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What is Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter published by Activision and developed by Bungie, exclusively for multiplayer. It was released on September 6, 2017 and can be played on PCs and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Sequel to the game released in 2014, it has players plunging in a mythic science fiction world. Players compete against their peers in PVP games and also complete player versus environment quests. The game invites participants to explore side quests, instead of focusing exclusively on the main narrative. The developers have announced two expansion packs to be released in 2018.

Key facts about Destiny 2

  • Destiny 2 is a great sequel for the game released in 2014, with plenty of new features.
  • The game is easier and leveling up takes less, with players benefiting from joining forces.
  • Destiny 2 emphasizes the importance of teamwork and rewards those who play with friends.
  • There are hundreds of side quest to complete and a fully fledged main narrative.
  • Destiny 2 is the only videogame available on Blizzard’s game client not developed by them.

Gameplay of Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 gameplay underwent several changes and compared to its predecessor, it is more engaging. The same first-person shooter elements dominate the core game mechanics but it also includes RPG and MMO elements. Players need to interact with their peers and communicate frequently to solve the most difficult puzzles. Developers have implemented an automatic matchmaking system that groups players based on skill level and performance.

In single player, players go about their business and complete quests while defeating AI controlled opponents. Some of the missions are far more complicated and involve the destruction of bosses. The more challenging the quests, the better the rewards and Destiny 2 has an intelligent progression system. Players get to choose between three character classes and level them by reaching certain milestones. They unlock rewards that allow them to overcome increasingly difficult obstacles.

There’s a lot of customization involved and after choosing a class, players can pick between three species. New features were introduced by the developers to make this process more relevant and results speak for themselves. Players who spend a lot of time customizing their characters can expect to come up with heroes that stand out on the battlefield. However, all these changes are purely cosmetic and don’t have any impact on the Destiny 2 gameplay.

Each class and race has unique attributes and can wield different weapons and skills. This gives the game a lot of replayability and encourages players to start from scratch several times after completing the main campaign. Players level up until they reach level XX and then improve their “power” level to unlock better gear. This makes them more effective against their peers, but also when they try to complete various main and side quests.

Screenshot of Destiny 2 Flaming Sword

Plot of Destiny 2

The plot of Destiny 2 begins one year after the SIVA crisis was resolved, when the Cabal forces begin their attack on the Last City. The Guardian and Ghost rush to the rescue and despite initial success, they encounter have your position. They are stopped in their tracks by the military Emperor of the invading forces, Dominus Ghaul. The Guardian barely escapes and together with Ghost help refugees, while reinforcing the city.

Players continue the main narrative by completing various missions and minor quests. In the next stage they prepare for a counteroffensive and travel to Titan, Saturn’s moon. Unfortunately for them, they arrive at their destination too late and find it overrun by enemies. With the information found on this remote satellite, they prepare to take on Ghaul’s super weapon. The latter hopes to extract valuable data from the Speaker, but he resists even under torment and doesn’t give away the sought after details.

Meanwhile, players are fighting a war on two fronts, trying to retake the Last City and also save the Speaker. In the next quest of the Destiny 2 plot, the heroes travel to remote planets such as Nessus where they fight officers of the Cabal. Players receive help from the most unlikely sources and with a small band of allies return to Earth. This is where the major counterattack against the invaders is planned and players infiltrate Ghaul's command ship.

The story of Destiny 2 comes to an end, as the players awake the Traveler from his slumber. He is able to destroy Ghaul and eliminate most of the Red Legion's forces. In the final act of the single player, as light engulfs the galaxy, a fleet of unknown ships is unveiled.

Screenshot of Destiny 2 Taking Shelter

Development of Destiny 2

Production of Destiny 2 didn’t begin immediately after the original game was released, despite its considerable success. Instead development only started in 2016 and the release date was scheduled for the second half of 2017. The team working on the game included many experts that contributed to the tremendous success of Halo 4 and Mass Effect Andromeda. In spite of the original plans to make it available exclusively on consoles, the game was ultimately released on PCs as well.

Development of Destiny 2 was only slightly delayed by these changes yet the deadline was met. New expansions are scheduled and the story ended in such a way that a sequel is most likely. Many of the key concepts that players grew to love from the original game were imported in this expansion. The sequel is big on cinematic and there are plenty of videos enhancing the narrative. Developers also tried to keep the game simple without alienating the veterans who were hoping for a real challenge.

Where can I download Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 can be downloaded straight from the developer’s website, alongside other Bungie video games. Those who haven’t played the first game in the series and want to start with the original are advised to head on to this location. The games are sold as a bundle at a discounted price, with the upside that players also learn more about the story and characters.

Destiny 2 is essentially a first-person shooter, but one that can be played exclusively in multiplayer. Most of the modern games belonging to this genre shine the brightest in multiplayer but they can also have a single player. Blizzard Entertainment also has the video game available for download in its game client, alongside its most popular titles. Players who seek something different and still want to enjoy a classic can try out Diablo III, Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void, Hearthstone or World of Warcraft Legion.

There is of course the possibility of making a switch to other first-person shooters that enjoying tremendous popularity online. Counter Strike Global Offensive is by far the most popular game right now, followed by Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Halo 5 and Gears of War 4. They are all played in competitive multiplayer and are at the cornerstone of major eSports tournaments.

Screenshot of Destiny 2 Direct Hit

What are others saying about Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 reviews are positive and the game enjoyed critical acclaim on all consoles. Since it was released for Microsoft Windows, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the gaming community grew steadily. Blizzard attracted a lot of players by promoting the game and reviewing websites also encourage players to pick the new first-person shooter out. Blizzard is the only distributor of the Windows version, while Sony Interactive Entertainment promotes the game on PlayStation 4.

The game sold hundreds of thousands of copies since its release and it was particularly popular in Japan. Little criticism was in regard with the fact that the game was intentionally simplified to appeal to a broader audience. Some of the veteran Destiny 2 fans expected a videogame that was more similar to the original title. There was almost consensus regarding the significant progress made in terms of gameplay, narrative and visuals.

My Rating of Destiny 2

I didn’t play the original game back in the day when it was released, so Destiny 2 took me by surprise. Now that I can put things into perspective I realize how big the giant leap forward was and how far developers came with this title. To say that this is one of the best co-op shooter out there would be an understatement, but then again there are not many games belonging to this genre.

If you don’t mind playing a game that is available exclusively in multiplayer, then Destiny 2 could be the perfect choice. The game has an excellent progression system, it is highly social and has an amazing story to tell. The few bugs that have plagued the game early on were quickly addressed and now the gaming experience is stellar. A review score of 9 out of 10 probably speaks louder than words and expresses my appreciation for this video game.