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Investments are a customer’s opportunity to expand their wealth portfolio. This is the ideal opportunity to step beyond the realms of the ordinary savings account and take on a measure of risk. With the right portfolio mix, customers have the opportunity to grow their funds beyond the parameters within the branch networks. Unfortunately, it also means that customers stand to lose some if not all of their capital even in what is considered the low-risk products. This review delves a little deeper into Deutsche Bank Investments to get an understanding of its product offering to customers.

About Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank
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Considered a modern bank among the salted European banking giants, Deutsche Bank was founded in 1870. A group of bankers decided to break out of the normal British banking structure and establish a bank that was keen to do business across borders. Within a short time, the bank had offices in London, Shanghai, Bremen, Yokohama, and Hamburg.

With WWI and WWII, a lot of the bank’s efforts went into restoring Germany’s infrastructure and industry. It paid significant attention to industries such as electrical engineering, iron, and steel. This provided them with a platform to restore and repair the damage done during WWII, where the bank was forced to confiscate and redistribute the wealth of Jews and those considered enemies of Germany.

These postwar efforts paid off and the bank is once again on track to make an impact in the financial arena. The financial crisis of 2008 provided a temporary stumbling block in the way of world economies, however, Deutsche Bank seems to finally be over the worst of it. It recently announced its plans to look towards growth, with profits seeing a sizeable increase.

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How To Find the Perfect Investment

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Finding the ideal investment is about more than just looking at the past performance and cherry picking a few that seem to make an impact. An investment strategy is often one that is best planned with a professional that has a keen sense of the effect global issues have on the outcome of certain markets.

Before 2008, investors were told that government bonds and mortgages were the safest options out there. Those who were heavily invested in those portfolios, lost heavily when the markets crashed. These were portfolios that no one believed would ever be deemed as high risk, therefore, the frugal choice would be to stick investments in there.

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Do Research

One of the smartest ways to start out as an investor is to do adequate research about the team who will manage the funds. Have a look at their track records and find out whether they have a history for gambling high-risk items, or whether they like to play it safe.

Investors are always cautioned to have their emergency funds separate. Keeping all the funds in the same basket is never a worse idea than when it comes to investing. It is also good to know when is the right time to buy or sell, as different market conditions dictate different scenarios.

The Right Risk Class

Investments suit different investor styles and it’s important to be a risk class that is most agreeable. Furthermore, it is also crucial that investors are will to part with their funds for a period of time, in order for the investment to grow beyond the initial fees and costs. A good time period is at least 5 to 7 years, however, different classes may require more or less time for the investment to pay off.

Finally, it’s important to team up with a fund manager or investment analyst that has a keen understanding of the investor’s needs and recommends accordingly.

Deutsche Bank Investments Product Offerings

Deutsche Bank
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Investment Finder

This is a great tool to use for those who find it difficult to make their investment selections. It provides customers with the ability to select their securities according to the risks and investment classes. Furthermore, the selection is based on the analysis by Chief Investment Adviser Dr. Ulrich Stephan. Also, customers can choose to invest directly online or after their personal consultation at the bank. The asset risk categories are divided into 5 categories ranging from low risk to high risk. The fund profiles include liquidity, real estates, pensions, multi-asset funds, structured products, and equity funds. Customers have their choice of the following:

  • Flossbach by Dtorch – Multiple Opportunities II R, Fidelity Funds – Emerging market debt Fund A (EUR), and Deutsche Invest II European Top Dividend LD
  • Deutsche Bank Best Allocation – Protect 90, Deutsche Invest II US Top Dividend LD, and Invesco Global Targeted Returns
  • Aberdeen Globak Asia Pacific Equity E2 EUR,  DWS Top Dividend LD, and Deutsche Bank Best Allocation – Flexible
  • Express Certificate, Franklin India Fund Class A (acc) EUR, and Franklin U.S. Opportunities Fund Class A (acc) USD
  • Goldman Sachs US Equity Portfolio Base Acc, JPM Emerging Markets Local Currency Debt A (inc) -EUR, and Aberdeen Global – Japanese Equity Fund A2 Hedged EUR
  • Deutsche Bank Best Allocation – Balance R, Deutsche Bank Best Managers – Balance, and DWS Germany
  • DWS Multi Opportunities LD, JPM Global Income A (div), and Schroder ISF Global Multi-Asset Income
  • Allianz Strategiefonds Stability, BSF – BlackRock Fixed Income Strategies Fund, and Db PrivatMandat Comfort Income (U)
  • DWS Euroland Strategy (pensions), DWS Foundation Fund, DWS yield Optima Four Seasons, and Land Ownership Global RC


This is an investment deposit that matches the needs of the investor. Furthermore, it allows customers access to the capital markets.

  • Customers have access to professional investment talent.
  • Furthermore, it offers good conditions for young investors.
  • There are 3 different models to suit the needs of the investor.
Db PrivateDepot Comfort

This option is ideal for the occasional investor that does up to 10 transactions per month. Furthermore, investors will enjoy favorable investment conditions. They have free access to consultations, online and mobile banking, global investment perspectives, and virtual depot and watchlist. The minimum price on this account is 19.99 EUR pa and the billing takes place once a year.

Db PrivateDepot Dynamic

This account is ideal for the active investor that does a minimum of 10 transactions per month. Furthermore, customers benefit from cheap transaction costs. They also have access to free consultations, online and mobile banking, global investment perspectives, and virtual depot and watchlist. The minimum price on the account is 288 EUR pa and the billing takes place quarterly.

Db PrivateDepot Young Depot

This account is suitable for those who are still new to the investment game. It is specifically designed to allow young people to experience investing for the first time. Furthermore, this account will suit those who do up to 10 transactions per month. The account is entirely free of charge, and include added benefits such as consultations, global investment perspectives, online and mobile banking, and virtual depot and watchlist.

Top-Selling Securities

With this product, customers have access to the top-selling securities of the Deutsche Bank consulting portfolio. Furthermore, the securities are sorted according to asset class. Also, customers have access to direct purchase options and further information. Finally, customers have access to the top shares, equities, real estate funds, and pension funds.


This is the ideal option for those who wish to start small on their journey to building wealth. Furthermore, customers can pursue their investment goals with added flexibility. There is also a large selection of investment funds to choose from.


The Maxblue program gives the investor full autonomy when making their selections. This allows them to invest without any consultations. With this product, customers have access to their investments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This extends to beyond the stock market hours and on the weekend.

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Critical Reviews Rating Deutsche Bank Investments – 10 of 10

Deutsche Bank
Screenshot of Securities Flyer Deutsche Bank

There are a few things the Deutsche Bank just know how to do, and creating product platforms is just one of them. The investment platform is suitable for the salted investor as well as those who are just starting out in the world of investing. There are a number of different products to choose from that range from securities and go all the way to depot options tailored to the needs of the young investor. Those who wish to expand their portfolios and wealth will not need to look beyond the walls of the bank.

For those who require an aggressive look at their portfolio, the bank offers products that go well into the risk 5 portfolios. For those who are no longer satisfied with the lower rates offered by the bank and are willing to trade their safety net in for the potential of a higher return, then they will find the product here. Deutsche Bank has a wealth of experienced traders and portfolio managers to guide clients accordingly. They also handpick their available funds to ensure customers get stuck into products they themselves would.