Screenshot of DMC Devil May Cry Cover

DmC Devil May Cry is the last action-adventure hack and slash videogame in the franchise published by Capcom. The game was developed by Ninja Theory and can be played on Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It doesn’t follow the story of the predecessors and instead takes players to an alternate reality. Dante is the protagonist of the game and together with his twin brother Vergil tries to kill Demon King Mundus.

Key facts about DMC Devil May Cry

  • DmC Devil May Cry spent three years in the making, to work on new gameplay mechanics and more powerful combos.
  • The graphics are vastly superior to the ones in the previous title and the game has developed its own style.
  • DmC Devil May Cry does have a single player, but this is shorter than the average campaign in the series.
  • Players need to constantly shift between human, demon and angel form, which makes the gameplay more complex.
  • DmC Devil May Cry received the best scores on consoles, as the controls vibrate and help with combos.

The DmC Devil May Cry games

The complexity of DMC Devil May Cry games derives from the fact that you can’t play exclusively in human form. This is the default one and allows the wielding of Rebellion and a couple of other weapons. Everything from sword and firearms can be used to inflict damage and are suitable for linking moves into combos. The transition to demon and angel form grant players access to an expanded arsenal of weapons, slower but more powerful.

Savvy players can use pretty much all the weapons available to produce a single powerful combo attacks. They are invited to combine these moves in a quick succession and there are always alternative ways of defeating monsters. The AI has been improved, so opponents will not go down without a fight and players need to plan a few moves ahead. The grapple ability allows players to create chain attacks, with no need to interrupt the combo.

What is DMC Devil May Cry

DMC Devil May Cry is the latest installment in the series developed by Capcom and serves as a reboot for the franchise. Ninja Theory was the chosen developer for the game that can be played on PCs and consoles. Despite the initial setbacks and the negative reviews, the game was eventually embraced by critics and players alike. Not only the gameplay, but also the characters were redesigned and sales picked up to meet the expectations.

Gameplay of DMC Devil May Cry

DmC Devil May Cry has all the key elements of a classic action-adventure hack and slash game. Dante unleashes his special powers upon enemies and uses a flurry of swords and fire weapons to kill monsters. As he tries to find his way through the dangerous Limbo, he relies heavily on the combo moves which get increasingly powerful as the single player campaign unfolds. His trustworthy sword Rebellion is still responsible for inflicting most damage and it at the cornerstone of powerful combos.

Screenshot of DMC Devil May Cry Sword Fight
Screenshot of DMC Devil May Cry Sword Fight

The gameplay of DmC Devil May Cry is enhanced by the frequent transitions between human, Angel and demon mode. When in Angel mode, he uses the Osiris scythe weapon and when he shifts into demon form, he wrecks happen with these slow and powerful Arbiter. The changes go beyond weapons and the protagonist’s mobility also changes, with new skills being available. Dante can quickly dash forward or grab enemies towards him, just before he strikes a deadly blow.

The most rewarding game mechanics are produced by the Devil Trigger mode which allows players to slow down time. As the protagonist starts levitating, he delivers indiscriminate justice to legions of monsters attacking him. There are a few role-playing elements in this game and the leading character can collect the souls of the fallen demons. These are largely used to replenish health, but can also serve as currency to purchase new items and weapons.

Plot of DMC Devil May Cry

DmC Devil May Cry takes players to an alternate universe, with the events unfolding in Limbo City. This land is controlled by demons, while humans are completely unaware of their presence. Constantly manipulated by these ghastly creatures, people live in apparent harmony. Dante is one of the few aware of what happens behind the curtains, as he is constantly hunted down by demons. They also use civilian authorities to track the restless young man, but he finds a way to evade them every time.

With the assistance of Kat, he travels to the Bellevue Pier's carnival and kills the demon hunting him. His young companion can see into the realm populated by the demons and called Limbo. She lets him into even more secrets and done they end up working for the robe vigilante organization "The Order". Vergil is the leader of the group and later in the single player campaign he is revealed to be his twin brother. Both of them are the children of a Demon and an Angel, a rare breed commonly referred to as Nephalim.

Screenshot of DMC Devil May Cry Pistols
Screenshot of DMC Devil May Cry Pistols

Together, they embark on the epic quest of killing the demon Mundum, the King of the nightmarish creatures. He is also responsible for the murder of their mother and the banishing of their father. With her dying breath, their mother sent them away and gave them the powerful Rebellion and Yamato swords. After defeating legions of demons and their puppet humans, the two brothers step through the Hellgate, a portal to the demon world and the place where the evil King Mundus resides.

After Dante kills him, Vergil attempts to take command of the world and rule in Mundus' place but his brother brings this plan to a screeching halt.

Development of DMC Devil May Cry

DmC Devil May Cry was announced by the developers during the Tokyo Game Show in 2010. They were already working at the game and were planning to release it two years later. The decision to change the story and redesign the protagonist led to several delays and a demo was made available in late 2012. For a brief period of time, developers contemplated the possibility of making Vergil a playable character but the idea was dropped. The partnership with Ninja Theory was initially criticized by the players but eventually embraced wholeheartedly.

Where can I download DMC Devil May Cry?

DmC Devil May Cry can be downloaded from the Ninja Theory website. Fans of the franchise should head on to Capcom site where they can also find the other games in the series. Street Fighter V, Resident Evil 6 and Umbrella Corps are other popular games published by the same company.

Screenshot of DMC Devil May Cry Monster
Screenshot of DMC Devil May Cry Monster

What are others saying about DMC Devil May Cry?

DmC Devil May Cry started on the wrong foot, with the prerelease reviews being negative. However, the redesigns and changes made by the developers resulted in a surge of the reviews scores. The story and gameplay were praised by the players and critics alike, who didn’t mind the steep departure. The previous games in the series were also famous for their great looking cut scenes, but once again expectations were met. There were some voices who regarded the campaign is a bit too predictable.

The latest installment brilliantly succeeded at capturing the dynamism of the original game and sequel. The advancements of technology make it possible for players to create more elaborated and effective combo moves. All the new features added serve the purpose of creating a free-flowing game with a superior combo system. Generally the players were happier with the manner in which the game performed on consoles than PCs.

DMC Devil May Cry tournaments

There are no DmC Devil May Cry tournaments to enjoy for the simple reason that the game has no multiplayer. The single player campaign generates all the excitement needed, despite players being unable to assume the role of Vergil. Resident Evil 6 and Umbrella Corps are the Capcom games that have a competitive multiplayer, but none are candidates for eSports

My rating of DMC Devil May Cry

I only played the first game in the franchise and then jumped straight to DmC Devil May Cry. Naturally, I was overwhelmed by the redesigned characters, revamped combo system and plethora of new weapons. The latest installment might be less original, but at least it has a convincing and immersive narrative. I spent some quality time killing legions of demons and the game motivated me to perform increasingly powerful combos. It’s not the best game of the year, but definitely deserves a review score of 8 out of 10.

Overall Score