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Dark Souls III The Ringed City is a role-playing videogame, the latest installment in the series of popular titles. Just like its predecessors, it is significantly more difficult to play than most of its counterparts. As the final of the trilogy, it is the best looking game so far and also the most rewarding. The DLC adventure allows players to wrap up an amazing story, but also pits them against tougher opponents. This is a game that will test the skills and endurance of players, but a worthy successor of the first games in the franchise

Key facts about Dark Souls III The Ringed City

  • Dark Souls III The Ringed City is a dark action role-playing videogame and the last in the trilogy.
  • The DLC pack is rich in content and has a story of its own, complementing the main narrative.
  • Dark Souls III The Ringed City is the most difficult game in the series, but also very rewarding.
  • The AI has been improved, but the new enemies resemble the old ones a bit too much.
  • Dark Souls III The Ringed City invites players to explore a huge open world of great beauty.

Gameplay of Dark Souls III The Ringed City

The Dark Souls III The Ringed City gameplay is very similar to its predecessors, not surprising for a major DLC. Players will discover the thrills of overcoming environmental obstacles and the vastly improved stealth mechanics. Some missions require players to stay in the dark and attack their foes from the shadows. Trying to deal with these situations through brute force is a surefire way of suffering an untimely demise. To complete missions and side quests, players need to be patient and creative.

The new installment in the celebrated franchise doesn’t bring a lot of new or imagine native opponents. Many of the foes that players are so used to will return, some with new abilities and slightly different appearances. Even regular creatures can inflict a lot of damage upon unsuspecting players but bosses are simply unforgiving. Players should expect to return to checkpoints more often than before and spend a lot of time fighting the same monsters. When you play Dark Souls III The Ringed City expects to die a lot.

The game forces players to take their time and take an analytical approach instead of blazing through its levels. There are many instances in which players have to overcome ways of opponents. No amount of skill and speed will make up for a lack of strategy and patience is essential to survive. In some quests, players face significantly more powerful foes that can only be taken down in stealth mode. For the avid Dark Souls III fan, the obstacles are manageable, but amateurs can be easily overwhelmed.

Screenshot of Dark Souls III The Ringed City Armored Hero

Plot of Dark Souls III The Ringed City

The Dark Souls III The Ringed City plot brilliantly succeeds at capturing the very essence of the previous installment. In order to fully enjoy the experience, one would have to play the previous games and most importantly the third. The Ashen One is the central character in this expansion and his quests have him explore the Dreg Heap area. This is a wondrous place where many eras are compiled together one upon another. The atmosphere in these ruling kingdoms is quite different from the one in the previous game.

Players will have to deal with the threat of the Demon Prince, a powerful boss that will require patience and innovative tactics. Action shifts to the Ringed City, which was constructed by the ancestors of humans called the Pygmies. The city has fallen into the abyss and the Ashen One encounters new opponents in these ruins. His purpose is still shrouded in mystery and players have the option of signing up for secondary quests. Deviating from the main storyline can be particularly entertaining here.

Things take a turn for the supernatural once more when the hero encounters a princess holding a magical egg. Upon touching it, players are transported to a different well, sometime in the future. This is when the Dark Souls III The Ringed City gets even more complicated as he is confronted by Gael. In the final chapters of the narrative, players have to make some difficult decisions. We will not spoil the fun of making these choices yourself, and they can literally shape the world of this videogame.

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Development of Dark Souls III The Ringed City

Dark Souls III The Ringed City development took just one year and the team started work on the new game immediately after the third installment in the series was released. The twists of the story make it easier for players to accept the fact that the opponents are very similar. In terms of graphics, the differences are negligible and the DLC resembles its predecessor. The sound effects are some of the best in the entire series and capable of getting players immersed completely.

Where can I download Dark Souls III The Ringed City?

This is the latest installment in the famous trilogy produced by FromSoftware and published by Namco Bandai Games. Naturally, it can be downloaded from their official website together with Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2 and Dark Souls 3. All these games can be played on both Xbox and PlayStation consoles, as well as PCs. This means that players can use their existing devices to explore the latest narrative of the famous franchises.

As mentioned above, all the games in the series are famous for the sheer difficulty of completing them. Compared to other role-playing video games, such as Diablo 3, Fallout 4, Mass Effect 3 and Dishonored 2 it is downright brutal. That’s why those who were hoping for a joyride would be better off playing some of these video games. They consistently ranked high in the preference of RPG fans and are some of the best in the industry.

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What are others saying about Dark Souls III The Ringed City?

Dark Souls III The Ringed City reviews highlight the fact that this is one of the best game in the series. This is not a small achievement, given the amount of praise that its predecessors got and it was all fully deserved. The entire gameplay takes roughly 20 hours, depending on skill level and the estimations differ a lot. Amateurs can spend significantly longer to complete the single player campaign. Many more hours will be needed to overcome difficult bosses if you are an amateur or if you choose to complete more side quests. Those who criticize the gameplay because of its difficulty are those unfamiliar with the franchise.

The same enthusiasm for the new installment was shared by those who went a step further and played in multiplayer. The cooperative mode as well as the PVP action left the fans and newcomers breathless. It is one of the most notable additions to the franchise and likely to return in the future FromSoftware games. A few players were not particularly happy with the environment and were hoping for more diversity. The same complaints can be found in Dark Souls III The Ringed City reviews mentioning the enemies.

My Rating of Dark Souls III The Ringed City

I have played every single game in the series and there was no chance whatsoever to miss out on this one. The downloadable content pack was highly anticipated by so many people and for good reason. Back in the day, I was immensely frustrated by the sheer difficulty of the games in the series. Now that I know and accept that this is what makes them special, I embrace toughness wholeheartedly. The 20 hours voyage was as satisfying as I expected it to be and the game occasionally surprised me.

Just like some of my peers, I would’ve liked a little more diversity in terms of opponents encountered. The gameplay is as strong as ever and the narrative is exactly what one can expect from a Dark Souls title. I found just as much pleasure in completing side quests and solving missions in the main narrative. All in all, this is a worthy successor of one of the best franchises in role-playing video games. I will rate it 9 out of 10 and hope that FromSoftware will surprise us with another great game in 2018 and beyond.