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What is Dead Rising 4?

Dead Rising 4 is the fourth installment in the open world survival horror video game published by Microsoft and developed by Capcom. The game can be played on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows powered systems. Announced in June 2016 at the E3 conference, it was released six months later and was critically acclaimed. It marks the return of Frank West, who once again tries to get to the bottom of a dark mystery while surviving the zombie apocalypse.

Key facts about Dead Rising 4

  • Dead Rising 4 is the best game in the series developed by Capcom in terms of graphics and story.
  • The dark zombie story is occasionally punctuated by amusing comments are turned by the central character.
  • Dead Rising 4 introduces new weapons and more powerful and visually satisfying combos.
  • Players who embark on side quests, will discover various mysteries in the open world.
  • Dead Rising 4 gameplay is plagued by the somewhat repetitive combat routine and the shallow co-op multiplayer.

Gameplay of Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4 builds on the popularity of its predecessors, with only slight tweaks applied to the gameplay. Its famous time system was preserved and everything happens within the 72 hour schedule. When players assume the role of the main character, they need to survive a city infested by zombies. In addition to the mindless creatures trying to kill them, they have to deal with other survivors who are also hostile and try to do them harm.

To survive in this hostile environment, players have a broad spectrum of weapons at their disposal. The arsenal available includes guns suitable for long-distance sniping, as well as powerful melee weapons. The Dead Rising 4 gameplay is heavily influenced by the melee combat system, which is surprisingly versatile. The game allows players to use pretty much any object as a weapon and inflict serious damage upon zombies. While everything can be used as a weapon, not all objects are truly effective.

The developers have also worked on the visuals and introduced a combo weapons system. It allows players to perform more destructive moves, by combining certain weapons into a powerful one. Not all of these combinations are self evident and sometimes players are rewarded for getting creative. In addition to these quick fixes, players have other ways of becoming mean, lean killing machines. The most straightforward way is to simply wait to level up and enhance all the main attributes.

The Dead Rising 4 gameplay differs greatly in single player and multiplayer, with the latter also having a cooperative version. Thanks to the multiple endings, players are provided with the incentive to spend more time playing by themselves. The HUD was also revamped to display all the relevant information about the players and their in game performance.

Screenshot of Dead Rising 4 Homerun
Screenshot of Dead Rising 4 Homerun

Plot of Dead Rising 4

The Dead Rising 4 story picks up where the predecessor left, one year after the deadly zombie outbreak of Los Perdidos. Frank West is the central character in the story and his inquisitive nature takes into a remote military compound. Together with Vicky Chu he investigates the area and discovers that the place has been used to develop zombies. He connects the dots and when another zombie outbreak begins in Willamette, Frank uses his newfound knowledge to stop it.

Together with an agent of the ZDC called Brad Park he takes matters upon himself and begins the investigation. They fly to Willamette by chopper, only to have it hit by a missile, which sends them on a forced descent. As they fight the zombies, they discover that these are affected by a more powerful virus that renders the previous treatments ineffective. Apparently, the organization that goes by the name of Obscuris is also in the city, chasing an elusive creature.

The pair begins to realize that the organization is behind the outbreak. They were trying to create a zombie capable of following orders but things took a turn for the worse. As they confront some of the key lieutenants they learn more about the plot and this discovery takes them to the enemy’s base. Fontana, the leader of this mysterious organization is about to share important information with them, but is killed by the creature Calder. Frank’s mission is further complicated by a group of mad survivalists.

In the final chapters of the Dead Rising 4 plot, Vicky appears and helps them bring down Calder. As the credits are about to roll out, the three run to the roof to be extracted by helicopter. Unfortunately for Frank, he needs to sacrifice himself to save the others.

Development of Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4 fans were happy to hear that Capcom started development of the game immediately after the previous answer was released. It took a while for the first trailers to hit the stores, but the news broke out at the2016 Microsoft E3 conference. The team working on the new installment presented the crowd with a short gameplay trailer, as well as a teaser. The core gameplay mechanics underwent several changes, but the final product didn’t feel or look much different.

Screenshot of Dead Rising 4 Christmas Spirit
Screenshot of Dead Rising 4 Christmas Spirit

Initially, Frank West was supposed to be voiced by Terence J. Rotolo but the actor declined the invitation. In his absence, the character was voiced by Victor Nosslo which was not well received by the fans. Over the course of several installments, players grew to appreciate the actor and didn’t like the idea of having him replaced. Despite the controversy regarding this decision, there was nothing to be done and in the end the fans settled for the new voice.

Development of Dead Rising 4 took nearly a year, but the game was released on time. All the changes that weren’t featured in the standalone product were later on introduced in the downloadable update. This was released for free in late January 2017 and added two more difficulty modes. It was supposed to extend the shelf life of the game, by presenting hardcore players with new challenges. Enemies inflict more damage and are more difficult to defeat on Hard and Ultra-Hard.

Where can I download Dead Rising 4?

Dead Rising 4 can be downloaded from the Capcom website, alongside other flagship games developed by them. It is also featured on the publisher’s site, so those who fell in love with Microsoft games can find it here as well. If you want to experience the thrills of other popular Capcom titles, then check out Devil May Cry, Resident Evil 7 and Street Fighter V.

Zombie themed games have gained a lot of popularity lately as a result of Hollywood blockbusters focusing on this topic. A quick glance at the latest video games released in 2017, will highlight the fact that many first-person shooters also have a zombie mode. The best-known ones are in the Call of Duty series, with virtually every installment featuring such a game mode.

Screenshot of Dead Rising 4 Selfie
Screenshot of Dead Rising 4 Selfie

What are others saying about Dead Rising 4?

Dead Rising 4 was never a candidate for the game of the year, but the developers extracted an astonishing amount from this sequel. Without changing the gameplay too much or introducing too many innovative features, they managed to keep it fresh. These are precisely the arguments used by enthusiastic players who wrote Dead Rising 4 reviews. The single player wasn’t exactly the way they envisioned it to be, as some players regarded it to be too short.

Visually, the game is clearly a giant leap forward for the franchise and a significant improvement from the third installment. As mentioned above, the criticism expressed by some players in regard to another actor voicing Frank West eventually subsided. Some of the technical flaws affecting the gameplay are also mentioned by both critics and players.

My rating of Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4 is not another zombie game, but a truly original take on this otherwise run-of-the-mill topic. The thing I really like about it is creativity and the willingness to walk down the less traveled paths. The gameplay might not be truly innovative, but I really enjoyed the time spent crafting new guns. Some of the resulting weapons are nothing short of amusing and inflict a ridiculously low amount of damage. Frankly, I prefer zombie games that don’t take themselves too seriously and focus on entertainment.

There are of course a couple of things that prevent this game from climbing above a review score of 8 out of 10. The multiplayer might be fun but it’s clunky and this is where the technical flaws are self evident and really frustrating. Its plot is kind of short and at some point makes little sense, but then again this is a zombie story, not a documentary. All in all, I had a lot of fun playing the game so I can wholeheartedly recommend it to those who want to take some time off from serious video games.

Overall Score