Screenshot of Dead Space 3 Game Cover

Dead Space 3 is a game published by Electronic Arts in 2013 and developed by Visceral Games. It belongs to the science fiction third person shooter genre and it was announced at the E3 2012. This is the third and so far last installment in the franchise, with developers contemplating a 4th expansion. Action takes place in the 26 century, when mankind has already colonized many planets outside the solar system.

Key facts about Dead Space 3

  • Dead Space 3 invites players to explore a huge world and presents them with dozens of side quests besides the main mission set.
  • The game was initially plagued by some technical issues, but combat was responsive right from the start across both consoles and PCs.
  • Dead Space 3 main story can feel a bit repetitive, with players embarking on similar quests and completing alike tasks.
  • Those who have played the previous games in the franchise, with recall some of the key moments re-creating the new missions.
  • In addition to the single player campaign, Dead Space 3 also features a co-op mode with exclusive side missions.

The Dead Space 3 games

Dead Space 3 games go beyond the standard mission pack and some quests are available exclusively in co-op mode. Certain characters such as EarthGov Sergeant John Carver are unlocked when making the transition from single player to multiplayer. Other players are allowed to jump into the fray whenever they feel comfortable and assume the role of Carver. As a member of the party, you can stay with the main character or the NPCs.

When players add Carver to their party, they automatically unlock co-op-only side missions. They have their very own plot and a narrative that makes sense on its own, but also augments the single player. The second player will enjoy a slightly different experience, as he will get to see objects that evade the protagonist. The cooperative missions are made more challenging due to the fact that they put players in different situations. Most obstacles can only be overcome by the two players working together.

What is Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 is the most popular science fiction third person shooter game developed by Visceral Games. Electronic Arts published the third installment as well as the prequels and all have an intertwined narratives. The protagonist of the third chapter struggles to find the resources that humanity is in dire need of. En route to completing missions and achieving objectives, players have to deal with Necromorphs.

Gameplay of Dead Space 3

The Resource Integration Gear returns in the third installment and it’s an important component of the Dead Space 3 gameplay. Players need to pay attention to the remaining oxygen level, the ammo count and the health bar. It also protects them from the relentless attacks of the Necromorphs, the main antagonists in the game. The armor can only do that much and players need to make sure they don’t sustain too much damage. One way to do so is by taking cover behind obstacles and rolling over in fights.

Screenshot of Dead Space 3 Laser Gun
Screenshot of Dead Space 3 Laser Gun

Compared to the prequel, the latest installment has improved its core game mechanics. The cover system now makes more sense and players can also aim while taking shelter. In addition to the common enemies, some new foes enter the arena, with Waster and Nexus being the most dangerous. Even humans oppose the protagonist and Unitologist soldiers pose a serious threat to the player’s survival.

Players still get to wield some of the powerful weapons from the previous installments, many of them upgraded or redesigned. In Dead Space 3 it is possible to replace the weapons with those picked up from killed opponents. Furthermore, players can upgrade their existing guns and customize them to inflict more damage. These superior weapons can be exchanged by players who participate in cooperative mode.

Plot of Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 continues the story of the prequel and begins on the ice covered planet of Tau Volantis. Tim Kaufman and Sam Ackerman find a mysterious object that goes by the name of Codex and inform their superior. General Mahad kills the surviving soldier and then takes his own life. This is how the narrative starts and it continues two hundred years later, with Isaac Clarke as the leading character.

Captain Robert Norton and Sergeant John Carver ask Clarke to follow them just before they are attacked by Unitologist military. They make their escape from the overrun colony using the USM Eudora and head on to Tau Volantis. Apparently they arrive too late to reach Ellie's SOS signal but make another important discovery. The planet is the Marker Home World and upon crushing on its surface, they discover Buckell and the other survivors.

Screenshot of Dead Space 3 Party of Two
Screenshot of Dead Space 3 Party of Two

The plot of Dead Space 3 gets more interesting as a conflict brews between Isaac and Norton as they compete for Ellie's love. Isaac eventually kills him in self-defense and together with Carver, Ellie and Santos resume the search for the Codex. More revelations follow regarding the planet and its natural satellite, which is revealed to be a Necromorph. Isaac claims the Codex, but only for a brief period of time until it falls into the wrong hands again.

It is used to free the Necromorph Moon from the Machine's control, which prompts the entire planet to crumble. Realizing that there is no other way but to sacrifice himself, Isaac sends Ellie on the last shuttle. With a last-ditch effort, he reactivates the Machine and manages to reject Convergence. This triggers a massive collision between the planet and its satellite, while Ellie sets course for Earth.

Development of Dead Space 3

The first rumors about the possibility of visceral games releasing a new sequel came in 2011. Once the teaser trailers and artwork in development were made available, enthusiasm grew among fans of the franchise. A Dead Space 3 trailer was presented at E3 2012 and Electronic Arts representatives reconfirmed their commitment to produce a quality horror game. The game spent a lot of time in the making, as the developers wanted to design the game from ground up to support cooperative multiplayer.

Where can I download Dead Space 3?

The latest installment in the franchise as well as the two prequels can be downloaded from the Electronic Arts website. This is one of the best horror videogames, but fans of the genre have plenty of other alternatives worth considering. F.E.A.R 2 Project Origin, F.E.A.R 3, Resident Evil 6 and Umbrella Corps all have high reviews scores and promise to keep them at the edge of their seats.

What are others saying about Dead Space 3?

Dead Space 3 was well received by the fan base, who regarded the new installment as a step forward. They praised the visuals, the better than expected soundtrack and the open level structure. Both players and professional reviewers talked about the cooperative multiplayer and the new missions available exclusively in co-op.

Screenshot of Dead Space 3 Free Falling
Screenshot of Dead Space 3 Free Falling

There was almost consensus about the quality of the co-op, which added many exciting hours to the single player campaign. The game succeeded at retaining the horror brilliance, while greatly improving the combat mechanics. The players were hoping for more challenging boss fights, but acknowledged the improvement of the AI. Overall, the developers did a fine job at making the game consistent with its predecessors in terms of plot and atmosphere.

Dead Space 3 tournaments

While there are no Dead Space 3 tournaments for those competitive by nature, the co-op games are a fine addition. Counter Strike Global Offensive, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and Rainbow 6 Siege are all competent first-person shooters. They are well suited for the eSports arena and the only shortcoming is that they don’t have the horror element.

My rating of Dead Space 3

I’m always hoping for a giant leap forward when a developer releases a new installment in a major franchise. Dead Space 3 is only a tiny step made in the right direction, but this still means a great deal given the quality of the prequels. I was a bit disappointed by the narrative which is long and tends to unnecessarily complicate things

The multiplayer cooperative mode is a gem and I’ve spent most of the time playing with my friends. This is really something new to the franchise and it makes it worth paying the hefty prize. The combat is challenging and missions don’t feel repetitive thanks to the diverse arsenal and broad spectrum of enemies. Dead Space 3 is worth a score of 9 out of 10, in line with the ratings given to its prequels.

Overall Score