severe cases of tissue damage and disability.

Personal Liability Insurance

This type of insurances protects customers in their personal capacities for damage done to third parties.

  • Customers have the means to manage the financial consequences of damage to others.
  • Furthermore, this includes coverage of civil liability.
  • Finally, this is a simple, fuss-free contract at a fixed rate.

Legal Protection Full Rights

Customers who wish to have access to coverage where their rights are concerned will find this option suitable. Furthermore, it extends to all parts of daily life such as work, in the neighborhood, the retail environment, and more.

  • Customers have cover for everyday problems.
  • Furthermore, this policy provides progressive legal support.

Leisure Insurance

Taking a trip or going on vacation should happen with the customer’s peace of mind intact. Furthermore, customers have access to immediate 24/7 support.

  • Holidays that include camping, hunting, nd more.
  • Customers have access to well-researched formulas for their coverage.

All Mobile Insurance

This insurance is suitable for those who wish to insure their portable electronics under 5 years. These could include items such as phones, laptops, and more.

  • Customers have access to a simple contract. Furthermore, this means that the devices don’t have to be specified when the insurance is taken out.
  • Also, there is no additional step to take for further purchases.

Borrower’s Insurance

This insurance is crucial for those who have debt and wish to protect their loved ones and assets. Furthermore, the policy provides quality protection to accompany customers in their real estate projects.

  • The policy provides a flat-rate option without any condition of loss of income.
  • Furthermore, this provides the simplicity of management and the certainty of being supported by the bank.

Aggravated Health Risk

This type of insurance is suitable for those who require life and disability insurance, however, normally don’t qualify due to poor health.

Savings Accounts

Crédit Agricole
Screenshot of Some Savings Products Crédit Agricole

Savings Book

The savings products enjoy a comprehensive review.

Livret A

This savings account provides account holders with access to a simple savings vehicle. Furthermore, the account is accessible to anyone.

  • The account provides guaranteed compensation.
  • Also, customers have instant access to their funds.
  • The account carries no fees.
  • Customers can open the account with as little as €10, with a maximum of €22950.
  • Finally, the interest earned on the account is tax free.

Savings Account

An account that allows customers to save without limits. Furthermore, the account allows instant access to the funds.

  • The account provides free transactions.
  • Furthermore, the account is known for secure savings.
  • Finally, the interest is taxable.

Sustainable Development Boooklet (LDDS)

This account provides customers with flexible and efficient precautionary savings. Furthermore, the capital is guaranteed.

  • The interest is tax exempt.
  • Also, customers have access to the funds at all times.
  • Finally, the account doesn’t levy any fees.

Agri Project

This account is suitable for those who wish to put money aside for agricultural installations. Furthermore, the nature of the account prohibits account holders to have more than one of these accounts.

  • The capital in the account is 100% guaranteed.
  • Furthermore, customers have access to the account at any time.
  • Also, there are no fees charged on the account.
  • Finally, interest earned on the account are taxable.

Savings Account (LEP)

This account is to inspire those who earn in the lower income ranges to save more of their income. Furthermore, it offers a higher interest rate to these customers.

  • The funds are available to use at any time.
  • Furthermore, the capital is guaranteed.
  • Also, the interest is tax exempt.
  • Finally, the account carries no fees and the capital is guaranteed.

Young Mozaic Booklet

This account is a great way to get youth to start saving. The account provides a competitive interest rate. Furthermore, customers will enjoy free savings.

  • Customers have access to their funds.
  • Also, the capital is guaranteed in the account.
  • Finally, there is no tax on the interest earned in this account.

Tiwi Booklet

Customers who wish to get their children accustomed to saving will find this account to be the ideal starting point. Furthermore, this account can be opened on behalf of the client from birth.

  • Customers will enjoy the benefit of savings as their children grow.
  • Account holders have access to the account at any time.
  • Furthermore, the account is suitable for those under the age of 12.
  • Finally, the account requires a minimum balance of €10 and can hold a maximum of €1,600.

Livret Sociétaires

This is a savings account that allows contributors to save towards a local project. Furthermore, the savings are available at any time.

Housing Savings

PEL Housing Savings Plan

This plan is the ideal solution for those who wish to put savings aside to purchase property. Furthermore, customers have the benefit of an extra percent when they sign up for a savings home loan.

  • Customers enjoy tax benefits with this account.
  • Furthermore, the account enjoys a 100% capital guarantee.
  • The account carries no charges.
  • Finally, the account has a fixed term and customers may incur costs should they wish to access the funds beforehand.

CEL Housing Savings Account

Customers who wish to save up their cash but not experience any restrictions will find this account advantageous. Furthermore, it provides great benefits when applying for a loan when the circumstances are right.

  • Customers enjoy a competitive interest rate as well as a state premium in the event of a loan.
  • Also, the funds are available at all times.
  • Finally, the interest earned on the account is tax exempt.

Life Insurance Investments

Life Savings Insurance

This is a long-term savings account that provides security for loved ones. Furthermore, this can also act as a supplementary income at retirement.

  • The opportunity to invest in diversified portfolios such as bonds, shares, and more.
  • Also, customers can gradually build up their capital or add to existing capital.
  • Finally, this option allows customers to link it to a life insurance policy.

Future Life Insurance

This is a life insurance contract that is reserved for children. Furthermore, the policy provides accessible payments.

Cap Discovery Life Insurance

This is a product that is simple, accessible, and flexible. Furthermore, it provides customers with the means to build up capital without hassles.

Predissime 9

Customers who wish to gradually build up their capital or increase their existing capital will find this to be the perfect solution.

Real Estate Investments

Prem Opcimmo

Customers will have simplified and indirect access to corporate real estate with this account. Furthermore, this is a flexible and affordable way to invest. Customers have access to their assets when needed. Also, this process takes between 8 days and 2 months.

SCPI Edissimmo

With this account, customers will invest indirectly in commercial real estate within Edissimmo SCPI. Furthermore, customers will subscribe to an SCPI of offices that are regarded among the leaders of the French market. Finally, customers have the peace of mind that they don’t have to be concerned about property management and rental, for a management fee.


These are professionally managed, diversified portfolios of securities that provide customers simple access to the stock market. Furthermore, customers receive the benefit of experienced specialists. Finally, this provides a further diversification of savings.

Limited Editions of Savings

These are time offers that come up once in a while to allow customers access to unique additions to their portfolios. Furthermore, these are handpicked by specialists due to their past performance.

Amundi Prudent

This account allows customers to earn a rate of up to 2% higher than the money market rate, as they benefit from the savings held in their PEA. Furthermore, this takes place after a minimum of 2 years after taking costs into consideration.

  • The account provides customers with access to superior performance for their investments.
  • Furthermore, this account carries a higher risk of capital loss.
  • Also, the solution is designed for a minimum period of 2 years.
  • Finally, the portfolio is a balanced measure or risk vs return.

Amundi Patrimoine

Customers who require incredible performance with as little exposure as possible will find this account to be suitable. Furthermore, this account carries a target annual performance of 5% above the capitalized EONIA.

  • Customers benefit from the most promising resources.
  • Also, the account carries flexible and responsive management for continuous market adaptation.
  • Finally, customers have access to all the information through the online portal.

Amundi Patrimoine PEA

This account provides customers with a sustainable performance within the framework of the PEA. Furthermore, it looks for the least exposed possibilities to the reversal of the financial markets.

  • Customers enjoy conviction managerment in a flexible and responsive portfolio.
  • Also, there is a specific framework for risk management.

Amundi SME Shares

Customers who wish to benefit from the growth of SMEs will find this portfolio to suit their needs. Furthermore, this portfolio consists of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the Euro area.

  • There is a possible subscription under the new PEA-PME framework.
  • Also, customers have access to a management team that specializes in the sector.

Amundi Sustainable Values

This account provides customers with the opportunity to invest in green technologies. Furthermore, this allows customers to help sustainability even with their investments.

  • The emphasis here is placed on companies that focus on green technologies.
  • Furthermore, this emphasizes companies’ good environmental, social, and governance practices.

SCPI Pinel

This investment portfolio allows customers to invest indirectly in new or renovated residential rental property. Furthermore, they will benefit from Pinel tax advantages.

Securities Accounts

Stock Savings Plan

With these plans, customers have access to a dynamic savings solution. Furthermore, this is provided in a privileged fiscal framework.

  • Customers have access to French or European equity markets.
  • Furthermore, this plan becomes tax advantageous after 5 years.
  • Finally, customers may have the possibility of a tax-free income after 8 years.

SME Savings Plan (SME PEA)

Customers have access to investment in the SME sector. Furthermore, this takes place in a privileged fiscal framework.

  • This type of investment provides customers with access to the French and European SMEs and ETIs.
  • Furthermore, the investment as tax benefits after 5 years.
  • Finally, customers enjoy the possibility of a tax-free income after 8 years.

Standard Account

With this account, customers have access to the potential of all financial markets within one account.

  • Customers choose whether to have the account with or without subscription. This gives the freedom to choose whether they add monthly payments automatically, or when they choose.
  • Also, this is a single account to manage all financial investments.

Stock Market Savings Plan

This account offers simple and customized programmed savings. Furthermore, customers have no management concerns and there is a smoothing of stock market changes over time. Finally, customers also benefit from a diversified portfolio to minimize risk.

Vendome Privilege

Customers who wish to entrust the management of their securities to professionals will find this option to be suitable.

Vendome Patrimoine

Customers who have at least €20,000 they wish to have managed will enjoy access to experts from CA Indosuez Gestion.

Online Stock Market

This option allows customers to track and follow their portfolios themselves. Also, they are able to transact 24 hours a day.

  • Customers save time and money through online orders.
  • Furthermore, daily analysis and fact sheets are available.
  • Also, customers can create a virtual portfolio.
  • Finally, customers are able to follow the Euronext courses in real time.

Socially Responsible Investments

Solidarity CA Habitat and Humanities

Customers will have access to savings that combine performance research, social impact, and income sharing with the Habitat and Humanities association.

  • Customers can take advantage of flexibility and responsiveness to market conditions.
  • Furthermore, they can participate in the development of the social and solidarity economy.
  • Also, this promotes the autonomy of people in difficult situations by providing them with access to decent, low-rent housing.
  • Finally, this provides benefit from a tax reduction in return for sharing with the association.

Solidarity – Turning Against Hunger

Customers have access to an investment that combines performance research, social impact, and income sharing with the Food Banks.

  • This allows customers to participate in the development of the social and solidarity economy.
  • Furthermore, customers can take advantage of flexibility and responsiveness to market conditions.
  • Also, this investment allows customers to contribute to the fight against hunger and helping the most deprived to recover.
  • Finally, there is a tax benefit in return for sharing with the association.

Amundi Sustainable Values

This account provides customers with the benefits of investing in green technologies. Furthermore, this emphasizes companies’ good environmental, social, and governance practices.

Crédit Agricole Professional Banking Product Offerings

Crédit Agricole
Screenshot of Professional Banking Home Page Crédit Agricole

Current Account

Pro Composer Account

Customers who wish to have an account that adapts to their needs will find this account to be ideal. Furthermore, the offer adapts as the account grows and evolves. Also, customers benefit from a personal interview with an account specialist.



This option allows customers to streamline their online payments. Furthermore, this option includes the securing of these online payments.

  • There is a back office to manage and follow the customer’s activity.
  • Also, customers have access to account professionals.
  • This option allows customers to boost their sales on the internet.

The E-Commerce Pack

With this package, customers have access to a simple and intuitive website creation platform. Furthermore, this option provides more than 310 B2C and B2B features.

  • Customers have access to personalized training and assistance. This will also assist customers throughout the creation and management of their site.
  • Furthermore, customers have access to web marketing and customer loyalty tools.
  • There is also a native integration of e-
  • Finally, this product provides a turnkey solution.


Financing Business Creation

Loan Creator

This loan helps customers finance their installations and equipment. The loan also assists customers in preserving their cash flow.

  • Customers have access to personalized funding.
  • Furthermore, there are also lower personal guarantees.
  • Finally, the loan covers items such as office automation, vehicles, equipment, and more.

Loan Buyer

Customers who wish to take on a recovery project will find this loan to meet their needs.

  • This loan provides customers with tailored financing.
  • Furthermore, customers don’t have to worry about a personal deposit.
  • Finally, this is the ideal loan for those who wish to take over a business.

Pro Launcher Loan

This option allows customers to take advantage of financing at competitive interest rates. Furthermore, they don’t require a warranty.

  • Customers will be able to limit the cost of their credit.
  • Furthermore, they will limit their warranties.
  • They will also be able to consolidate their financing plans and preserve their treasury.

Medium to Long-Term Financing

Ready To Fly

This type of loan provides the customer with flexibility when it comes to the repayment of their loans. Furthermore, this is the ideal loan type for customers who experience income fluctuations throughout the year.

Classic Credit

With this finance option, customers will be able to finance their professional investments. This is also bespoke financing with a fixed or adjustable rate. Finally, these are medium-term loans that run between two to fifteen years.


Long-Term Rental

This option optimizes the management of professional vehicles. Also, customers will enjoy the benefits of turnkey services.

  • This option allows customers to always have access to newer models that are always well-maintained.
  • Furthermore, this option allows optimal security for the employees.
  • Also, this allows customers to manage their costs.

Rental with the Option to Purchase – Professionals

Customers will have access to 100% finance for their professional vehicles. This option also helps them to preserve their cash.

  • This option provides customers with total and personalized funding.
  • Furthermore, it also provides customers with an advantageous tax system.


This option allows customers to finance their capital goods and preserve their cash.

  • Customers have access to total and personalized funding.
  • Also, it is an advantageous tax system.

Real Estate

Customers benefit from a flexible and tailored financing solution for their professional real estate.

  • This option is tailored financing that is adapted to the nature of the real estate project.
  • Also, this allows customers to optimize the company’s resources. Furthermore, it provides finance for up to 100% of the real estate expenses, and more.
  • Finally, the option covers new or old properties, renovations, or building projects.


Financing of Cash Requirements

With this option, customers are able to finance their cash needs. Furthermore, this provides the means to open credit in the current account.

  • Customers will have access to short-term finance.
  • Furthermore, they will benefit from a professional
  • There is also the receivables service and preference options that include factoring solutions.


This is a bespoke financing solution that provides cash within 24 hours of approval. Furthermore, this loan is for one-time cash needs.

  • The account provides customers with 100% online management.
  • There is also flexibility of use, no commitment, and no minimum threshold.
  • Finally, customers have access to a stimulus service up to 30 days after the due date of the invoices.

Pre-Financing of the Tax Credit for Competitiveness and Employment (CICE)

This option provides customers with funding to improve their competitiveness among other companies. Furthermore, this loan type is available to customers who employ employees.

Preference Factoring Package

Customers who have recurring cash flow needs will find this option to be ideal. Also, this is a complete factoring service at a controlled cost.

  • Customers are able to put forward their French and European client portfolios.
  • Furthermore, the first assignment of invoices take place as soon as the contract is signed.
  • Finally, this process can take as little as 24 hours.


Crédit Agricole
Screenshot of Investment Options Crédit Agricole

Cash Surplus

Term Deposit (DAT)

This investment type provides customers with the option to deposit their surplus funds over a period of time. Furthermore, the interest rate will be made known to them in advance.

  • Customers have the choice between several fixed durations.
  • Furthermore, they will know the remuneration conditions when they open the account.
  • Also, the account provides a capital guarantee.
  • Finally, customers can choose to receive their interest monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Excess Pro Booklet

This account provides customers with a safe and accessible investment option. Furthermore, they receive annual compensation on the account.

Amundi Performance Plus

Customers who wish to put their funds away over the medium term will find this to a be a suitable option.

  • Customers have access to a broad and diversified investment portfolio. Furthermore, this allows them to explore various sources of performance.
  • Also, the account provides flexible management which adapts to market conditions.
  • Finally, this investment process has a proven track record through several market cycles.

Investment of Surplus Cash

Customers have access to DAT, SICAV, or FCP options. Furthermore, these investment terms are short- to medium-term.

Amundi Cash Corporate

This account is the ideal investment vehicle for day-to-day surpluses. Furthermore, the account is accessible as it provides subscriptions in thousandths of a share.

  • Customers have access to availability and flexibility. Also, the daily subscriptions and redemptions are at no charge.
  • Finally, this investment type is looking for performance superior to Eonia capitalized after the deduction of current costs.

Amundi 12 M

This option provides customers with the means to deposit their surplus funds for 12 months.

  • Customers who choose this account wish to have an annual performance that is superior to a regular money market account.
  • Furthermore, the account provides availability and flexibility. Also, the daily subscriptions and redemptions are at no cost.
  • There is a rigorous selection of signatures.
  • Finally, customers are assured of a strong international geographic diversification.

Amundi 12 – 24 M

Customers who wish to invest their funds for more than 12 months will find this account ideal.

  • This is the ideal account for those who wish to have an investment that performs better than money
  • Furthermore, this investment uses two complementary sources of performance, which are credit premiums and interest rate premiums.
  • Also, this provides customers with a flexible approach to take advantage of different market conditions.

Life Investment Policies


This is a suitable policy for professionals.

  • This is a pro formula that is simple and accessible from inception.
  • Furthermore, this follows a premium pro formula which favors broad asset diversification.
  • Customers will have access to valued and available capital in case of need.
  • The account also provides the possibility of obtaining an additional fixed income at any time.
  • Finally, there are certain tax framework advantages.

Predissime 9

This is an insurance product for the customer’s projects.

  • Customers have a plan that allows the capital to build and value itself.
  • Also, the taxation takes place for life insurance.


Customers will have access to the opportunities of the financial markets with this option.

  • This is an investment solution for those who want to maximize their retirement savings.
  • Furthermore, this product allows the flexible and customized management of capital of the contract.
  • Also, there is a wide range of units.
  • Customers can also rest assured that there is a transfer of capital in the event of death. This is secured by the supplementary guarantee.

Space Freedom 2

This type of investment allows customers access to markets according to their expertise and investment exposure.

  • Customers can choose between the free and pilot more.
  • There is also a specific tax framework.

Predivie Transmission

Customers who choose this option benefit from a tax advantage of 20% on the transfer of their capital. Furthermore, this investment supports the real economy. Finally, customers have the chance to manage their policy in complete freedom.

Other Investments

  • Retirement Savings
  • Responsible Investments
  • Real Estate Investments

Crédit Agricole Agricultural Banking Product Offerings

Crédit Agricole
Screenshot of Agricultural Banking Home Page Crédit Agricole

Current Accounts

Agri Account

This is an account designed specifically for those in the agricultural sector. Furthermore, the account adapts with the customer’s needs.

  • Customers benefit from a personal interview with an advisor.
  • Furthermore, customers will have various needs assessed to ensure the account provides the correct product mix.


Agri clients have access to many of the finance products professionals have, however, there are a few unique packages specifically for their segment.

Installation Financing

MTS-JA Enhanced Loan

This is a regulated rate loan for young farmers. Also, this loan helps young farmers settle down and get equipment in the best possible condition.

ReadyTo Fly Agri

This loan type is suitable for those who wish to purchase operating equipment, vehicle, installations, and more. Furthermore, with this loan, customers can modulate the repayments once a year to suit their finance fluctuations.

Medium-Term Financing


This loan is suitable for those who wish to finance their farm equipment. Furthermore, they have the option to finance with or without contribution. Also, the loan has a quick turnaround time and customers should have an answer within 48 hours.


Business Cycle Finance

This loan type provides customers with access to the finance such as short-term credit, discounting, overdrafts, and factoring.


Customers have access to many of the professional investment products, as well as a few unique ones of their own.

Cash Surplus

Agri Savings Account 5-years

Customers are able to invest their surplus funds in an investment where their capital is guaranteed. Furthermore, customers are made aware of the rate upfront.

  • This account provides customers with a loyalty bonus as well.
  • Also, there are no limitations to the additional deposits or withdrawals allowed. The funds are accessible at any time.
  • Finally, this savings option would appear as an asset for the farmer.

Fiscal DPA Account

This account allows customers to take advantage of the Tax Deduction for Hazards (DPA). Furthermore, customers will enjoy an expert assessment of their farm for hazards. This allows them to adapt a policy specific to the farm.

Livret Account (CSL) Agri Project

Customers will have access to savings specific for agricultural installations. Furthermore, the account is flexible, paid, and fully available.

Life Investments


This is a multi-unit life investment policy. Furthermore, it does not include a capital guarantee, however, is exclusively reserved for farmers.

Insurance Products

These are specific to agricultural buildings, machinery, activity, health insurance, and other insurances.

Other Divisions

Crédit Agricole also has other divisions where specialized banking solutions are offered. These are:

  • Business Banking
  • Community Banking
  • Association Banking and
  • Private Banking

 Review of Crédit Agricole – 8 of 10

Customer Satisfaction Reviews


With this rating, we have insight into the feelings of the staff of the bank. The bank received a rating of 3.7 of 5, and a positive 97% of staff are happy with the CEO.


Crédit Agricole
Screenshot of TrustPilot Rating of Crédit Agricole

A dismal 0.4 of 5 marks the customer experience with the bank. Customers are not happy, sighting poor service as the reason for their dissatisfaction.

Financial Stability Rating

The bank currently enjoys stable and positive ratings from the ratings agencies.

Review by Critical Reviews

This bank provides customers with start-to-finish products. This means they can have all their products with one institution. They provide the accounts at competitive fees and interest rates on the savings accounts are fair.

The only two detractors for the bank are the low customer satisfaction ratings and the current litigation regarding the collusion. Once the air is cleared, the bank can enjoy a higher rating.

A bank that deserves a closer look, is DBS Bank.