Doom. © Bethesda

Doom is a first-person shooter videogame published by Bethesda Softworks and developed by id Software, acting as a reboot for the popular series. Commonly referred to as Doom 4, it strives to appeal to the hard-core fans of the franchise, while making use of the latest advancements of technology. The game will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows, while being the first big release after Doom 3 was unveiled in 2004.

Key facts about Doom

  • Doom captures the essence of the previous installments and stays true to its nature of gory first-person monster slaying shooter.
  • The sound and graphics are miles away from those of all previous installments, a natural consequence of the game being released a decade after Doom 3.
  • The gameplay in Doom has changed very little, with players still rushing from one room to the other, slaying legions of monsters.
  • The somewhat repetitive gameplay don’t hurt the game, as players can always turn up the heat a notch by shifting to a high difficulty level.
  • Doom has a fully fledged multiplayer and several game modes, for those who seek worthy human opponents.

The Doom games

The single player of Doom is only aimed at making players familiar with the gaming environment, as the entire campaign won’t take more than 15 hours to complete. It acts mostly as a tribute to the original game and presents the developers with a chance of showcasing the advancements of technology. It also gets players fully immersed into the monster slaying frenzy, while preparing them for multiplayer.

To make up for the relatively short game length, developers added several difficulty levels for players who contemplate the possibility of replaying the campaign. The Doom games however provide the much-needed diversity for those who seek the adrenaline rush of a modern first-person shooter. The extensive multiplayer suit will pit players against unique challenges, as they face opposing teams while competing for various objectives.

Players can create their very own Doom games, since this new first-person shooter videogame has built in mod tools. Developers have high expectations from the new release and hope to turn it into a major eSports event, with international tournaments.

What is Doom

Doom is the latest first-person shooter developed by id Software, aimed at re-creating the nightmarish environment of the original game. With vastly superior graphics, sound effects and an improved arsenal, the videogame published by Bethesda Softworks is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. The previous installment in the franchise was Doom 3, released 12 years ago in 2004.

Gameplay of Doom

Doom doesn’t aspire to reinvent the wheel and developers had no intention to change the gameplay altogether, but build on the original. Players are still facing the same monsters, legions of demons of all types that move faster, inflict more damage and are more frightening. There are dozens of new weapons as well as classic guns such as the BFG 9000 that allow them to turn clusters of demons into tiny pieces.

Screenshot of Doom. © Bethesda
Screenshot of Doom. © Bethesda

The Doom gameplay allows players to shift between guns with the same ease as in the original, with far more melee weapons at their disposal. Not only classic guns but also easily recognizable enemies such as the Revenant, Cyberdemon and Mancubus return into the spotlight. All of them were redesigned by anyone who played the original first-person shooter will have no problem in identifying them.

Compared to the classic game, Doom is played at a faster pace and players can perform more complex moves. The core Doom gameplay is still the popular push forward combat, in which players are encouraged to March on to victory, while killing one monster after the other. There is no health regeneration system and no point in taking cover, with the only way of restoring health being to collect armor and health pickups.

There are a couple of innovative game mechanics, such as the melee execution system which is visually rewarding and extremely effective. If they inflict enough damage upon opponents, players will be able to take down these foes in one sweep. All these mechanics will be available in multiplayer as well, with many traditional and innovative game modes. Clan arena, domination, deathmatch and freeze tag are some of the game options, with players having the option of fighting as a demon from the single player.

Plot of Doom

Doom is a first-person shooter in which players are encouraged to take everything very personal and only stop when no monster is still standing. This brutal approach is in complete accord with how the original game was played and it successfully substitutes a fully fledged single player campaign. The plot is shallow and is pretty much reduced to retelling the narrative of the first game of the franchise, with players assuming the role of the lone Doom Marine.

Screenshot of Doom. © Bethesda
Screenshot of Doom. © Bethesda

The Union Aerospace Corporation has a major research facility on planet Mars and for some odd the reason, it is overwhelmed by unearthly creatures. Demons of all sorts of frightening monsters threaten to take over the compound and the only person staying between them and their goal is the Doom Marine. There are no difficult choices that can influence the manner in which the story unfolds, but the sheer excitement of slaying monsters keeps players hungry for more.

Development of Doom

Doom was announced four years after the third installment was released, but it took no less than eight years for the game to be unveiled. Initially, action was supposed to take place on Earth but the game was sent to the drawing board more than once and everything changed. The first significant step forward was the introduction of a teaser trailer in June 2014; one and a half years later, the multiplayer-only limited beta took place in the first week of December 2015, between the 3rd and the 6th.

Where can I download Doom?

The original Doom game is still revered by the fans more than two decades after its introduction and has developed a cult following. All the sequels sold well and now that the waiting is over and Doom 4 is expected to hit the stores, excitement is building among players. The game will be available for download on Bethesda Softworks website next to Fallout 4 and Dishonored 2, where dedicated fans can already make a preorder.

A true fan will go for the collector’s edition which includes a statue of the Revenant demon which is 12 inch tall and mounted on a LED-lit base. It features some of the elements that make Doom such an iconic game such as the slow spinning turbine from the UAC facility. Obviously, the collector’s edition will include a game copy encased in a metal box, so that players can proudly display it on a shelf. The Doom collector's edition will set players back €130, but promises to be worth every dime.

Screenshot of Doom. © Bethesda
Screenshot of Doom. © Bethesda

Those who are willing to preorder the collector’s standard editions will enjoy immediate and unrestricted access to the Demon Multiplayer Pack. Doom fans will get a great looking demon armor set that has six distinct colors and free skin variations, not to mention the three Id logos. Early buyers will also receive the 6 Hack Modules that will have a direct impact in the game, by giving players an edge over their counterparts in multiplayer games.

What are others saying about Doom?

Doom doesn’t have too many critics, because it’s hard to take this game seriously and there is no point in bashing a concept that proved to be so popular in the past. Both professional reviewers and fans are wise to compare this game with the prequels, rather than match it against other first-person shooters. That’s why all the ratings so far are sky-high and is most unlikely for these numbers to plummet after the game is officially released.

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Doom tournaments

Doom shows tremendous potential when it comes to multiplayer and this is where the first-person shooter will shine. Once players get bored with killing the same monsters over and over again and hone their skills enough to compete against human counterparts, the true challenge starts. Doom tournaments are going to be the ultimate challenges for dedicated players and the game could emerge as a serious rival for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and Counter Strike Global Offensive in the eSports arena.

My rating of Doom

I don’t care much for gratuitous violence and whenever developers crossed the line I tend to revise the rating for the game downwards. When it comes to Doom however, I can’t envision any circumstance in which I would be forced to draw a line to all this monster slaying. This is after all what makes this franchise special and at the end of the day, killing Demons can be a very relaxing pastime. Doom is not on my short list of Game of the Year candidates, but I’m definitely happy to rate it as high as 8 out of 10.

Overall Score