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Blitz Fantasy is a new daily fantasy sports website trying to win the hearts and minds of millions of players. Dan Bilzerian however is a famous person, especially among those who spend a lot of time on social networks. The eccentric American billionaire is living a glamorous lifestyle that has captured the imagination of his followers. Famous for his tumultuous history and background, he is spending his time organizing and attending wild parties, traveling the world and enjoying the company of stunning models.

Recently, Dan announced his intention of launching his very own daily fantasy sports website. This event will present players with the chance to step behind the scenes and enjoy firsthand the exquisite lifestyle. A very new player in a highly competitive industry, Blitz Fantasy is following the same recipe of success used by its established counterparts. As the website is still in its infant stages, many of the products available at DraftKings, Yahoo Fantasy Sports or FanDuel are still missing.

Bilzerian Gets Involved in the Blitz Fantasy Sports Project

With all this money at his disposal, it comes as no surprise that then never paid too much attention to anything. His intention to get involved in this project, signals the fact that he has high expectations from Blitz Fantasy. He expects many of his online followers to sign up and experience the thrills of fantasy sports. The fact that a handful of winners will attend his parties should be a strong incentive.

Blitz Fantasy mobile app makes it easy to sign up for an account, draft a team and participate in a contest. People can download it for free from the App Store and the application will be soon available on Google Play. A lot of money was invested already and the features allow players to follow the action in real-time. Technology is provided by iTEAM Network, a B2B turnkey DFS solution with tremendous experience in the line of daily fantasy sports

How to Win the Blitz Fantasy Promotion?

DraftKings, Yahoo Fantasy Sports and FanDuel are all better options for savvy daily fantasy sports players. In order to convince prospective customers to join Blitz Fantasy, Bilzerian runs a unique competition. Three lucky players will participate in one of the glamorous parties organized in Las Vegas. A minimum deposit of at least $10 will result in 10 draw tickets being awarded to eligible customers. All the sports, game types and tournaments qualify, so there are no restrictions whatsoever.

Blitz Fantasy NBA Games
Blitz Fantasy NBA Games

This is one of the most prominent Blitz Fantasy promotions, but there are other bonuses to claim. There is no introductory offer so far, but such a bonus is on the wish list. The daily fantasy sports website will also run philanthropic contests. Money will be donated to charitable organizations and special event such as Veterans Day will be celebrated. All the latest promotions and available bonuses will be advertised on Those who follow Dan on Facebook and Instagram will also be kept in the loop.

How does Blitz Fantasy work?

Blitz Fantasy isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel or turn the daily fantasy sports industry on its head. Instead, the new website uses the same lucrative concepts promoted by its established counterparts. Since online sports betting is illegal in the US, it is expected to appeal mainly to Americans. Signing up for an account is easy and players have multiple payment methods to choose when making a deposit. During the registration process, players must confirm that they don’t reside in states where fantasy sports are illegal.

At the time of writing, there are no freerolls, but plenty of inexpensive tournaments. The standard variants attract most of the players, yet they have the option to switch to Head 2 Head or 50/50 game. Each tournament has different payouts and there is always a link between the buy-in and potential prize. All players will accumulate points even when they don’t win and this can be used to pay for buy-ins. The Blitz Fantasy loyalty program is still on the drawing board, but is expected to gain traction soon.

Blitz Fantasy NFL Football
Blitz Fantasy NFL Football

What Sports Does Blitz Fantasy Cover

A quick comparison between DraftKings, Yahoo Fantasy Sports, FanDuel and Blitz Fantasy will highlight the limitations of the latter. Golf is missing completely and players can’t even bet on ice hockey. This is particularly surprising, given the popularity of NHL in the United States and abroad. For the time being, only football, baseball and basketball are offered, but new sports could be added in the future.

Blitz Fantasy football is preferred by most of those who sign up for an account here. The daily fantasy sports website has an impressive assortment of games and events. Players set up a roster, choose their best players and then try to predict their performance. There are various challenges to overcome, such as dealing with the salary cap and preventing injuries. On one hand, participants are expected to spend cash out of pocket, on the other they have a real chance at winning a lot of money.

Football competitions range from small ones to events of extraordinary magnitude. As the number of players increases, the scope of these tournaments is expected to grow even further. Blitz Fantasy baseball is also popular among fantasy sports lovers and the MLB is the most popular the vision. With hundreds of best to choose throughout the season, this is one of the most dynamic sports in real life and the fantasy realm. Basketball is also offered to fantasy sports fans and tournaments have entry fees of up to $2100.

Blitz Fantasy is for the time being no match for the industry leaders, but it has only been around for a few months. It has plenty of time to grow and with Dan Bilzerian’s financial and social media support, it has a future.